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The Me who's not Me.

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posted on May, 10 2017 @ 08:55 AM
Ok, this is actually a really long story and since i'm not a native english speaker i hope it'll be comprehensible for everyone.

Everything started in 2007, i was 14 at this time and was travelling a lot with my family. For some reason, i found interesting to add on the new app, Facebook, some of my old schools' expatriates, since i was to leave to, wanted to talk # etc. I found one, who was a real nice guy, let's call him Dick for privacy purposes.

So i was on Dick's Wall, talking to him and his circle of friends when one of them added me, a nice girl I'll call Felina ( Again, privacy).

Starting to talk to her, i discovered some weird stuff. She exactly knew things about me that not even my parents knew, like a scar i had, for no apparent reasons. She knew were i was when i was 3.4 y o before i talked about. And it's quite an important detail because i was in Italy at this time, playing with... well Felina.
Yeah when i was young i used to go on holidays to see family in Italy, a small village in the mountains, south Italy. And i have a pretty good memory of what i can remember ( more on that later on this post) i clearly remember, one day, going to the playground next to my family house, meeting with a girl my age and a boy joining us, speaking English. We played a bit, then, since i couldn't talk Italian that much at the time, i tried to do my best and say bye to them. The boy smiled to me, laughed a bit and said in my native language that we'll meet again soon enough.

After that, it's kind of mess up i only have bits and bits of memory left until my 14 year old self, when i got hit by a car. ( albeit not a good 1 st memory)

Back to the 2007 story, Felina and I talked non-stop, i actually had feelings for her, not romantic but i considered her quickly like a sibling. One day, she nervously asked me if i could remember things about a place called Mageteaux. It seems like i used to know this and it did rang a bell. But nothing more at the moment.

After some time ( 4 month actually) and lots of discussion about weird stuff ( lack of terminology here) i had " unlocked" - let's say that in that fashion - the ability to grow a candle flame a LOT by myself, like really. Starting with a 2 cm flame and finishing with a 10 cm one. I could also talk to Felina by thought even if she was in Ukraine at this time and i was in another country. On her side she could for example take a shower at max temperature and not be bothered by it, or having a cold cold on and still be ok with it.

During this time i also met with her " father" a dude called Pascal. Real name here. Complicated stuff cut short, she was her mother's daughter and this man's daughter, this Pascal not living with her but in UK. He was the director of a place called... Mageteaux. Once again i met this name and once again, it rang a ell. Didn't say anything about that, since he was talking to me and teaching me stuff about my new abilities. He for example, taught me that i could use more strength that i was suppose to have. I was not really muscular by then but i could pack a punch as heavy as an army man, said a friend of my, in the army. I could also go for 2/3 days without sleep and be ok. I also had the ability to cancel anything spiritual/magic/whatever it was in my perimeter as long as i was aware of it.

Ah i remember a silly memory where i had a gemstone just because i wanted to. One of my friends had a gemstone in her left hip too. Don't understand why tho.

Anyways, let's go a little in the future, Summer 2013.
A lot of time passed and in the between i met with Felina's cousin, a member of Mageteaux, let's call her Ana. Was going out with her and everything was alright. Then, one day, everything changed. I was supposed to go in Mageteaux thanks to Pascal and the young boy in Italy ( named Liss, since it's a nickname anyway) with who i spent some time after those weird events. I was not leaving by standards measures. I was suppose to wait at night, in my place, packages ready and go. Didn't know much more at the time. And i waited. I waited all night, i was fine, writing, reading and listening to music when suddenly, i felt TIRED. Never been so tired. And i slept last night so i was supposed to go for another 3 nights with no issues. I sat on my bed, to finally fall asleep. Maybe a little too quick. I still saw blurred silhouettes and heard a distant " it's for the best" from a voice i recognised. They were two, Liss and Pascal. Deep inside i wanted to get up and go, but i couldn't even move. A week later i had another experience, much more traumatising. Ana died. And i " saw" it. When i say saw i was in my room, talking to Felina when suddenly i blacked out and was in Mageteaux, nobody could see me but i saw everything that happened. Armed guys shooting at youngsters, older people and even thing that didn't even SEEMS human. I saw the whole castle ( it was more of a castle than a normal place to gather young) the outside and in general the ISLAND where it was.

After some other time, still depressed, i did my best to find the island. I wanted to go, someday, and still want to find out the truth about this. Never found it. And i looked up every pixel of the globe representation on Google Earth, took about 1 year to do so. Lost contact with Felina shortly after that, not because she fled but because i was too pissed to talked with her. She knew more things that i do and still didn't want to share them with me.

Since then, i dream EVERY NIGHT of the same place. This island. Literally. I dream that i wake up in my " bed" i have there, meeting people i never met and having discussions with them about stuff i don't understand most of the time. I'm conscious when i dream, i can control myself and go wherever i want to. So i explored. I always a weird symbol, 2 triangles, facing each others, with a circle behind it, forming a sort of "hourglass" ( lacks of terminology again). The weird thing about thos dreams is that every time i talk to someone, like in real life, they actually REMEMBER what i said in another dream. Like if i was actually waking up and living another life. It's like it was me but also NOT. Like if i WAS in Mageteaux and at the same time i wasn't.

My objective by posting this :
1) Sharing my experience
2) Finding someone that may be interested in it
3) Finding other people like who may have a similar experience and talk about it.

P.S : Not sure about the category of the post.
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posted on May, 10 2017 @ 09:43 AM
a reply to: MAGTO

He was the director of a place called... Mageteaux

you met Pascal in Italy ?


I saw the whole castle ( it was more of a castle than a normal place to gather young) the outside and in general the ISLAND where it was.

gather young ?

tried islands off Italy ?

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posted on May, 10 2017 @ 09:50 AM
a reply to: kibric

Nah i met Pascal in France and yeah to gather young, since except 6/7 people older than 30, most of the inhabitant were around 10 to 20 . I tried a LOT of island and none corresponded :/ (italy, france, brazil etc i searched for it everywhere)

posted on May, 10 2017 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: MAGTO

looks like your special

if you were In France for most of the experience
I'd say most likely this island is near it too

if you still remember the vision
small details might give it away
I would write every detail about the island down
and post it
every tiny detail

posted on May, 10 2017 @ 11:13 AM
Well i can try to describe it with my poor english skills.

First off the global geography of the island :
A small/medium island ( you can do the whole tour in a less than a day) where there is multiple micro climates. There's one part witch is a sand beach, quite hot but not painfully hot either, just good enough, with warm water ( about 27°C ).
Another part of the island is a forest, European-like, with coniferous and birch for example. Not really hot but not cold either, temperature of the area around 20 to 30 °C.
A third part mainly constituted of mountains, snowy mountains ( one or two of them never melt and are quite high) most of the time. Temperature here is cold as hell, around 0 to -40°C at minima when you are on the mountain, at night and there is wind.

And finally, last part is the castle, in the middle area. The middle area is a plain area where there is not much expect grass and a garden.

The castle in itself is hard to describe, it's relatively normal on the exterior. Victorian style with a large greenhouse under arcades in the back. Have 3 towers, one at south side, one east and one north. Vines running at base of it ( vines, not another type of ramping plant)
It has a stair in the middle, letting the people go inside, in a large first room. Panels are here too, where you can find to infos about what activities is going on during the week, announcement, club activities ( like fencing for example, always found it funny to have a fencing club) .
If you just went inside the castle and you look left, you'll find the canteen, a rather large place, where you can eat at anytime and about anything you want to. To the right, here is an alcove with the same sign i described earlier on my first post, the double triangle over a circle at the intersection thing.
You have the choose to either go up or down.
Go up to the 1 st ( 2nd for Americans i suppose?) floor and you will find rooms. Tons of them. With different decorations or furnitures but always this symbol somewhere, like a desk or a blackboard, engraved generally, not messing with the utility of the object.

You can still go up, where you will still find other rooms with difference things in it, mats, boxing sandbag, a LOT of different weapon, be it guns or more traditional ones.

You arrive in the tower be a hidden stair. It seems like it's the residence place for the inhabitant of the island. Always a room for 2 people, usually same sex, rooms are a bit massive, i remember one in particular, the one i wake up to usually, where there is a ton of research material and broken things. Seems like my room mate likes to repair and create things. The tower have their own theme attached to them. the one I'm always in is the Forrest themed, i guess the other ( stone and exotic wood) are designed based on the micro climates of the Mageteaux.

You had the choice to either go up or down in the first room. If you went down, you would have see first an access to the greenhouse arcades, quite easily seen when you go down. And if you look around you will find other rooms. One in particular is a MASSIVE amphitheatre. There is a sign outside the room marked " HER STUDY".
Inside the room, you will find the classic semi-spherical organisation and in the middle point there is a globe. Well not a map or whatever representing Earth, a BLACK silken orb, floating at about 3/4 cm of the golden case it's in. There's also the same matter as a blackboard, on the flat wall of the structure, no cases here but still floating about 3/4 cm of the wall, it's very stable and don't move when you try to ( tested it in my dream even if other object would move, this one don't.)

This is about it for the place description, don't know if you want me to describe my interaction with folks i met in dreams so i put it aside.

posted on May, 13 2017 @ 01:50 AM
I dare to ask ( and double post) for a UP here since I'm really interested in your opinions about this.

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