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Jesus Christ could not have died for your sins .

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posted on Jul, 3 2017 @ 07:05 AM

originally posted by: Pandaram
If you take all the religious mallaki out. Buddha disappeared in early 30s and jesus appeared in 30s preaching same thing..

Not the same thing. Buddha didn't talk about qa second coming, did not threatened people with hellfire and didn't said he approves the old Testament and the prophets.

posted on Jul, 3 2017 @ 08:07 AM

originally posted by: seagull
a reply to: ClovenSky

I try to separate religion from belief, because all too often the politics/policies of the one collide headlong into the other...leading to crisis of faith.

Mine lasted, and still recurs from time to time, for almost 20 years--actually closer to thirty--after my mom died from cancer. How, I asked, can a God who loves us inflict such cruelty upon one undeserving of such. I still ask that question, late at night when things are always darkest, from time to time.

My only answer is this, and it's not an answer designed to win friends...

My belief is that there is a Supreme Being, a Godshead, if you prefer, where faith comes in is believing there is a reason for everything that happens, and that all will, one day, become clear. I've found it a tough road to follow, but mostly worthwhile.

I can relate to this, I think it is very human, especially for a believer to question why things happen to good people. Why good people suffer, why some get tormented. And I too as a believer, believer it is all for a reason, that like you say we will come to know, aren't omniscient enough to know enough despite what we can visibly see and hear.

In my particular faith, the scripture does provide some examples of why things happen, while we don't know the reason, the reason when we do find out makes sense. I can share those examples if it's worthwhile.

Spent so much time throughout my life revisiting these kind of topics in my head, as I grew older and aged through life. Coming up with different theories, still always knowing that the answer would come to light in the end.

I just came to the conclusion that a higher being, God if you will, is testing us all in our personal lives, we are completely oblivious to the small signs and messages that occur to people in their own lives, but we only see our own messages from god and tribulations from God.

This is coupled with what my own religion teaches me in that god tests those that he loves the most with hardship and pain. And leaves the bad souls to continue in their chaos, where bad actions are made fair seeming to them, slowly leading them to complete destruction now and in a hereafter.

I think it is impossible for us to pass judgement on what will be the end of any soul, when it is all said and done, and that it is an individual life journey for each of us. A journey that will be dissected in full and we get recompensed for every tiny thing we did, good or bad, which no human will ever have knowledge of except for their own life story, with which to testify against and bear witness; "Yes I did hurt that person" or "yeah I ignored that sign.. "I suppressed my conscious in that particular moment when I knew it was wrong"... these are thing's we can't see for others, but we know for ourselves which God sees too.

I watched my mother suffer endlessly with medical conditions that just compounded, and not getting a break from the gov or aid. I believe she was a good woman, she always helped others whether her health allowed her to do so or not. And she would still always pray for the day she got the medical treatment she was owed by the Gov, which has not come.

I think that's her test of patience and will, and all the reasons she suffered, I believe, will become known one day to me.

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