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Anybody been to Ireland?

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 11:50 AM
If anybody has been to Ireland, could u tell me what it is like there? Theonly thing I kow
is that its windy.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 02:34 PM

Originally posted by Truth
Theonly thing I kow
is that its windy.

I can't recall it being THAT certainly was rainy though...I went in August of seemed to rain almost every day there...

But it's a gorgeous country....Lots and lots of beautiful green mountains w/ little homes tucked away here and there...

You can't go to Ireland without visiting Dublin either...or for that matter, the Guinness brewery!! Nothing beats a fresh pint of Guinness...or two...or ten....
- It was me, my father and my boss...and we had a blast just roaming the streets from pub to pub, drinking a Guinness or two then sampling the next bar....Of course, we never do this here - That was just a one time have-to-do-it type thing....hehe

Trinity college is there....Just lots of awesome stuff to do...

Highly recommended!

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 11:08 PM
Thanks for the info. I figured tey have plenty of drinking places there, not too interested in that part, but
I bet the green hills and mountains are absolutely beautiful.

If my Aunt moves there this year, id probably go with her. definitely better than living in baltimore.

posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 07:22 AM
I went to Ireland in 2001, to West Cork, and Kerry. It is an absolutley beautiful country. Lovely people, great pubs too. Even when it did rain (which wasn't that often) it was more a misty drizzle than anything torrential and wasn't windy at all.

Sounds corny but it's a very spiritual place. It's the only holiday I've had where I didn't want to come home.

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 05:53 PM
Ah, Ireland the land of green rolling mountains and kind cheerful people.
I've sailed to many shores and twice to Ireland, Belfast a couple of times and once to a tiny place called Dundalk.
Belfast is an amazing city with lots of tales to be told I one has the time to let these kind people warm up to you. They are very friendly despite years of challenge. And Ireland is just beatiful, take your time to drive around to all the old churches read the history. Ireland was one of the most civilized parts of old europe before the Vikings invaded them. Lots of historylots of breath takeing landscapes.

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 06:44 PM
this is an interesting subject and me being so Irish it's titanic :w:

The Vikings in Ireland

The traditional perception of the Vikings as marauders and plunderers of Irish monasteries is incomplete: it concentrates on the early years of Viking activity, ignoring that the Vikings eventually settled peacefully, integrating into Irish society and making a positive contribution as traders and town-dwellers.

Marie Therese Flanagan

The arrival of Viking sea raiders in Irish waters in the late eighth century heralded the first influx of new peoples into Ireland since the major settlement of the Celts had been completed in the last centuries BC. From about the second century BC until the late eighth century AD Ireland had enjoyed freedom from external attack or settlement. This was in marked contrast with the experience of neighbouring Britain or the continent during the same period. Britain, for example, like Ireland had been settled by Celts and at approximately the same time. But Britain, unlike Ireland, was also to experience conquest by the Romans in the first century AD and to be further colonised by Germanic peoples during the fifth and sixth centuries. By contrast, Ireland experienced neither Roman nor Germanic settlement. Rather, it was the Irish who engaged in colonising ventures between the fourth and sixth centuries, attacking and settling parts of Britain, notably in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. This is an aspect of Irish colonial history which is generally overlooked.

In the late eighth century Ireland shared once again a common historical experience with Britain and the continent, namely attacks from Scandinavian sea pirates who came to be known as Vikings. The first recorded Viking attack on Ireland occurred in 795. In that year the annals of Ulster recorded 'the burning of Rechru by the heathens'. Although it is usual to identify the Irish place-name of Rechru or Rechrainn with the island monastery of Lambay off the coast of Co. Dublin, this identification is not secure. It is possible that this entry may refer to an attack on Rathlin Island off the Antrim coast, that Rathlin was in fact the first place in Ireland to experience a Viking raid.

The term Viking conjures up for most Irish people bands of marauders and robbers who plundered Irish monasteries and churches, causing widespread destruction and terror, and carrying off the precious objects of the monasteries. Why did the Vikings concentrate their raids on Irish monasteries? One popular view is that the Vikings were pagans and as such violently anti-Christian. But the Vikings did not initiate raids on Irish monasteries. Less well known is the fact that the Irish had attacked monasteries even before the arrival of the Vikings. In order to explain why they did so it is necessary to highlight some less familiar aspects of the role of the monastery in early Irish society than the more well-known reputation for sanctity and scholarship which certain early Irish monasteries justifiably enjoy. Doyle Clan

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 06:55 PM

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 07:01 PM
Ahem!.......Gools - Where have you been in my photography thread??

Great shots! Looks like you had a wonderful time....I still don't see how their golf is the same as our golf....That rough looks like a nightmare....

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by EnronOutrunHomerun
Ahem!.......Gools - Where have you been in my photography thread??

My Ireland photos are the only ones I have as digital. They were digitised by a friend of mine since I don't have a digital camera (yet). And besides I don't visit BTS nearly often enough!

And yes they play real golf there! The seventh photo is of a golf course!(the green is on the right)

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 09:51 PM
I am soooooo sorry

I have misinformed you all, I am sorry

But we did get some useful information in here due to my stupidity:bnghd:
And you Sauron SHOULD be proud, Ireland is a magnificant place.
Have a Nice One

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 01:36 AM
man i would love to go to ireland .

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 10:17 AM
Well i whent when i was 9 and 15 and i prefered Scottland. The haggis was good , the men wore kilts, and there legs were hot!

There beaches are really pretty i found there equivaled of 10-11 dallors in US but it was like 5 euros or something but it was money

they briol there tomatoes and the yogurts really good.

Don't ever were pants that are wrap arounds because your right it can be windy

you see drunk people with glasses of beers in the day time and theres partys are night

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 12:30 PM
I went to ireland a few years back on a hen weekend and what a time we had 25 girls all drunk, didnt get to see much site seeing time which is a shame really could have done with a rest from drinking guiness.

posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 05:51 PM
Wales is also a beautiful country, especially the west. Really rugged, and it has more castles than any other European country. Only reason people dont know of Wales as much as Ireland and Scotland is because England is in charge of the Welsh tourist board unlike our cousins to the north and west who control their own promotions! Go figure. They dont like to spend the money on Wales when they need tourists in London!:bnghd::bnghd::bnghd::bnghd::bnghd::bnghd::bnghd:

[edit on 21-2-2006 by Mcphisto]

posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 06:04 PM
Can anyone here give some idea as to what it's like to live in Ireland as opposed to the US? I've always been facinated with that country. Heck, I've got red hair so I'd probably fit in.

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