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Mandela Effect - A Civil Conversation Between Skeptics And Effected

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posted on May, 14 2017 @ 11:05 AM
a reply to: Pearj

"How does one know whether an ME occurred versus a mass forgetting?" There is no way yet, but there are a few clues.. 1. Historically, there's never been the mass "forgetting" we see today. We aren't talking about misheard lyrics, rather iconic catch phrases, products and geography we use or see every day.

this is simply why many look at Mandela effect believers and shake their heads.

So Historically there has never been a mass forgetting like we see today?

Please do explain, show what evidence you have gathered to conclude such.

2. All the people "forgetting" seem to forget the same exact things in the same exact way. The odds of that are very low.

All of the people? the same exact things and in the same exact way? all of the people?

You really wonder why this is labeled as insane.

The absolute statements just show your dishonesty, whether you are aware you are lying or not is another story.

"we are the enlightened ones." 1. No Effected person I know has ever said anything like this - ever..

In threads you have participated in there have been effected people throwing around the idea that they are chosen.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 11:05 AM
a reply to: InhaleExhale

Wrong. We know about distortions on globes.

We're saying our globes changed.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 11:06 AM

originally posted by: Agartha

originally posted by: Pearj
I was replying to another user who remarked about these folks. And I have an opinion on what they said.

I think the one liner anti-ME'er does it for peer validation.

Now I'm responding to you, and saying the same thing.

Should I not have an opinion?

Seems like you read my opinion, then responded to me with your opinion about it - sounds like this is a forum where people come to discuss things?

You asked for civility, then somebody made a broad comment on ME believers and you, instead of showing the civility you asked for, decided to make a broad comment about all ME skeptics.

That's why I said: go after the ball, not the player. The ball is your topic: ME, the topic was never about other members. I am surprised you fail to understand the simplicity of what I said.

Just to clarify, I made no broad comment about anyone. I described a very specific scenario in which I found it absolutely surreal that people who were mocking those poor souls who truly believed their bodies had undergone a physical internal rearrangement, telling them they needed psychiatric treatment or were delusional or pretending to be special for thinking such a thing, were the very same people who in the next breath not only confirmed the very true delusion was accurate, but went on to state that it had always been that way. The fact is, it is most certainly not that way, nor has it ever been. So who's delusional? Obviously, they all are...yet they can't seem to see that because they're too busy trying to be "right".

That's not broad. I am specifically referring to the claims that human anatomy has been altered...ever. It has not. I am not disparaging anyone. But I do speak very bluntly, both here and in life, and if it came across badly then I apologize for that. You can see this for yourself on any of the threads concerning an anatomy difference.

I believe...hell, I know...that these things are occurring. But some of them are, in my opinion, staged/faked to induce a reaction; essentially using a very real, amazing phenomenon as a vehicle by which to induce fear, confusion and discord in the public. Anyone who truly believes that nefarious people in our government have been controlling the media, controlling outcomes of things like election results, controlling people via pharmaceutical poisons, putting chemicals in our water and food...and especially anyone who believes that they have been and still are deliberately dividing us, should have zero problem believing they could use something like this, that captivated the attention of so many people, to their advantage as well.

Chastising the OP for expressing an opinion in response to another opinion on a discussion board serves no purpose other then to derail the actual topic. People's opinions can change, and it's perfectly OK to have more than one opinion on different facets of the same discussion. We could learn much from one another if we just put aside the pettiness and nitpicking over who is more "right" or whose opinion has more merit and justification for being voiced.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: InhaleExhale

Can you show me where Effected said they're chosen?

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 11:08 AM

originally posted by: Pearj
a reply to: InhaleExhale

Wrong. We know about distortions on globes.

We're saying our globes changed.


How was that realized and initially claimed?

How did the realization that the globe or land masses on the globe have changed?

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 11:10 AM

originally posted by: Pearj
a reply to: InhaleExhale

Can you show me where Effected said they're chosen?

In your own threads.

There are only 2 posters that come to mind that said that, you and anotherside.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: InhaleExhale

Yep - really. Because they shifted positions on the globe on my desk.

Now you're say I (specifically) said I was special in some thread.

You're really going to have to show me where I said that. I've never said that.

Anti-ME'ers say we think we're special (like you are now). I've never read where an Effected person thought they were special.

Prove me wrong.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: Pearj

I haven't seen any of the people who were being so nasty show up here yet. In fact, a number of them basically bounced after people stopped talking about which case if that was their goal I'd say it was quite a success. When I see things like that happen, it only lends more credence to the suspicion that a number of these effects were deliberately faked for the sole purpose of...insert whatever nefarious plot you like. There are so many to choose from, after all.

I'm not sure why some people are affected by this and others are not. At first I thought maybe it was the empath thing because we're so sensitive to what I jokingly refer to as "disturbances in the Force". But I don't think that's it...I think some people remember because whatever shift occurred created an imbalance...and I think whatever force governs our Universe is in the process of attempting to restore that balance. And even though I think a lot of the "corrections" are simply a reversal of a deliberate change having nothing to do with outside forces, they could also be simply a result of that force righting itself, so to speak.

The kid in the video explained it as basically something happened to our old reality, and there was a massive shift. For some reason, not everyone or everything his scenario, whatever didn't shift was destroyed. The rest of it shifted into another reality or dimension or whatever the terminology is. Of course, that would mean that people were also destroyed, which is a very unpleasant idea...unless you believe that there are an infinite number of universes and infinite copies of ourselves within them.

I had to struggle with that, but after thinking about it for several days I decided that such a thing should only bother me if I attached emotion to it. So I took out the emotional reaction and looked at it again, and found that I can live with that explanation. As for why some MEs affect us and others do not...well, during some of these shifts, it would make sense that other copies of us were destroyed at some point too...leaving us with no memory of those particular things being different.

So no one is special in this...or freakish or crazy or any of those things. Everyone is the same. At some point, everyone will shift or has shifted, and they may never even realize it. Someone who isn't online or is otherwise isolated from the mainstream may never notice anything different, or if they do, may just shrug it off. That's exactly what I did, because the only time I'm online is here and for my business...I don't own a TV or surf the net habitually. I noticed a number of these changes, but was able to chalk it up to product revision or whatever...Depends, Herbal Essence; a local store brand even changed one word in their name from "fair" to "fare", and completely changed the theme of their logo to match, but I was able to brush it off with not too much effort.

The only thing that I couldn't brush off was regarding Prince and his song lyrics, which I discovered the day he died. I was outraged that major media outlets had misprinted his lyrics, and then others apparently had simply copied and pasted the same misprint into their articles, the lazy bastards...I found it disrespectful (yes, I'm a huge fan lol). I logged on ATS to see if anyone had posted threads about him and that's when I first saw a thread about the ME.

Who knows how many times we've been destroyed, if that is indeed the correct explanation? I have quite a number of reasons to think it is, but instead of being freaked out by that, I've instead found myself fascinated by the idea.

What I wonder the most is, can we exert some kind of control over these things? If universes are stacked on top of each other like pages in a book, then what is happening is the cosmic equivalent of an unseen hand riffling through the pages. So, thinking of it like that, riffling through all of these pages being fanned out like a book, is it possible for us to choose which page we want to be on? Could humanity, as a mass consciousness, choose our most desirable reality and shift into it at will? I believe that we could, if we only stopped hating and warring and squabbling long enough to try.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 02:18 PM
a reply to: Pearj

I experienced a similar vitriol when originally researching 9/11 and it still exists to this day.

Same thing with Pizzagate.

Don't know what to think of ME, I haven't experienced it that I know of, but the concept and what it could mean is fascinating.

Edit to add: Just went and poked around on this subject... I clearly remember the girl from Moonraker with braces. I also clearly remember "Life IS like a box of chocolates"... The word WAS wouldn't even make sense.
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posted on May, 14 2017 @ 04:25 PM
a reply to: Finalized


Head's up:

1. You're going to find a few other Effects. Some of them may rock you.

2. If you get rocked, hold on. It passes after a few days.

3. You're family / friends may not want to talk about it - even if they share the same memory.

4. ATS is a hostile environment to talk about the Effect. Reddit can be hostile too, but there are private reddits you can get invited to.

5. Youtube is a welcoming environment. On YT check out Jacob Israel, MoneyBags73, Evin Powers, Perpetual Motion, Unbiased & On the Fence, Mandela Affected, Brian Mac Farlane, MsEman31 and Affected Collective. There are bunches of other channels, and no channel is going to fit your personality exactly - but they are good places to get news on new Effects.

From there, the journey differs for everyone. If you need someone to talk to along the way, PM me or another Effected and we'll help out.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 04:31 PM

originally posted by: Pearj
a reply to: Finalized

4. ATS is a hostile environment to talk about the Effect. Reddit can be hostile too, but there are private reddits you can get invited to.

If you can not stand to see people not agree with you or have a difference of opinion, you should be hanging out at places like GLP.

ATS is a place full of intelligent people who are more than willing to pick something apart to either prove or disprove something.

All opinions are always welcomed here, and one of the reasons that ATS is one of the best discussion boards on the internet.

What you seem to want is a echo chamber.

ATS is not one. But again, GLP will be more than happy to shut anyone up that dares question you.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: TerminalVelocity

Disagreeing and being hostle are two different things.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: Deaf Alien

I've gone back and looked at the OP's other ME threads.

ATS isn't hostile about it. Some members are rude is all.

That doesn't make ATS hostile, it makes the OP lacking in using the Complain button as far as I can see.

Looking at those past ME threads also confirms what I thought: OP wants a echo chamber.....not actual debate on something.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 04:52 PM
a reply to: tigertatzen

We definitely celebrate this thing called life.. I've got a Prince folder on usb in the rig; and we used to rock it out. It feels weird now listening to it.

The type of cause you're talking about is very similar to others I've heard - like an eternal soul. Do you think something catastrophic happened in '12?

I've also had the feeling / thought that everyone will be Effected someday - or at least will become "aware". It feels like that time is coming up faster now.

edit on 14-5-2017 by Pearj because: of a typo.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 04:52 PM
a reply to: TerminalVelocity

One poster here was being hostle. But I know it doesn't make ATS hostile. It's just interesting that this poster is fighting too hard on this, trying to prove us wrong with flawed logic.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 04:55 PM

originally posted by: Pearj
Your goal and the methods used seem obvious to me (and probably others too). I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

My goal is to understand what you actually think.
My methods are just trying to get you to clarify.

Not sure why you're getting so upset.

I'm just curious what scientific advancements you believe are responsible.
And why ME's are prophetic in nature, in your case biblically.

If you had a clear position we could have a civil discussion.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 05:08 PM
a reply to: TerminalVelocity

Deaf Alien said it perfectly.

I'll add that he's an absolute skeptic - and doesn't agree with ME concepts.

There's nothing wrong with being skeptical - or even firmly skeptical. There is something wrong with assuming, and being offensive without provocation - in my opinion.

I don't mind if you disagree. How you say it can make all the difference between communication and arguing.

(I'm not asking you to adjust your speech - you can say what you want how ever you want, but of course that also means you have to give me room to label ATS as generally hostile to the ME topic.)

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 06:20 PM

originally posted by: Pearj
a reply to: TerminalVelocity

(I'm not asking you to adjust your speech - you can say what you want how ever you want, but of course that also means you have to give me room to label ATS as generally hostile to the ME topic.)

Nope. Sorry.

You have a few people on here that are rude to you and others about ME....therefore ATS is hostile to ME.

"ATS is hostile to ME"....your words and absolute statement.

You asked why it seems some people seem so hostile towards ME? Your above statement quickly and completely explains it:

Because you want to deal in absolutes.

"X has changed.....and there can not be any other explanation except that I must have traveled from another universe/dimension/this universe-dimension has changed...and there can be NO other mundane explanation!"

Seriously: you wish to deal with absolutes. You've even decided that people who wish to believe in ME have a special name: the "Effected". You've made several posts here in this thread and I see other threads where you decided to do that.

You even decided to label those who disagree with you: "Anti" people.

The truth is: anyone can go back and look through all the ME threads here on ATS and see that there is a very, very broad range of people and what they think. From very ridged believers "ME IS REAL, KILL THE BLASPHEMERS!" to very ridged non-believers "ALL ME PEOPLE ARE TROLLS".

You seem to want to put labels and try to herd the discussion into absolutes of both camps (which is never a smart thing to do here on ATS).

Even this thread has show that there are people who believe that there MAY be something into the subject, but are not willing to swallow the entire hook, line and sinker just yet.

A completely open minded person would listen to everything, and consider everything. Not decide it must be in one camp or another, and certainly not try to label it that way.

Have there been certain members on here that seem to get antagonistic about ME? Sure. There are plenty of members that will do that with just about ANY subject.

That does not mean that "ATS is hostile towards it"....just those members.

There are only a few things that ATS his hostile towards, and I think if you search for them, you'll see the owners of ATS came right out and said they were and explained why.

ME isn't one of them.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 08:57 PM

originally posted by: Pearj
a reply to: Xenogears

Do you happen to have the drawings from when you were a kid? They should of changed, but if they didn't on your drawings, that could be important evidence - and at the least will be a refreshing for us to see (the way the continents used to be).

When anti-ME'ers see the Thinker photos - I think they know it's fishy that they weren't corrected. The simplest explanation is that they were mimicking the pose they saw the statue in. The statue changed in the photo but the human didn't.

There are people tracing over google earth on youtube, and scribblings of children, as well as cartoon drawings that have been shown as residue in various youtube video. Videos also seem prone to residue. By residue I mean examples appearing exactly as those who've experienced the mandela effect remember things.

posted on May, 14 2017 @ 10:26 PM

originally posted by: Pearj
a reply to: Wolfenz

I like your posts.. they have a Bukowski flow.

Well thanks !

Bukowski had the FBI breathing Down his Neck

I have may have it Much Worse as in THE NSA and CIA Observing
a Distant but Close Relationship , from my Youthful Past as they played Puppetmaster
im not the Only one in my Category,

Anywho , on Topic , anyone heard of Project Looking Glass ?

It about a Back Engineered Device , from either
Aliens or From Some Invention from the Future
that The American , German and French Government had Built
that caused A Portal to open up and able too See into the Future or Past ,
some claim you could walk in it to the Other Side , and Some say you can only
see the events but... not able to be in it.

And IF , Just say IF ............ they had built this Device

This could of Cause a Mandela Effect, which i call, a Future Butterfly Effect
just One Slight Change can Cause a change of Mind ! or Change of a Feel Vibe,

Its a Wonderful Life! ever see it ? the Movie , pretty Much like that!!

So we have Real professors that THINK that Time Travel to the Past can Happen ,
or what About into the Future ??

Well the GUYS in NASA may think so , but way different then you may think,
but too the Future Not the Past,

Is time travel possible?

So.. My Thought with the Mandela Effect thing

is two things,

1) Someone or something Time Traveled to the Past and had Slightly altered it
although it doesn't Explain of our Total Recall memory of certain things that a few of us Still Remember !
and Im Pretty Sure it Hapend!! ( DOLLY HAD BRACES! - Moonraker )

2) Or Two Universe's or Dimensional merging together or In-syncing with Each other that had the Same everything
with Minor parallels? that we all noticed something differently not Right ,

just a crazy conspiracy IDEA ,

When I think of Time Travel

Carl Sagan ( Contact ) and Michael Crichton ( Sphere ) comes to Mind
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