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Wreckage of Afghan plane found

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 07:44 AM
first of all,
i dont know where the thread about this "missing afgani airplane" went!
i searched the forum and didnt find any threads with this topic,
but i am sure i was reading it today!
really strange indeed. first a plane goes missing,
and now the thread about this plane goes missing....

last news was that the plane landed in pakistan (?),
but now i found out something else:

KABUL (Reuters) - The wreckage of an Afghan airliner that went missing with 104 people on board has been found near the capital, Kabul, a day after it was turned away because of heavy snow, a Western security source says.

The Kam Air Boeing 737 was found to the northeast of the capital on Friday, but the security source did not say if there were any survivors.

NATO troops and helicopters have been searching for the plane, which was on a flight from the western city of Herat to Kabul on Thursday when it went missing after being turned away from Kabul airport.

At least seven of the 96 passengers were foreigners and six of the eight crew members were from Kyrgyzstan, Kam Air deputy director Feda Mohammed Fedayi said.

The foreigners included three American women working for a Massachusetts-based company, Management Sciences for Health, its Kabul representative William Schiffbauer said.

"We don't know if there were any survivors," the security source said, adding that the passengers included five international aid workers and nine Turkish nationals.


posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 07:47 AM
There was an ATSNN news story about this but it appears to have disappeared.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 08:45 AM

Nobody has any idea what is happening with this plane. The news is all over the place on this story. There are at least three different official accounts of the status of the plane. It went from missing, to presumed crashed, to presumed missing, to landed, to crashed, to missing..

What the hell happened to this plane? Isn't the purpose of radar and transponder to provide the location of the plane at all times to air traffic authorities. They must not have the type of system we do in the states. It's possible the plane went missing during a 'handoff' between air traffic controllers. Maybe the plane is just a number, a clerical error. Maybe the plane is real and actually vanished. Maybe this news story isn't a news story at all, but rather a jellyfish in disguise..

I sure hope somebody has some accurate information on this stupid plane, I've been looking for an hour, and I've gotten so many different 'facts' I could build a palace using them instead of lumber. I'm hoping the contradictory information is just a result of a rabid media scrambling to provide more grist for the mill. If this plane turns up over Miami and starts spraying Ricin, be skeptical, that's all I'm saying.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 10:03 AM
There are numerous reports on it crashing anywhere from 35 to 57 kilometers [east] of Kabul. Several of the links (like ABCnews in VK) have been removed. Most of the links provide the same information that was initially reported on the news that the plane has crashed and the number of survivors is still unknown. They also mention briefly that the plane had landed safely in Peshawar, but the officials at the airport have no record of it ever landing.

Feel free to browse and see what the media is disovering.


posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 10:22 AM
what the hell is going on with this airplane?
first it was missing,
then it landed,
now it crashed!


posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 01:28 PM
Search for missing Afghan jet suspended
Authorities deny crash site found; 104 people on board flight

The Associated Press
Updated: 10:48 a.m. ET Feb. 4, 2005

KABUL, Afghanistan - NATO and Afghan forces suspended their ground-and-air search as darkness closed in Friday for an Afghan passenger jet carrying 104 people after it disappeared from radar screens during a snowstorm near the mountain-ringed capital.

NATO and Afghan Officials denied statements from Turkish officials that parts of the wreckage had been located 20 miles southeast of Kabul, and they said the search would resume Saturday.

The Kam Air Boeing 737-200 took off Thursday from the western Afghan city of Herat bound for Kabul, but was unable to land because of bad weather. The airline initially said the plane was diverted to neighboring Pakistan, but officials there said it never entered their airspace.

Kam Air said there were 96 passengers and a crew of eight — six Russians and two Afghans — on the scheduled flight, but the exact number of foreigners was unclear.

A Massachusetts-based aid group said three of its American staff were missing, Turkey said nine of its citizens were on the plane, and Italy said one passenger was Italian.

Kamgar said the eight-member flight crew included six Russians and two Afghans.
Read the rest...

What the hell man.Talk about flip-flop

Who is trying to hide what here?


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