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Israelies of Iraqi Origin Barred From Voting

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 08:53 AM
So ... according to Iraqi law these people should
be allowed to vote. However Jordan, which is usually
better behaved than this, has barred Jewish
Iraqis living in Israel from voting. Hmmmm.
What are they afraid of? Is it for security reasons,
or just more hatred of the Jews. (I'm betting on more
hatred of the Jews).

I also notice that IECI doesn't 'recognize' that Israel
exhists. If these folks want to modernize and be free,
they'd best understand the reality is Israel exhists, it has
for many decades, it is a soverign country and has a right
to be there.


Israelis of Iraqi Origin Barred From Voting in Iraqi Election
12:52 Jan 21, '05 / 11 Shevat 5765

According to Iraqi election procedures, people born in Iraq or children of Iraqi parents living abroad have the right to vote in polling places around the world. For Israelis who emigrated from Iraq or their children, the nearest such voting station is in Amman, Jordan.

According to a January 18th report in the English-language Jordan Times, however, Jordanian Minister of Culture Asma Khader said, "Israelis of Iraqi origin are not eligible for voting, in line with the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI)...."

In Baghdad earlier this month, IECI spokesman Farid Ayar told the French news agency, "Any person who comes forward with Israeli documents to prove they are of Iraqi origin will not be able to vote for the simple reason that we do not recognize that country."

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 09:43 AM
I think that the rationale makes sense. Israel is not recognized by the State of Jordan, hell they went to war with them and never signed a peace treaty, so they don't recognize the state.
Given that, they obviously can't consider anyone with documents from the state of israel that authenticate that the person is iraqi as having legitmately demonstrated that they are iraqi. Doesn't even require that the person be jewish infact.

Rather sad that the iraqi jews, who have been in iraq longer than the arabs, couldn't vote in the election.

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