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What happens when the new order collapses?

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 01:02 AM
A new world order can only last so long, I mean people will fight it, probably to the death, then what? Microchips? Screw em people will rip them out. Mind control? Bugger it people can't be controlled forever. Aliens?! Well, okay we might be in a bit of trouble there but we could take em somehow...we'd find a weakness and annihilate them, with or without NWO government cooperation. Then what? A one world government with one world against them...Government won't be wanted, wars will rage hard, then after it's all said and done we got a world without ANY economic structure or order, a crapload of sick, dying and dead people and noone to help them.

Honestly I can't see it lasting more than a few years, okay maybe a few decades; hit the world with oil wars, fake terror and the world-uniting 'ET terror attack/threat', okay we'll be scared and probably will let ourselves into a new order, but people just won't accept it for long. This is kinda sounding jumbled and messed up but you know what I'm getting at I hope.

Love to know what you all think would happen if the NWO was implemented and did fail miserably.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 03:05 AM
Interesting question.

Presumably the New World Order is ideally intended to slowly slip into our lives until we realize it's there and we never saw it coming. If those folks need to nudge us with some terroristic trauma, it is done. If they need to grind a bunch of us up in the war machine, they will do so. Whatever it takes until the time is right to drop the curtain.

I'd say check out Brave New World by Huxley because that's the best NWO plan I've read. The book doesn't speak much as to the purges that surely preceded Huxley's peaceful age, but you don't get order like that without breaking humanity's back, so to speak.

In BNW, everyone has a place in the world, everyone has a great drug, and everyone has lots of hot sex with each other. Imagine a life spent frolicking half naked and playing golf while finishing it all off with an orgy at church that evening.

I guess my point is, if the NWO plan is pulled off correctly, you won't have time to fight it and, if you live through the purge, you won't want to fight.

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