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A gift, a request, a question

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posted on Jun, 26 2017 @ 02:07 AM

posted on Jun, 26 2017 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: graceunderpressure

Thank you for your gift - it is true, at the ending things are more clear for people, what matters and what doesn't matter. Thank you for the reminder.

Your request - I am trying. RL challenges are kind of in my face right now, but the kindness radiating from your request has touched mine, and I can feel it making me smile, making me a tiny bit your request was another gift.

Your Question - The worst way to go out would be, for me, if my regrets outweighed my joy of life, my anger was heavier than my inner light, my bitterness greater than my love. Let's face it, when it happens it happens and it doesn't really matter 'how.' What matters is what we carry with us to the great Beyond.

I had a friend who was dying of breast cancer. Near the end I was privileged to be allowed to visit her with some of her friends. We sang to her and her energy, for a moment, returned.

We each went up to her to say goodbye. I whispered in her ear "Oceans of light upon light await you..." and she gasped, tears springing to her eyes, and she hugged me tightly, smiled and said "For you too! For you too!" Her eyes were shining, her smile radiant.

The veil was thin that day, in my heart. Someday all this struggle will be shed, and the light and love will embrace me too. I will meet her there.

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posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 08:27 PM

originally posted by: graceunderpressure
Wow, many thanks for all the heartfelt replies & PMs.

Hiya GraceUP. Checking in on ya.

There's a bit of a glitch on the site. The little mail icon no longer lights up. I noticed you didn't see my last PM to you.

Do let us know how you're doing.

posted on Aug, 1 2017 @ 12:40 AM
I too have been wondering and would like an update. Much love to you grace and a big warm hug!

posted on Nov, 12 2017 @ 09:53 PM
Seems like she is not coming back

posted on Nov, 13 2017 @ 01:50 AM
Hats off to you whereever you may be!

I'm trying to smell the morning air a little more of late x
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