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The Dream Healers Are Now On A

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posted on May, 19 2017 @ 01:36 AM
A very long time ago, there laid a man, a man whom they say was bleeding from his skin, eyes were no more to see and were soon to die that day. As they dressed him in garments preparing for his death, it was said he went into a deep sleep, not dead but seemed comfortable as he slept.

The man woke up 3 days later and was cured of all of his ailments’ and told his people of a very real dream he had.

He said that he had awakened outside of a forest, a forest that was so closed in that it felt like the trees were made out of molasses as they seemed to stick together as ‘, he saw no way in. He said his dreams had changed and that it seemed that he had found away into the forest, he did not know how and that part was never really explained in details.

As his story continued, he said that he had come out the Forrest and along a short path in which he walked on and as he turns the corner, he sees 3 men dressed in leaves and wooded garments and wore a cloak over their faces. In the middle of them was a very oversized black pot, with a fire burning under it from the wood.

He claimed that the 3 little people gazed at him and ran into the woods and later returned with berries plants and other ingredients in which he could not describe.As he moved closer to the pot, he notices that, they were on the edge of a cliff and that the space over the cliff, was so black, it looked like night time, with no moon or stars, he says the fireplace was the only light source at that time.

He tells them that the three little people reached into a bag and pulled a cup made from leaves and dipped it into the black pot. He then says, one of the little people held the cup in the air and a light came through the darkness into the cup.

He tells the people that they handed him the cup and he drunk it and as soon as he drunk it, they were gone and that’s when he woke up…and that’s when they cut his head off burned his body and that’s the end of that story.

They thought he was a demon when he came back to life.

Some time ago, I went through the same thing the above person went through, except I went there three different times for three different people that needed healing. I tried a fourth time to help someone but I could not find the right door anymore, to get into the forest.

A little while ago, a very terrible thing happened to me while Astrling, I had touched someone's energy and the speed of that energy was so intense, that it scared me from really ever doing it again.

Greatest Secret Ever Told IML527

So here I am, going into a dream world and I end up in an underground subway station after waiting for a while I noticed someone next to me. After waiting for not too long a subway comes and the doors open up.

The doors open and who do I see… the same three people that use to be in the woods are now on this train OMG! I took two steps, and to my left, I saw an entire medical facility inside the train, they had real doctor mask on, and one of them had a needle in one's hand and all three of them had stethoscopes and before I could go all the way inside, one of them puts his hands out to me, and shakes his head no, and the other man that was on the platform got on.

Just before the doors closed, one of them said ‘were here now’

‘Even in the other world they also evolve and adapt to time’

Not saying for sure but if you are ever taken to a subway in your dreams and a subway pulls up and doctors are in it, make sure to tell them immortal legend gave me directions and let them do the rest.

Copt written by iml527 the dream healers are now in a subway October 23, 2015 told to mortals in the year 2017 may 19th from 3017 may 19th

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 04:22 AM
a reply to: ImmortalLegend527

well, what does one say to such a tale?

posted on May, 20 2017 @ 09:28 AM
a reply to: ImmortalLegend527

You really should stop playing with Demons. They may have the ability to heal someone in order to suck them into their dark web, but it won't end well for you.


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