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Is Global Warming a Lie to Advance the NWO?

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posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 11:53 PM
I've been thinking that maybe global warming is just a red herring lie put forward to bring down western countries and enslave their populations. The Kyoto protocol is being pushed as a panacea for global warming by oppressing the productivity of western countries while ignoring the mega-pollution being created by China and India etc.

If large industrialized cities were broken apart and the people scattered in the countryside, it would be much easier to control the population. The U.S. has wisely decided to forego Kyoto, but I see other attempts to destroy our industrialized society coming all in the name of global warming.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 12:02 AM
there's some small truth to Global warming. about 10% truth to 90% hype, lol....

but we have gone through some global was colder in Europe by a couple of degrees less thana thousand years fact, ti was good for increased the yields of crops, and lenghtened the time before harvest, lol...

I've always thought it was fu how we decide that WE are the blight to the earth. *shakes head*

Solar activities have picked up a bit too.

but the best part is when they tell us that it's going to be hotter and hotter, bu the summer's the coolest one you've been DOES happen, lol...(mostly because it does fllow a cycle) I'm lucky if I live 5 feet above sea level, I'mnot scared, and I don't see the need to move.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 12:31 AM
I have done much research in the past...
I am thinking that the researchers (mostly college lab students) are seeing more and more signs of global warming these days.. (i doubt that so many scientists could be "in on it")
I have read about a new projection just yesterday, that resulted from a quantitative analysis of all the different factors... it isn't going to be a long smooth consistant change...
more like a decline of health... little heart after another, closer and closer together, that weaken the global weather pattern system until the cycle stops altogether.

When this happens the ocean current (the earths temp regulator)that pushes warm and cold air around the globe will falter and weather will be largely unpredictable...
all they know for sure is that the ocean current will start to flow further south of the UK, and they project a deepening of americans southern fronts from canada,

the remarkable thing is...

the melting of the ice caps will be the final step before a weather collapse that freezes large parts of the world...

there will still be some very nice parts of the world, but lots less space for all.

the United States military recently disclosed this finding to all the decision makers in the DoD. IMO that the former US military manned station in antartica (now manned by ratheon) is/was primarily there to study this very problem...
these are the most likely projections... if you want refs.. more than glad...but i am trying to get to bed, so maybe tommorow...

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 01:31 AM
It's junk science. How many times have you heard the words 'oceanic sequestering of carbon dioxide' in stories about global warming? Tremendous quantities of CO2 are taken out of the atmosphere every year as oceanic limestone, and partly recycled through means of subduction zone volcanoes. What are the numbers? Are humans releasing more CO2 than is being sequestered? As we began to falsify CO2, then we are told that warming may be due to solar flux variations. For a while, everyone was panicked about sea level rise due to warming, until someone noticed their Coke didn't run over the rim of the glass when the ice melts. The worst part of this junk science is that it brings discredit on the Green environmentalists that hurts their cause when they do have a point, as in the preservation of biodiversity.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 03:02 PM
global weather change increasing is a fact... i could give you a page of references...
as to why is the only question...

very possibly a natural cycle, it will still cause much of UK to freeze in the coming 2 decades...

the science is accepted broadly by college students as well as proffessors and the elite scientific community. They know it is happening much faster than they predicted...

it is picking up speed, and will eventually effect us all.

To anyone who has even paid attention to the weather THIS YEAR ALONE
can tell you that the weather pattern is changing.rapidly...

I look for a very early spring in much of the USA, and a very late spring in others...

In the last 5 years, i have watched the seasons get jumbled in Oklahoma...
we used to count on having a large amount of tornados in spring... (and almost never in other seasons)
now they occur more frequently in winter, summer and fall, and we get very few in spring. I also can tell that the winters have gotten much milder here. the yearly bug kill was a much anticipated seasonal sign for us, and we would have 3-4 months with NO BUGS yeah.

but they haven't died off over the winter for the last 2 years... (first time I can ever remember that happening)

for those that are not familiar, Oklahoma is sort of a canary in a mine shaft for the USA

we are right between the 2 primary weather belts on the continent, so we will see the changes first.

It would take LOTS of research for me to doubt the evidence that is widely accepted by all in the scientific arena. (of global weather change, not global warming)

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