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bill gates leads us to new world order w/eID

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posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 04:12 PM
MSN to Support Electronic ID Card Technology
Microsoft's Belgian subsidiary has launched an electronic-ID card pilot program, and is looking to integrate authentication for eID cards into future versions of the MSN Messenger instant-messaging service.
Microsoft Belgium on Monday announced a new Electronic ID (eID) Early Adopter program. Under the program, Microsoft will be working with local software vendors to develop eID-based applications. Microsoft's MSN division will develop one such application — an authentication service for MSN, according to Microsoft officials.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates made the announcement along with the Minister of IT in Belgium, in front of an audience of government and IT officials on Monday.

Information on MSN's work with the Belgian government around e-ID cards was first reported by the Web site.

The government of Belgium is engaged in a program to equip all citizens over age 12 with an eID card. According to the site, the new eID card will replace traditional ID cards for 8 million Belgian citizens by December 31, 2009. says the new eID cards will include photos, names, nationality, place and date of birth, a national ID number and a validity date, all of which will be stored electronically.

did a search didnt see any posts on this so I posted what I found.

do you think that the people here in the us will go for this ? it seems to have the abillity to hold a lot of info even nationallity.

not only that but what if this ID gets lost what are the chances of somone getting all this information out of the chip? like those who may want to commit identity theft as it seems to have more information then a standard ID card.

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