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Germany Confiscating Homes To Use For Migrants

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posted on May, 16 2017 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: Bone75

Not really. They were trying very, very hard to dump those vacant homes in my city. They were selling them for $1, but the catch was that anyone buying them had to show they could perform (and pay for) the upwards of $80K in work most of those homes required. And those were the "best" of the abandoned homes, the ones that could be rehabilitated.

Checkups on people who had purchased the cheap homes with the idea of having an affordable home after some elbow grease and a bit of extra money showed those homes to have been located in neighborhoods where they were constantly fighting graffiti and vandalism on the work they had done requiring to spend even more time, effort and money to redo work that had been destroyed.

But hey, I'm sure pristine, livable homes are just sitting around everywhere ... like in Detroit ... just waiting for you to move families in.

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 12:20 AM
Hello dear American folks,
i stumbled apon this thread, have read the most of it and would like to provide some real information about what really happens in my country. as i can see you're not really informed about northern europe.
i am native German from Hamburg. maybe my english will not lit the universe, but will try my best.
everything what i am going to tell can be proofed easily.

As a true matter of fact germany has some big but few mediagroups in private ownership who control 80% of the mainstreammedia in print, tv and digital. we have in total 60 governmental controled TV channels and radio stations.
germans pay obligaiton tax for it and go to jail if they avoid or block payment.

Same as in Usa where 80% of the media belongs to 5 big player-groups.
Two female owners of german media groups are real "old private coffeetable friends" of our hatred chancillor Angela Merkel.
the closest Assesors of Merkel are Soros contractet Guys. "Gerald Knaus" is one of them.
more than 90% of the mainmedia in germany are strong leftwing orientated and brought into line to government rules.
the counterword in english to what we call them is "obsequious and uncritical reporting"
we call them the GAP PRESS...also lying press..
as i have read here to crawl over german press will not show anything? this is true..
police has strictly order to manipulate and surpress every info about refugee crime by the ministers of inner security, those arel leftwings and not homeland guys.
we have hundreds of rapes, gangrapes, bestialic murders, cannibalism case done by refugees in germany.
every day attacks in parks, huge arabic familys (1200) control townships of Berlin in every kind of crime what ended up in NoGo Areas...we have more than 100 in Germany right now in several cities.
we have more than 1000 ultra radical salafists under observation 24/7, to commit suizide atacks against our citizens.
we have over thousand radical islamic prayers here praying for dschihad, same as in austria and sweden, Malmö, what we call now the gangrape capital of Europe...number 2 in the world, highest amound of muslemic rapes after Lesotho, Africa.

German News call arabic, somalian rape attacks like "TANNED MAN".. to avoid the nationality and the frequency of rapes and robberys.
example new upcoming scandal will kick butts of german berlin police leader of LKA (like FBI) falsificating and re-dating documents of the albanian Truck-Murder in the Berlin Christmas Market incindent, withholding evidence that police observers has failed on putting this bastard to jail before murder attacks..
several times a week huge morning swat raids against radical refugees planning suizide bomberattacks provided by german secret service information coworked with NSA/CIA Berlin.
Critical People in Germany use Alternative Media to be well informed and everything provided there can be proofed and has real sources. we have leakers in germany providing direct police info to the alternates..
We have a strong fast increasing Market of very critical not leftwing orientaded press.
You won't find true Information anymore in German mainstreammedia, this is PAST.

green party, for sure you don't know are in charge and goverment power, right now paying the bill for their ultra leftwing politics and get chased out in every district..but this is not enough..
you can see many of the green party leaders in big demostrations rioting and yelling "Bomber Harris, do it again!"
ever heard about? go figure it out....they are in POWER!
we call them the German Haters, marxistic selfhaters amd heritage in-guilt idiots, thousands of supporters are like them..!
this week coming out green party district fraction leader on board of NGO ships fishing people directly from their boats in front of Lybean Sea..
Refugees there have german cellphone numbers to call "European Watertaxis"....go read about australian Journalist Lauren Southern chasing NGO Ships in Italy this week...she represents the "identitary movement" in Europe and oversea.
Green Party blockes every kind of deporting, refugeés who have never been controled and eaten their passports to avoid deportartion cannot be deportet due to german stupid laws..
the regular "sleeping" germans are misinformed ore uninformed, the have no idea whats gonna happen in close future..
there's a big plan behind it 'cause it happens all over europe at the same time.
and by the way the story of expropriation is absolut true.
we have owners in Hamburg not interested in renting out their Houses, Apartmentblocks or whatever they own and it is their private right.
but due to massive shortage in rental situation the Senat of Hamburg changed some laws to force owners to rent out to the public.
now the Senat will put in refugees as last information given.
Australia is going to close their camps until october and due contract with the obama government US will receive all their refugees. Be aware!
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posted on May, 19 2017 @ 12:33 AM
a reply to: ananda96

Wow. Great first post! Are you still in Germany?

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 12:58 AM
a reply to: Bone75

Thank you for compliments...

i wanted to edit my post again cause there's a lot of information for you american folks you can't know due to language limitations and beeing unaware of german alternative press, where the situation is depicted somewhat clearer..
this maybe comparable to your infowars and breitbarts, our counterpart is called "Politically Incorrect" and is the german No1 in the alternative scene, millions of hits and increasing...means...there is a counterforce building up an becomes stronger...

as additional info you have to know about social media situation and comments in regular mainstream press..
tomorrow german leading minister of justice (we don't call him that way) is going to file most restricive law ever against "hatespeech" to quiete people with huge penaltys against facebook, whatsapp and similiare up to 50 millions of euro when the don*t react and delete between 24 hours for each issue, will happen the next 24 hours.
definiton of hatespeech is very spongy and unclear..
germany formed in the last 2 Years a new "hatespeech department" ruled by EX STASI member KAHANE, she is an Ex Stasi Agent of former Eastern germany and a well known marxist and germany-hater...her department is following up all reported comments on eurpean news scene..also the next level has shown up called "correctiv", a second departmed of the same...don't believe me? go, google it....

to answer your question, Bone75, no, i have left germany in 2006 and live since then close to you in Costa Rica as an early pensionated one due to physical limitations..
I had without any joke a strong feeling to do it clearvoyant....
i've looked over here on abovetopsecret very often in the past, only reading, but, let's say other topics..
i hope my english is acceptable...
so don't hesitate to ask me about political situation in europe, it's my heartblood and i'm uptodate..

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 02:27 AM
a reply to: seasonal

Authorities in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, have begun confiscating private dwellings to ease a housing shortage .

Yes, I bet they used census data to identify dwellings to take too.

Would not be supprised if used census data to identify all dwellings which two more bedrooms and 2 or less people living in the dwelling.

Would not be supprised if they used census data to identify all dwellings that were occupied by one or two persons who were over 50 or perhaps 60 years old.

remember this at the next census.

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 06:55 AM
a reply to: ananda96

we have owners in Hamburg not interested in renting out their Houses, Apartmentblocks or whatever they own and it is their private right.

Kinda nice to have hundrets of people showing up to rent a fricken flat, innit? At least someone must be happy. All the people have to apply for a contract and the owner of this marvellous investment takes the ones without dogs but with high income, right? Yeah. Private rights...

Greetings from Bremen, btw! I've had a great time in Eimsbüttel during my studies. It was a tough job to get a student flat 15 years ago, now it's probably close to impossible without any connections at all.

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 10:11 AM
Europeans back in the 1960s wondered in their high-horse how those evil Americans could treat blacks so badly and "not treat them equally".

Now they know.

posted on Jun, 12 2017 @ 07:09 AM
Unsatisfied with the lack of surprises by migrants from the middle east, the EU is now allowing visa-free travel with Ukraine. Let's hope in the new amazing surprises from Lvov's region.

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 03:34 AM
a reply to: seasonal

Europe is changing rapidly. I see Israel and Hungary both consider George Soros as an enemy of the state now.

We'll see a day of reckoning over this migrant invasion, and it's not going to be pretty.

posted on Jul, 26 2017 @ 02:00 PM
The latest idiocy that tries to blame Bangladesh for part of the migration crisis in Europe must be a complete joke, as only an idiot would think that there is a significant number of migrants from Bangladesh in the EU.

This illustrates, rather that there's a european destabilization plot against the state of Bangladesh.
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posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 02:07 AM
about 50.000 loose migrants around Europe who should have been deported, according to the EU authorities themselves.... This sounds like a good small army of bandits to make them fight against the EU regular armed forces!

Europe was told already during the 70s that migration would not provide them protection ...

posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 02:23 AM

originally posted by: 4N0M4LY
Don't really care since it's Germany's problem. Sucks to be them, I have no sympathy for thier stupidity. They made their bed, now they will sleep in it and get a good nights rest. For tomorrow there will be dispair.

Angela Merkel made the choice, not the citizen in the street.

posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 02:36 AM
a reply to: seasonal

Germany Confiscating Homes To Use For Migrants - I bet my bottom dollar they used census data to find out where 1 bed, 2, bed, 3 bed homes were and who the owners/tanants were and their age.

So who now is going to be a good little boy or girl and complete their next census form - cos you haven't got anything to fear to therefore you have nothing to hide have you? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 02:41 AM
Italian govt and intel services still making up the story of NGOs not adhering to the rules of the govt proposed by Gentiloni, trying to hide the fact that they are orchestrating the fakery of migration crisis in Italy.

posted on Feb, 3 2018 @ 01:26 PM
Today's shooting in Italy against some migrants will backfire against the Italian elections instead of doing a favor to old political parties.
This even clearly indicates how the Intelligence in Italy is worrying about the upcoming elections' results. It's back to the 70s provocations as mainstream politicians lose grip on the polls.
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