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POLITICS: Gonzales Confirmed As AG

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posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 04:18 PM
Alberto Gonzales is the first Hispanic to be confirmed as Attorney General. His confirmation vote was not overwhelming in favor, but better then Ashcroft's. Gonzales is a long time friend of the Bush Administration, and has been the subject of some controversy as he helped craft the memo that has been pointed to as a source for the abuse crisis at Abu Ghriab and Guantanemo.
WASHINGTON - The Senate voted Thursday to confirm White House counsel Alberto Gonzales as attorney general, setting aside Democratic complaints he helped craft questionable U.S. policies on the treatment of foreign prisoners.

Gonzales, 49, a longtime friend who was President Bush's legal counsel when he was governor of Texas, becomes the first Hispanic to be the nation’s top law officer. The vote was 60-36, with all the opposition coming from Democrats.

The 36 "no" votes were the second most ever lodged against a successful nominee for attorney general. John Ashcroft, whom Gonzales succeeds, was confirmed 58-42 on Feb. 1, 2001.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Well... At least he's not Ashcroft.

Knowing very little of the man, other then him being the author of a memo that is pointed to as endorsing torture, I can't say that I would try and predict how he will perform in the job. Unfortunately I don't hold high hopes as he was a member of the Ashcroft Justice Department, and he may well take his cues from the conduct of his former supervisor.

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posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 04:21 PM
Agreed. It's going to be more of the same from Gonzales. You can paint your old crappy car, but it's still the same crappy car on the inside.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 05:07 PM
Well ladies and gentelman, now Bush has the southern border of Mexcio tied up now not to mention the 9.5 million of those whom are here w/o a green card. Heres how it is going to work out'...'ole Jeb is going to take a stab in 08 and with the Hispanic population he will curry favor with and be a shoe in as Pres. and right by his side daddy,georgeand I still see Cheney in the Veps. chair

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 06:21 PM
If i was hispanic I would be insulted that Gonzalas was nominated not just because of his heritage, but beasue he is a spineless yes man who is also a minority.

It is almost like Bush is sending a message that minorites can accomplish great things as long as they submit themselves to whites

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