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Old Souls...

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by kancay
aaaaaahhhh, the joy of life and love. (do i sound like im in love? i just wonder...)

You are great Kancay! You are on the way to awake if you have this philosophy, this faith! Start with meditation and trust your good voice, the bad voice is from your brain....Give some time to YOURSELF, relax, and focus on your heart. Ask questions and answers will follow...
Then you'll see all kinds of weird things happen. That is syncronicities....and the answers comes to YOU and you will feel that they are true

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 01:51 PM
to all happy valentines day..lift up your heart and send the vibe of unconditional love to everyone and everything...mother earth ecspecially and everything included in it..the wind the water the directions the SUN!&the night
to all that is.....
look for the good in all
lift up your heart clear your mind the rest will follow
no one or thing is better then the next..
i have allways felt lesser than thou my higher self knows better..if only i could have my mind agree
peace with in

thank you everyone for shining thru.
you have ALL helped shed some light..keep shing thru no matter what!

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 02:00 PM
thanks for sharing and being here and now..
your right we did not ask for what we was given
never lies...i admire that...i have allways been too is not easy to be that way in others eyes...
i too have been accused of doing drugs..
to tell you the truth i have..once upon a time the sages and priest etc..all did them...
thou some of the most curious things i have seen have not been while i am under the influence...such as 100s of out of body experiences and seeing fractuals and ether..on my way to traveling into others..and every other drugs..just being in the momment and letting the divine hand guide me..with out thought..
smile smile smile

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by greenmansmind
as far as I see it we are not talking about egos here....if we were i think we would be using the little i..this is all about the larger I...THE HIGHER SELF..
my life is not about my ego...i am actually very selfless...nothing greedy about the way I live my life....i loses itself with I..

You see being selfless is egotistical...

You cannot try to stop thinking by thinking about not thinking.
The error is not being able to see the I which I'm talking about... All of us are the same age no matter what, and are from the same place... we are all puzzle pieces, although if you haven't noticed none of us fit together... Together we create the clearest picture, seperated we can only view tiny pieces of the beautiful picture. I hope this makes sense...
Along your lines of reasoning I'm a very old soul... but it's only because I realized how old I was, You may be old.. but not knowing your age is a most troublesome flaw. That is, if I go upon your lines of reasoning.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 05:31 PM
my selflessness is not egoism..thinking about oneself..
what i do with my life..the creativity i unleash to share..and the foods i grow to help not me thinking about me...
it is me putting all others before i..and thru that i can neglect myself..forget myself...the little i...i work..i call it play...9 months out of the yr by myself..7 days a week before sunup to sundown...i wake up..i jump out of bed and create..i more than often relise i did not eat breakfast until 2 pm..i wonder why i am dizzy....the world passes by continuously as i toe the edge in all extremes...i dont take days off..etc etc...

i do not do this for the money...when i think money i kick myself in my ass...
i am poor,thou i am rich with in...
i bend over backwards for others
is all this egotism!!!

i think if i were into ego...i would not have made the changes i have made in life

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 05:42 PM
you are right about you can not stop thinking thinking about not just observe and try not to acknowledge that you are thinking..that alone tells you that you are aware..eventually everything subsides....when i stop thinking..i can hear the tinyest creak...thou my mind or body does not react

as for this statement my gods still alive yours is dead...
that is foolish
no matter what god or religion matter what angle we look at it...its all the same...
these born again christians think that there way is the best...or any other religion for that matter...we are the right ones...and native americans and the ancients...

its all the same.....
&that is one area the world has gone wrong in...if only we can all just accept the others way of thinking......why do we argue and correct..

in some strange way in my mind there is no right or wrong..i am not sorry for anything thou i am accepting and forgiving...

you could looka t this how you will...when the tsunami heart went out for all..people insects animals etc...
but i was not sorry...

that is life..that is is not as peaceful as we would like to think it to be...
so we can put ourselfs into that place of peace...
we can escape the prison bars of this perception we have been taught..
by not thinking of being in the and now and now

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 06:23 PM
for anyone concerned with exact structure..please excuse ,in the 1st post with in my sequence,that i used the word egotism the second time...i did mean egoism..
i see so many are so quick to correct so many in every different that egotistical..

this is what came to me a momment ago..
i have been forgetting myself..with in my days helping others....people tell me that i have better gardens than the well known ones and yada..they tell me over and over my food is majikal..what do you do..really i dont do anything but give lots of love to them..lots of is my life..
as much as they tell me..its as if it dont sink ego is not inflated..
thou at times when it is 100 degrees and i have been in the sun for 8 hours with out water and many other times..i keep thinking i should think about me..
i have not read up on things like this in ages..for some reason i started to look for knowledge secrets..perhaps its because lynx appeared back into my life recently..and that is my totem animal and they stand for magic..the last time it appeared in my life was 5 yrs the time of monumental change in my life..i THOUGHT i was enlightened...& i was on some level or another..thou now i was learning about intimate relationships & an age old pattern of attachment soul mate&she truly doubts..
half a year into our relationship had a mom with cancer..soon thereafter she passed and then soon again her moms brother..she allready had a extreme experience..FBI burnt down her grandparents house to cover a death...with out knowing her boyfriend/fiance lived in a world of illusion..he was a top secret goverment he said and lots more..really he was a great bank robber up and down the coast..

anyways..i seen my enlightenment slip away..she became heavily depressed..for 3 yrs i stayed with her..hoping for her to see the light at the never happened..for 3 yrs..i was losing myself..i needed to save it.

it has been 3 yrs now and lynx appears(supposedly the spinx may have been lynx..
i went for a long hike in the forest this afternoon..i found my third lynx hole..i peered inside seeking knowledge and walked away silently quickly..thinking why am i seeking knowledge..when knowledge has never worked for me....what works for me is intuitive

in a way i feel like leaving this a way i dont want to..i feel an attachement with everyone no matter their angle of perception..

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:18 PM
There has been question to am i/are we aware of how old we are..
I FEEL..i come from more than 20,000 yrs..around the 3rd sun..
i feel i came from a time when we knew how to mantain a perfest equilibrium of body mind and spirit a place with open comunication..a vast population..and it was the result of unrestrained communication with in each human mind..
not restricted by the concepts of guilt and judgment
we held in our minds a dream of reality that came close to being heaven on is remembered still as paradise

what if we all woke up?what would happen to the allies if we awakened from the nightmare and found bliss..
create heaven on earth not hell the harmful allies would also have to evolve and eat love,not fear,our souls allready depend only on love,not order to know if a thought is of god we can check to see if it creates fear..the tru god has nothing to do with fear..move beyond fear and become .
everything is alive everything is a part of..fill it with love,surrender

look at god in a different way...dont fear you will not be hung on a cross,that has come and gone.
Amelia you are so right says the reasoning and intuitive mind...its about now not next lifetime...

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:40 PM
Today was such a different day. I saw more and everything was more vivid, for example my breath coming out of my nose and hitting the instant cold (sounds gross, but it looked new). And all i could think of is how absolutely everything is connected.

I want to know now and I want to be somewhere today. I am sooo impatient.

Can anybody tell me about the God catholics worship, and the difference between the God other religions worship? Are we supposed to worship Them(Him/ Her/ It) the way that we see worship being done? Does this make sense?

All my life I have wondered why religion was so strict on not worshiping other "Gods" or changing religions. Saying that their God would save my soul and every other is a false. But If that were the case, then why would God allow so many lives to perish because they worshiped with the wrong religion?

Please elaborate a little on God or Gods. In the first few posts I read a whole new world of God stuff and now I need to know. I want more than anything to love God and I do, but I didnt want to be made to feel guilty cause I dont know why I need to worship.

Is it not enough that I love and try to do good in this life, or is it necessary to worship in the sense that I have to go to an establishment of some sort and kneel before a statue?

If this sounds at all rude, I deeply apologize. It is not meant to be read as an insult to any religious person, I am just trying to find out more about me.

Big hugs to everybody today and all the following tomorrows.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:41 PM
from the lynx hole between the fallen trees..
knowledge is a limitation,a barrier to freedom,knowledge is only a description of the dream..yet it is valuable because we use it to communicate and interchange our ideas and emotions.

knowledge is the last barrier of the need to cross the river of knowledge in order to trancend and not come back here anymore
our knowledge closes off our intuition,intuition leads us to the truth,truth is alive,everything is in evolution everything is biological,everything is alive
your only responsiblety in this life is to make yourself happy,we do not need knowledge for that,because everything we require is already here,other peoples love can awaken your love,but its your own love that makes you happy,that love is your own truth,it is your freedom..change is in process,stop resisting..we are not here to please others we are here to please ourselves you can do whatever you want if you focus your intent,there is no doubt that you will get what you want,this is true for everyone

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:47 PM
kneel before yourselv

they were the supreme artist of the americas,they xpressed their sense of beauty with great skills in all ways.all humans are artistand the art they are creating is their personel you awaken to the silent knowledge you can ask yourself"how beautiful is my life?how much do i love?how well do i communicate?how happy am I?

i encourage you to be the supreme artist of your personel dream.make it as beautiful as possible,express your beauty

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 03:36 AM
scareb .......patients will be your greatest virtue
you are some where are doing what you can do be here/now
that is all there really is,that is the important space to be in...from where i stand.

dry tears fall from my eyes..people are forgettng that we are rich with the land and we are RICH WITH THE LAND
the most important place to be right now is right where you are,right now.

hunt every emotion every action every reaction that you have.
you will start to see yourself(you started)you will face will struggle with your belief will start to except everything and love yourself
you will feel great compassion
you will become the best warrior.

i had a great cry i visioned jesus being so impeccable.
i seen his path as being mine and the hard cry and tears stopped.
i see my body being ravenged and plundered and whipped ripped and bitten as i walk tru to my beliefes,unbending!yet another mtn. to climb,face dragging in the dirt yet a will that heaves MY SELF foreword

such as is in heaven so is below

i see our visions creating heaven or hell
what we vision is what becomes.
we are the creator.

just believe right now

riddules that have been told where the word was forgotton
no longer i want them to speak
why do i look for the word when the word deafens my ears..why do i look into the world when it blinds my eyes,why do i taste the fruit when it numbs my taste why do i desire when it rips out my heart.
all that is needed to know is there in silence.
trust that place of silence.

all of a sudden to me seeking knowledge has seemed to kept me in some sort of dark when i seek.
i went to bed this evening with great pain coming from all my body..i made it go away.

forgive me for all my ramble
greenmans mind bubbling to the surface of the material world
back to my cave

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by Scarab
Can anybody tell me about the God catholics worship, and the difference between the God other religions worship? Are we supposed to worship Them(Him/ Her/ It) the way that we see worship being done? Does this make sense?

There is ONE god, god is don't have to worship it, it's into yourself...God is not a human, so it does not have any feelings, it's just loving because you are a part of's hard to explain I know!
Religions have teached population wrong things because they want to have control and it works! Once you connect with your higher self, everything seems so evident! Because once you connect, you feel love for every creature of god and don't want to hate. Every religions make no sens as they tell you to worship, be afraid of god, hell, sins....
There is only one truth, that god is not out of you but inside you....wheter people do not beleive it, that is it! Your higher self is the part of you that lives forever, not your body....your body is a shell, but you soul is there also! Soul is like children of a religious way.


posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 10:23 AM
Amelia you could not had said it better in so few words.
years ago i went on a vision quest around the entire usa and into british columbia and down into quest was to seek god...

i wanted to vissit the place where men become gods TEOTIHUACAN the acred center of toltecs
Toltecs retained and passed down through oral tradition secret knowledge of healing and spiritual transformation which remained intact for thousands of years.
i never made it there...i met so many that had answers with out me asking a single question out load...
while in washington state a woman walked up to me and told me to stop seeking god outside of myself...she told me to lift up my heart..

since that day i have been on an incredible journey which takes me to new levels of understanding daily.

i am now in a place where i am finding myself able to accept anyone,everything..i can shake my worst enemies hand..if i had one...
i am not sorry for anything others or myself does..but i am forgiving..i can not stress that word enough

forgive and let go constantly
lift up your heart.....

before you focus on your middle eye....focus on your heart for a year or more...the rest will follow

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 10:50 AM
hmm, maybe ur right. like i dunno. i have like a block or something ya know? i know stuff, but im not allowed to access it or whatever. kinda a bummer cause now i have to start from scratch and stuff. it kinda suks that i have to work so hard althought i already went thru some of this crap. like, does anyone get fustrated about stuff?? see, if i just drift thru life like i did a few years ago things just comt to me, but i never thought about it. now i try to think about stuff but im not allowed to know or something, and thats when i get pissed. so im torn. like i know something, but im not allowed to remember. in one of my past lives i was a french pholosopher or something and a guy, and i learned something too great, and well i freaked out and ended up killing myself. thats why i dont enjoy like knives and # cause i remember the feeling and its scary. but amelia, what do u mean that its my brain that makes me think suck evil? i know i am of the light cause thats my raw energy, but then the evil seeps through and stuff. i should really post some of the poems i used to create. their just a vivid as greenmans. ok, i wont bug u guys anymore ok. bye bye

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 02:56 PM
the only possible means of bringing about such negative energy is the interaction with not so centered people. they have a hard time connecting spiritually with others and end up offending or insulting others integrety, this will garnish the natural reaction of hate. being accepting is one thing, but willfully letting a person degrade you is quite another, and can result in complete unleashing of energy upon a certain indivual. controling outbursts like this can be a very tasking objective, and at times costly but it is the way of light!

[edit on 15-2-2005 by sturod84]

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 09:26 PM
just as being an infant and growing to an takes time
just as for your soul to reach higher levels...

we do not transcend because our reasoning mind will not allow it..
the little i..the voice that thinks of the past and the future,everywhere and at everything,the one that causes so much pain etc...
the one that allows evil,if thats what ya call it.
the larger I..the one that is not my name or my job..the one with out fear with out sadness..where love comes from..the one that is here right now..
this is the I ..the higher self...its all good.

evil/hell is a concept that is found in more than one religion,hell is described as a place of suffering,fear violence and injustice,where every body punishes every body else,hell is a human mental state.other animals have no hell of their own,although they may be victimized by human hellishness,hell is not in the body or the soul,it is only in the human mind..hell is the way we humans dream our life..

say prayers to the lord/great creator all that is to make your manifestation to us so that we can percieve what we really are..ask to grant us the opportunity to experience what we really are,let it be for everyone as it is for me,I know what I really am.each of us is really a manifestation of love,I am you and you are me...

i wish with in every pore that the dream of the planet would stop now..i dont want to live my fathers dream..

hold onto yourself
just breath

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 09:46 PM
I know I have been absent for a couple of days (mundane life interfering in my greater work, dammit *laugh*). There have been many interesting topics posted on here, and perhaps I can shed some light for some of you.

Scarab, you asked about the Catholic God, as well as other gods in general. In my experience, there is no "one true god," as in no one god from any one religion is the "true" god. They are all entities that exist from the belief placed in them. With enough belief, any entity can be elevated as a god, or new entities can be created from the sheer power of belief. Remeber, belief is reality. The Christian God (emcompassing every branch of Christianity) is a combination of many gods (often based on the polytheistic ancient religions) encompassed in a single entity. That singular entity does exist, because of the belief in this diety from the followers of the Christian God. As far as what god you should believe in, that is all a very personal thing. I've always believed that each of us have their own god, within ourselves. We have been blessed with free will, we're always told to believe in ourselves, etc. In essence, all of this belief in ourselves has caused each of us to be our own god. It is only oneself that can control their destiny. To answer your question, the "true" god is the one that you feel is right. Look into yourself, and answer that question for yourself.

Kancay, You obviously have many questions unanswered. Unfortunately, I don't know what advice you need, without you asking the correct questions. From what you've already stated, however, you do seem to have a grasp on the direction you need to take. Just be patient. Rarely does one ever know their path and purpose quickly. Some never find out. Emotion is a strong force, and one that is good to learn to understand. If that is your lesson to be learned here, that is one of the most important ones. Be vigilant about your efforts to learn. Also, I don't believe you offended anyone with your wish to leave the mortal coil. That is not an uncommon reaction for someone that has not fully awakened. I myself had those feelings for many years after my initial awakening. I would be a hypocrite to tell you that was wrong. I will offer any advice that I have to you, given you ask the questions. Everyone's needs for advice are different, and without your questions, I could give you the wrong advice for this lifetime. I wish not to cloud your growth with wrong or improper information. Ask me your questions, and I shall answer. One final thought for you. Raw energy does not have an alignment. It is not light, neutral, or dark. It simply exists. Spiritual energy is much like electricity, as in it is simply there to be used, and does not perform a purpose as such, until harnessed and manipulated. The use and manipulation of the energy is what determines its final purpose.

Finally, I wish to extend another thank you to Amelia and Greenmansmind, two whom I have started to feel as kin. Thank you for being the souls that you are, and assisting those who need assistance. Even though I walk a different path from the both of you (I walk the twilight between light and dark, and both of you are very definitely light souls), in this age, we are all of the light. Thank you.

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 09:59 PM
If we were to speak in the golden tongue, then the Fire, Air, Waters and the Earth would obey us. We would be authentic Gods! If we spoke to a mountain in the sacred language, and ordered it to disintegrate itself, the mountain would crumble to pieces in a frightening cataclysm.
this is what i feel before i think..not what i think before i feel..innate knowlege ancient past life experiece.
the more i observe the more i enjoy that there is not this level of understanding

i was once in a rush to learn as much as i could..i asked a secretive quiet intelligent funny man one day,who i felt contained lost knowledge...he spoke to me in a riddle and then said how do you know that your intentions would remain pure if you understood..i felt i would be pure..he said when this ridule makes sense tomorrow next 60 yrs or more..when the ridule makes sense you will understand.

what i have felt is that knowledge does not come from thinking words..putting a formula together etc..more so !thru vision..the process of reality before you unfolding in your minds eye....
there is also a strong unbending power with experience.the solar plexus..driving this vision
controling the dream unfolding

i gave up looking for answers for years....that is when answers just started to be told and my life unfolded in a direction i did not ever imagine at one time.

kancay when you have these thoughts of fckd up the world is aware of that and change it to a posotive..let it come let it go
be at peace..gravity wont way you down as much.

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 09:43 PM
the more i see into these forums the more i want to recede.
the more i read into these words being tossed about..the more silent i want to become.
the more i see the aloofness to the knowledge i have resisted since a child.the more i want to bend away the light to keep all in the dark.
the more i observe the reality we all share,the more i think fantasy would be better.
the more i understand the workings the more
i want to see it end..

the more i think of this the more i think dark thought,such as the world in total upheavel...the more i think of this..the more i wish for it..
the more i feel about this..the less pain i feel..knowing that the sun would still shine on the other end.being optomistic as i am...

i dont fear death for i have died so many,thou i do love life for this is one of a kind.
i do not wish to die..thou when my time comes like so many times,i will surrender fully and be fully aware of my state of mind and my soul will be carried by spirit on the wings of eagle
before i do my greatest wish is for fundamental change
not for myself or you but for the children of tomorrow.

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