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Old Souls...

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posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 11:03 PM
i dont know if these are good books for Kancay
any suggestions
the magic in your mind"u.s. anderson"
the four agreements"don miguel ruiz"
the power of now"eckhart tolle"
way of the peaceful warrior/sacred journey of the peaceful warrior""dan millman"
breaking free "anne brewer"
beyond fear"author?"..its based on toltec wisdom..

posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 11:09 PM

Originally posted by greenmansmind
something tells me i dont know if this is my souls last journey
what i contain,i cannot put into words even for my own use and if i were to try it would be considered very sloppy writting.
i did past life regression and i was not a person...i was the light and i glowed brighter than bright.& the light conveyed a sad hue..for the people could not see the light,thou the light was right there just as the nose on your face.
to be in my presence is either inspiring or completly challenging..with out even a spoken word...
many feel insecure around me...and i am a somewhat quiet person even..i feel as if i am an easy target..thou it does not affect me negativly.i dont feed drama many i seem naive.i am aware of everything around me..i feel the next time i die(i should have been dead a few times allready)i will be aware of the death and just as a controlling a dream..i will control my death...(i feel i have allready)and i will live on.i will not agree.i believe the world is as we dream it...row row row your boat...i dont fear death thou i do love life..
i feel as if i feared death i would have been frozen in my hell that i placed around me.
i wish i could nudge others onto more awareness..thou feel its not fair to them unless they seek..bursting bubbles of perception can be hazardous..i have lost a bible thumping friend or two,because my experiences were shared..they are beyond our normal reality..they were god like..i did not control..just visions and going with the flow while unbending focusing.

my purpose is to also heal myself from this physical life..
then to go totem animal is lynx..yada ,i need to make a labrynth walk....i see one on a cave wall from prehistoric days in my mind..i see them in seashells and spider webs and dna spiral etc.etc..
along with this,i am creating a large healing garden for the world to see touch taste smell sense heal in....greenmans eden
i feel my purpose is to connect the physical and the spiritual world throught the fabric of our reality...heaven on earth....the great dream,thou i feel it will be hellish more so,before climbing higher.
as the holy cross gets nearer and nearer to the north south alignment in the heavens..
may we be ready to raise our vibration no matter what.

Your words here stike me quite profusely. It seems as though this was an automatic writing. Whether it is or isn't however, the words ring true. Seeing this, I get a great sense that you are one of the "older" souls... one that has experienced much. You speak partially in riddles, much like the Creators do, much like the watchers, much like my kin, the guardians. Have you ever communicated with one of the Creators, whatever name you may call them by? If you have, have you gotten riddles from them, or straight answers? Both perhaps? I ask because your words intrigue me. You speak much like one not far removed from the Creators - a little riddle, a little fact, but all truth. I cannot say if this is your last lifetime or not, but you are certainly within a few lifetimes of transcendence.

You speak of "god-like experiences" - this suggests to me dealings with my generation or older, and with your apparent level of experience, I'm more likely to say the dealings were with those older than I. You speak of a time of great healing, and great revelation. I have come to know that both of these times are on our horizon in this world. It would seem that you may know more about this than you have previously let on about, whether it's a knowledge that you have yet to discover within yourself, or one that you are already aware of, and holding to yourself. Know that in the coming time of darkness, and the following time of healing and enlightenment, you are not alone. There are many of us here that are aware of this, we have but to come together. When the time comes, you'll be right there with the rest of us, ensuring that the balance is perserved through a time of great darkness, and later a time of great light.

I would love some further communications on your own revelations.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 12:00 AM
i have met many people and all of them have told me a ridule..some of these people i met have been accomponied by another soul,who allways commented that i must be quiet the person for them to converse with you..all of them told me in one way or another to not limit the mind,to believe firmly in what i believe no matter what...
some of them seemed insane,thou i knew they were not.
i have met story tellers who tell me a story and what is currently challenging me and what needs to be done..
animals speak at times..not in words thou thru being there in observation...syncronicities are normal for me...whatever i think and feel reflects back at me...i do not take others personally..or i give it my 100% to try.
dimensional doorways in sleep have opened for me in my bedroom wall..3 a row,same time of march...another dimensional cube as if in the ground opened me and others laid on the floor and we aum'd a specific frequency in a certain amount of time and we were in a dimension..felt like i could not see anything thou i prescenced others....the reason i dont know..we all had so much time to get back into the it a box and aum'd to come back.
..i have thought of someone i have not seen of in yrs...
i wake at 3 am and start driving 3 hours away to northern Vermont..i feel as if i have a smile and a halo on..keep looking in mirror,see none.
stop for a coffee and glance in a not opened yet.bookstore window to see the book the four agreements..i then head west another search for the town i thought another old aquaintace lived..i get off the beaten path and stop at a store & a car is about to run me over backing up..its the woman i thought about two weks earlier....she lived near me yrs she is hours away living and stopping at a store she never stops at..on a daily commute...funny she thought about me too..she was reading about the holographic universe and i..the magic of the mind..
life is like that for me...
as for understanding, i feel i do words so much.i dont think words touch it...more so creative conscious/sound ,feeling
means more to me.
the ridules are making sense to me,thou not in words..

i am ready to walk with the staff that one unique individual had offered me the opportunity to do so.only when i was ready..he said the staff would choose,the staff allowed for me to hold it once..possibly staff is calling me,perhaps the ancients are calling me,i often wondered why my face drags in the mud thou one more mtn. to climb
why the world around me passes me by as i stand on the edge of the chasm..i often wonder why i see life where others see the same old pile of ashes
i often wonder allways wonder as if i am an innocent the same time i think i know nothing..
i am someone who over extends himself for others.
i feel i have lost myself here..started to think..thinking corrupts me..i write with out thinking..
forgive me if my wriittting is hard to follow

i am greatful for those that are shining through
possibly this will be instrumental for me to be able to relate in other ways merrily up the stream

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 12:31 AM
i dont know creators by name...nor do i know many people by name..i have allways had a thing for lables...I am not my name or my skin or job.......................
one day yrs father was minutes from a bone brittle death..white blood cell count crash...i drove to the forest and ran thru the forest screaming and crying,hooting and howling,running aimlessly thru the forest,all along chanting my souls song...i prayed to god and the great creator gaia,all the gods all the universe and to all that is..i prayed to all the directions and the winds and water,to the plants and rocks..i screamed out 3 wishes..i stopped by the side of a frozen lake to meditate on little minature whirlpools of water by the unfrozen edge side..i hugged a tree on top of the mtn..a large ole tree and felt it could see the hospital in the valley..i connected to the tree from the little vortexes to the hospital..& felt i could not be any closer to my father at the time..
all 3 of my wishes came true..
and thru that..thru another story..i had learned you dont have to be careful what you wish for,thou more so how you wish for it.
not thru this story..another one...i had told a friend..since the age of 3....and he could not accept it..and walked away...all i was doing was sharing an idea..
i told him that we can all do as jesus
if we really wanted to..i feel we can do anything,first we have to have it in mind..kind of like reaching for a glass of water ya know!
w/in the last few months,i have been feeling the need to zip my lips..
then all of a sudden i find myself here

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 03:35 AM

It sounds like you have conversed with the Creators (as I also call them, the Council). That is an honor indeed. If they have spoken with you, then you are of personal importance to them. The reason you were told to remain silent while they spoke boils down to nothing more than a simple matter or respect. Usually, they will only say things once, and often it is in the form of a convoluded riddle (I have been lucky myself to be considered one of their personal guardians, and can therefore, sometimes get a straight answer out of them - I suppose it also helps that my spiritual grandfather also sits upon the Council).

Your gift of dimensional travel is indeed a rare one. Cherish that gift, for it's one in a billion. That you have been gifted with this, speaks volumes about not only your experience, but your importance as well. Unfortunately, this is one of the points where I don't know further what the nature of your importance is, only that you are quite an important one. Dimensional travel is not gifted lightly.

You speak of understanding in terms of emotions and feelings. You, my friend, are truly one that understands. True understanding does go well beyond words, which is why I can only convey so much understanding in this medium. You most certainly don't need any assistance from me in that regard. You, and those spirits that walk with you are the only ones that can further your growth of understanding now.

Your feelings of innocence are not uncommon among those of us with great experience. Such devotion to learning eventually brings about a sense of innocence once again. We are not innocent, though we can experience things as though we are.

My apologies if this post seems a little less fluid and coherent than my other posts, but I am tired, and responding to things as I see them upon re-reading your posts. This is more of a stream of consiousness post than anything. I'm just recording thoughts as they come to me.

On the staff, I am not familiar with the object you speak of, but I do know that a member of the Council does carry one. It is possible that you are of my generation, and being called upon to awaken, much like I did years ago. Those of my generation are often awakened by the Creators themselves.

Regarding your second post of your father's near death, and his sudden recovery... it also appears that you have great healing ability. Through your perception of your father's recovery, he truly did recover. Perception is reality, and if your perception is strong enough (and your's appears to be more than strong enough), you can truly change reality, not just for yourself, but for others as well. This is another wonderful gift.

Before I start going off on a ramble (as I am apt to do when tired), I'll just conclude for tonight by saying, if you have any questions that you feel need answers, feel free to ask. The right questions gain the answers you seek. It is up to you to determine the right question.

Balance, love, and life to you


posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:49 AM
thank you
your words are much appreciated..
i dont know if the messegs shared with me were convoluted,i feel as if just my smaller mind may have been...
our thinking mind can be fragile..death could be better than loss of mind.
i was told that at the time,some information could not be shared..for it could be dangerous to myself or the world...i told them my intentions would be good..all i was told is ,how do you know..i could not answer that..thou i felt i could..i would not .as ready as i felt i could have been.
i was not ready
at this time i question myself again..
i feel as if i am ready..thou the ridule still dances..
raven appears wild mtn lion tracks i follow
an ancient cairne stands on the peacmaker ley,one that i need to find.
it calls to me as it looks to the west.this cairne is a head similar to easter island..i have been told by an eccentric straight answers where it is..i have seen unproffessional photocopies..a man recently called me and said he heard i may be able to show him some cairnes..i agreed that we shall walk in spring and find..i feel this ancient cairne has something i need..
i studied cairnes for a bit..until i found one on the chakra ley..a stone chamber with in a mound with a cap rock..i moved the rock placed it back on and walked away..i did not feel good..i gave up studying cairnes..until i had this calling a month ago..the man found it funny..he was at the same cairne with a shaman..with no explanation the shaman said lets go.

now i must step to the east

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 10:11 AM

You're the devil in me I brought in from the cold
You said your body was young
but your mind was very old
You're coming on strong and I like the way
The visions we had have faded away

You're part of a life I've never had
I'll tell you that it's just too bad (X5)

You're coming on strong
you shine and your gone
Like a setting sun

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 11:29 AM
about staff
i have no answer..the man kept it in a dark place..he told me he would like to see me walk with the staff..thou i had to be surely ready for the staff would walk me..
this man seemed beyond enlightened to a way life was but a joke..
to him..again he seemed so enlightened,thou beneath the enlightenment he seemed sad and stuck in a place.
he shared with me knowledge of the illuminati..the black brotherhood and the white..and told me to not worry one will not out weigh the other.

i keep hearing to be careful of the evil...
i had an uncle who was cia...i told him i meditated yrs ago and he told me that i should not..that there is evil there and evil can disguise itself as good..i told him we have a choice..
one day while meditating with light and sound and going thru some excercises of vision teacher before me shape shifted a few times.then all i seen were his eyes..then just one ,i called it the eye of the phoenix.a tunnel of light formed before our middle eyes..the other eyes no longer seen..i began to travel into this light to enter he..i hook my head and stopped...i could not accept it..he said try again..once again it happened..before i entered him,i stopped again..wether it was good or bad..i had the power of choice at all times.
also at those times .i learned to see the ether and fractuals..i learned through visioning..not thought! and through feeling,that i can alter outcomes..and so many other things..
i feel at this time its all coming together...i have been going thru lessons of mastery of emotion..with hopes to master intent..
i do not see myself or anyone as evial..

i did stop meditating on a horizontal and carried it onto a verticle with each step.
it is all good...thou maybe that is an we all know illusions are real as well.

does anyone know who the invisible ones may be?
this label keeps coming to me..i have no knowledge at this time.
also an L gate keeps appearing along with knight of templar...all i see on them is that they were monks blah blah blah..this knowledge goes beyond a physical form ..more so energetic!!!
the L gate has something to do with ascension

THANKS FOR sharing
today as i head into the rising sun i see with new eyes..
on my 50 minute commute..i searched for a driveway that had no tracks in the fresh snow..i could not find one.
i keep seeing comments about a did seems so on that drive,even i was amongst it..
i do so during the winter.
well its high noon ,stepping south

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 06:40 PM

Please keep meditating on this. I'm very intersted in seeing what you find out. I have tried speaking to the creators, but the only one I have contact with is Grandfather, and he is not one that's apt to talk about others unrelated to my direct lineage (as those are the ones that I'm primarily here for).

Very interesting... please keep writing.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:31 PM
ok.dont have time to write much.still at job
just off the phone with a friend who i connect with spiritually once in a great while..
we talked quickly...
he knew of the spiritual council of 13 he called it..
anyways does anyone know mack the healer..dont know anything about him,thou what i was just told

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 10:04 PM
HEALER MENTIONED..hope you dont think i am yelling with locked caps..people see it as yelling ,thats just the way it unfolded.
i dont retain info that readily..(perhaps bcause i tell myself i am bad at remembering names ..lets see
i was told my friend had met this healer,the man teared and gave him a great bear hug,and said i know you will be around..i am not sure why they met...friend said mack was in the 13council..& something about 10 members..??i lost it,we skip from subject to subject quickly..
he also spoke of some great native lakota indian &his gathering,met with a nother friend of my friend i spoke with..i never met him yet..tried at one time..his name is peter champoux..he is local..he written the book on arckom geometry..gaias this native met & could not look into people he is new with..he looked slightly above most often...he said he would not want to burn a hole thru him...may have been humor for other reasons..
i dont know where all this fits in..possibly to much swimming subtly around with in my oceanic like mind

i mentioned above that i have made things happen,altered events..i dont like the word control.and in all actuality i feel it was not me who did this,thou it came thru me from outside of me and entered my solar plexus which i had extreme focus on with the vision of the way it would be..i do not do such things often...& carried on as if nothing happened..what happened was that was reality to others and me,thou knew thru the process that it shouldnt have been.
because of this,i feel as if i am being allowed more growth thru this.

i wish i knew what all the above meant
i have no clue about the staff,thou i must because it is in thought.
i have not seen the man in many yrs,i kew him thru a girlfriend..
that last i seen him he told me my mom would be experiencing some difficulties soon...and she has been...
so the stick has a story that may be as secret as a secret.
is staff harping out its lone song.

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 12:58 AM
a surprise vissitt from a close friend..she lives hours away..also a great healer her knowledge is phenomenal..thou she been going thru a divirce and an emotional mess..we have been close thou aspects of that changed tonite..emotional wisdom did exist and it was as if it was not surprise..rambled about so much and she told me the planetary alignments now and meaning.. yada yada
upon departure it was as if nothing less or more had happened,
she will remain a good friend indeed and possibly business asscociate.
anyways the words that come to me

through all this

that there are no secrets
& to have us believe so is the very route of coruption of our existance with in this reality that we are percieving,
to have secrets before us we all search outside of us for the answers,when the answers to all lay right there before us
the answers to our full potential
just say no to the limitations

will i get stoned if i step outside

3 friends and i met an indian storyteller,he told each of us a lenghty story..each story had to do with present hardships we faced and what we must do..
my story was of bear..and bear circled camp of indians eating meat..all indians became fearful,accept chief,he believed bear would be ok..they calmed,gave bear meat and bear went off. a few feet outside,next day upon leaving they seen where bear circled camp and slept..walking past the ranger upon leaving the forest..ranger was happy to see they did not get ravenged by coy dogs..all the others did,they said they had bear and ranger did not believe..until he seen the tracks,bear saved indians meant whatever you believe to be true matter if no one else thinks that way..firmly stand by it..for it will be true

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 02:11 AM
At last, people who understand what I have been saying! Amelia, greenmansmind, obsidian, thank you so much!

We are here to evolve ourselves and this planet, we are catalysts. We have such a profound responsibility to the "children" who inhabit the earth. Since it appears that we are so rare, perhaps it's wise to maintain communication or set up a prayer or meditation group. Because of our role in this time and place, we must make sure we stay on track and contribute positive energy to the unfurling world around us. After all, it's so easy to get sidetracked or become discouraged...

I believe there will come a time soon when our power and services will become paramount. I am personally preparing by learning how to focus and direct my energy, concentration and awareness through Zen meditation, and am planning to embark on learning astral projection. Perhaps we could set up a list of resources for those wishing to do the same!

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 08:02 AM
It is not a coincidence that we meet here!!!!

I can feel it deep....we meet to help each other with our mission, we are not alone
I know that we are here for this, that the world will change soon and people will come to us for answers...we are sent on earth for this special time! WE are not afraid, mother earth is cleaning herself
The truth is hard to swallow for some down to earth people, but we are here to guide them to the true spiritual world! That is not an easy task but that is our mission, I truly accept that and I JUST KNOW that! We are beigns of light before beigns of flesh

Love always

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 08:05 AM
Amealia Obsidian others
it is a blessing to make connections
as for helping others to make these connections,i feel would be out of context..
my friend last night said she thought it was her purpose to tell everyone of the changes to come..w/in me.i felt that would be not right to do...
maybe i am wrong,that is what comes to me..
when people are ready on their own,then knowlege will appear and not until then..we will be instrumental with out trying to be so.
like i said earlier,if i walk outside will i get stoned.

as for helping other with astral projection etc..i think that would be great if they come to you..
a man told me when my father was on his death not astrally project..why should i do such a thing..he told me i am needed here..
soon there after i began to project during a nap..and i grabbed the seat belt and put it on...
projecting etc.can be easy to learn,thou learning hat to do with it can be a whole other ball of wax..
projection came natural to me as a child..thou it suited no other purpose to me other than observing my friends at play etc.
the focus of prayer was more than enough and we all should know how to do such..
i dont know..but the thing that comes to me,that needs to be done,,is learning how to retain our frequency of a higher matter what is happening before remain unaffected..i feel the key is to raise our vibration..and thru that those around us may see the light .
breath peace allways

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 08:08 AM
thank you for letting your soul shine through

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 03:18 PM
I have always believed that my purpose here is mine alone. There are others that relate to the greater purpose, but mine is a path for me. All of us who are older, more experienced souls will work together when the time comes. It is not our duty to imform, but to guide and protect. I know the Council is quite aware of what is coming, yet none of us know anything more than "something" is coming because that's how it's meant to be. Too much information can ruin the lesson to be learned. We are here. That is known. That does not harm. When the time that is coming finally arrives, we will all know what to do. It is us that will guide the rest through whatever is to come. None of us may die until our objectives are complete. None of us may transcend until our lives are complete.

We each have our own reasons for being here. Greenmansmind, you appear to be a healer and a muse. Your tasks here most likely pertain to that. Amelia, you are a muse and a teacher. Your tasks are with that. I myself am a warrior and guardian, and my tasks pertain to that (already have many times). Each of us has a path to walk alone, but our path alone coincides with the solitary paths of many others, and therefore we are never alone. It isnot for me to dictate anything about anyone else's path. We all know for ourselves what our purpose is, and we are here because we will remain true to it and to ourselves. Some of us walk with the light, some in the dark, and some right in that twilight between the two. We all have purpose here, and therefore make up the whole of what our final duties are to be.

Whatever the path we walk, we are all here for what we can offer. Stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your path.

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 03:44 PM
I understand, I may have some more knowledge but I just wanna share that with lost people...
You think that it's not good for others to be able to acheive a oneness? I just think everybody have to know that....

Maybe it's not the time, but I wanna spread my knowledge to those who have ears to listen, if they can listen, they have to!

I know that the darkness has taken a big piece but we can all be enlightned, people who are ready for it will use these informations and those who are not will just reject it.

Love and light

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by Amelia
I understand, I may have some more knowledge but I just wanna share that with lost people...
You think that it's not good for others to be able to acheive a oneness? I just think everybody have to know that....

Maybe it's not the time, but I wanna spread my knowledge to those who have ears to listen, if they can listen, they have to!

I know that the darkness has taken a big piece but we can all be enlightned, people who are ready for it will use these informations and those who are not will just reject it.

Love and light

By all means, share your knowledge. What I was saying is that there are certain unknowns because they are meant to be unknown. If you have knowledge you wish to share, then that is your right to do so. I've always felt that none of the knowledge that we have been given is to be held completely to oneself. Knowledge is given to be shared. If, however, you ask for knowledge, and are not given it, then you are not meant to know it (at least in a spiritual sense - mundane knowledge is a whole other story). We have worked hard for our experience and knowledge. It would be a waste to keep it to ourselves. I have revealed much in this thread that some might consider "dangerous," but I do not feel that it is.

There's only a few things to remember while deciding what knowledge to share. First and foremost, is whoever you're looking to share the knowledge with ready for it? Is that person who has barely been able to harness small amounts of energy ready to know how to find and harness a great amount of energy (such as an energy ocean)? Is the person that can't accept himself in the present ready for the knowledge of what the future holds for him? It's all a judgement call. If you feel they're ready, then please, share. Another thing to remember, if you have a piece of knowledge that pertains to you personally, can it be used to harm you, if shared with the wrong person?

Finally, did the person you want to share knowledge with come to you, or would you be imposing potentially unwanted knowledge on someone? Those that come to learn, deserve to learn. There are many however, that do not want to learn, and we must respect that as well.

These are just a few things to remember when deciding to share knowledge. Chances are, however, any knowledge you have is meant to be shared with someone, just maybe not everyone.

[edit on 12-2-2005 by obsidian468]

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 06:43 PM
greenmans mind thinks ,that wether we are ready or not wether we are looking or not..on our own level there will be an understanding..perhaps not in words..
i find myself becoming more silent..more observing than ever.
i once did a yoga pose & a coworker who was highly spiritual,thou did not speak or show of it..
he abruptly told me to not...i worked in a ski shop at a resoert..lots of people..
some teenagers laughed and thought i was insane..
you dont know how people will take things even if they are searching..
my friend last night was the same way..i need to speak my word...yes if it feels right please will....thou if you do..distinguish what is imagined and what is real...where does the feeling part fit in..
i see all around me..even amongst my mom and dad the last couple yrs,going thru lots of stuff w/in...
they pulled me into the said i am a part /the other said i should not be,thou both told me he said she said on and on...
i tried to shed some light,i did not pick sides...
i did not attack..just told them what i am observing....
they listened thou did not hear and what i said became something else..
i live next door..i let go,unattached myself..thou i see them almost daily..

for me i feel what works best is doing what you do best..
for me,i am trying to create large public healing gardens..filled with enviromental and art and healing and garden things to see and do..after 10 yrs of running my little market garden and creative gardens..i made inot the paper life and leisure etc.etc.
i never meant to have this..any of it..i went with the flow and one thing turned into another..
i am at a point now,where i am about to wipe the slate clean and move some place in the usa or canada
so to let this vision grow..
do what you do best and people will come..
my friend told me that i will have so many people around me,they will practically be bowing....i dont know about that
thou it is possible..i have had the great opportunity to meet and also work along side with some very accomplished/famous horticulturalist..they have all told me i do things others do not..
dont think i have a large head..i dont,i am told over and over how magical my gardens are and the food....for some reason it does not really absorb in.
at first one may seem so very enlightened ..then they will not seem so at all..
does that make sense..any of it..
dream big

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