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North Korea numbers stations active

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posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:50 PM
THAAD is becoming operative in the south. If I were the intel agency in the north I'd want to get closer looks at it too.

You don't cross the border from North to South pretending to be a tourist...

You awaken sleeper agents.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:53 PM
a reply to: intrptr

Bingo. My first thoughts were about the THAAD. I think you're spot on with this one.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Ok, I'll bite.

I have no idea what you are talking about, but it sounds great and one of the reasons I joined ATS in the first place.

Do you have any appetizers I could take a look at to get my head around this new found area!?

I wait with baited breath.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:08 PM
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Do you have a link to some of these more recent discussions, I tried googling but found alota old stuff to sift through.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Unless NK is reusing pads the numbers being read out are of no use. A true onetime pad is unbreakable. Not to knock /pol/ but seems to be a waste of time.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:37 PM
Sorry folks i stumble over these threads by total accident. Keep monitoring /pol/ frequently and you will find what you're looking for just ignore the "other" stuff. They pick things up pretty quick but if you want to look through some archives search for [SKY KING] and [NUMBER STATION] as the topic title. I can't link to anything from that site because ATS blocks it and well there is a lot of very questionable stuff too so i agree with blocking the links. Like i said it's very messy but it grew on me. They have a lot of really smart people over there and some interesting topics you can't discuss here. Though i'm strictly lurking i hesitate to post there because of different reasons.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:41 PM

originally posted by: Deaf Alien
a reply to: AnonyMason

I can guarantee you that there are some here in America.

They already made a movie about this called Olympus has Fallen where a Nork cell takes over the White House and kidnaps the president.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: neo96

Haha yeah exactly Kim Kong Kimmy probably just ordered another box of twinkies from the local chineese restaurant down the street, Sum Dum Phuk's. He probably ordered the regular kind of twinkie not the diet kind either!

This is probably the funniest thing Ive ever read! haha - Kim Jong Un was just ordereing another box of twinkies.

Their might be people who dont get the joke but I get it I asure you!

SOMEONE's been reading Tom Stopard.

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posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:48 PM
Is there something of Kim Jong's that the USA can turn on, or activate, to let him know how close we can get to his daily life? He's already paranoid that the CIA is out to kill him. Maybe turn on his TV and display the skull/crossbones on every channel he switches to.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 06:13 PM

originally posted by: iTruthSeeker
I wasn't sure what a numbers station was.

So do you think there are Korean cells on U.S. soil?

A numbers station is a station that would pop up at random times on radio wavelengths like medium-wave or short-wave. It would play some test sounds, and then a voice would speak out one or two-digit numbers for some time. At night broadcasts would travel far greater distances - in the UK we could listen to USA AFRTS from Germany.

North Koreans could easily sneak into South Korea. Then they could pretend to be South Korean students or graduates and then move to the USA.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 07:25 PM
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Could you share the link to Pol or PM me the link please. The site seems intriguing

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 07:41 PM
I'LL have to see if my EX is toting a AK...

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 07:55 PM
Looks like it is being used for confidential not necessarily secret communication in NK.
How rare are the code books?

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 07:58 PM
There are no codebooks it uses a random key that is only used once and then discarded One-Time Pad
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posted on May, 6 2017 @ 08:19 PM
There's something very weak coming through.
Sir, I'm fluent in six million forms of communication. This signal is not used by the Alliance. It could be an imperial code.
It isn't friendly, whatever it is. Come on, Chewie, let's check it out.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 08:20 PM
a reply to: jholt5638

The could be a pad or book with pages of numbers to use as the keys. Hence the term "pad".

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 09:49 PM

originally posted by: AnonyMason
a reply to: Vasa Croe

They would be stupid not to have Nork spooks south of the DMZ. It's a guarantee there are operatives in SK and in Japan.

I wonder if they have any operatives in the U.S.?

Edit; Never mind......a subsequent post answered my question. I just hope our gov't is keeping track of them.

For some reason I'm having trouble adding a YouTube video on NK here's the link:

CNN interview of former NK spy
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posted on May, 6 2017 @ 10:09 PM

originally posted by: rjbaggins
I say no more Twinkies for the fat boy. Although I would personally like to see him get fatter and some kind of heart disease, He doesn't deserve it to be from Twinkies. I don't know who the next guy will be that takes over after he dies, but I hope he is more interested in the development and health of his Country than the maniac that is currently occupying that seat there now.

No more peace for him. I want him to just leave the Country long enough for somebody to have a coup and then arrest him for crimes against humanity when he returns and put him in a cage for all his people to come and see like a kind of zoo. That would be appropriate. Of course we would feed him grass like he tells his people to eat.

enough is enough and he has gone too far for this guy who believes in peace and diplomacy through negotiations when possible. I'm ready for war and would welcome about 3 Neutron low yield low altitude bursts along the border to destroy the tanks and artillery. Atomic demolition mines detonated along the South Korean side to destroy the tunnels and then let the Navy and Air force hit all the launch sites. Then the Army can come in and clean up.

Then I would leave the Korean Peninsula and let them handle everything on their own. It's time to put an end to this war. No more talking or concessions.

Is that you John McCain?

posted on May, 7 2017 @ 01:01 AM
Has modern numbers stations activities ever translated into any real action in the field?

posted on May, 7 2017 @ 04:40 PM
a reply to: FlyingFox

I've been interested in these types of transmissions since I was a child with a shortwave radio in the late 70s. For years I consumed any information out there about them. Obviously this was well before the internet, so most information and research came in the form of amateur radio magazines and books at the time.

There are still numbers stations transmitting in various modes and formats occurring all over the world every few minutes. Although much fewer in number than during the cold war, they are still quite prevalent today. I have no doubt that real world actions have and do occur based on the information received on the other end. You'll never find the correlation between the two though.

Even if you had the appropriate one time pad in your possession and proper protocol was ignored and they reused a set of codes, you'd still be left with a coded message that wouldn't be of much use. You wouldn't translate and see,"Move the assets to the fifth street bridge downtown tomorrow." What you would probably see is something like,"prioritize and continue to strengthen friendship with Joe and Dennis". That's exactly what one of the messages was decoded as during a fairly famous trial of some Cuban spies here in the U.S. in 1998. The only reason we even got that much information is because the Cubans were using a computer program and not straight paper pads to translate the received information. The only other way to decode as was mentioned is for someone to use a one time pad decoding key more than once. People/enthusiasts who follow the stations say that the gvt can crack those messages now. If used properly though, it's fool proof to the best that anyone knows. That's why the system is still in use today.

They use voice, morse code, RTTY, and for a decade or more they have been also adding digital burst transmissions, adding data to subcarriers, polytones etc. Several hybrid transmissions send information in voice as well as adding in data in those methods. There are a couple like that which transmit the typical numbers by automated voice announcer, then add digital at the end. Amateur enthusiasts have taken that data and found that it can be reassembled ( in the case of a couple stations) into a microsoft .txt file of all things lol. File, however, is of course encrypted as well and can't be broken either. I think this was from some Latin American countries, and was very simplistic compared to the other data methods. I could be wrong on which countries stations used that. It's been awhile.

It's interesting stuff and I used to be really fascinated by it. Still am to a certain extent. But
I've a better chance of bumping into bigfoot in my shower than ever learning more

Back to the correlation between a station's transmission and real world events though. You have stations that transmit once a month, once a week, daily, several times a day etc. Add in that presumably many of these broadcasts are relaying that there is no new information or orders to forward. Changes in broadcast schedules and number of transmissions from a specific station can in itself be intentional dis-info. Then consider if there is an actionable order relayed, no one else knows on what timetable it is to occur or begin. The order sent could be meant to be executed a week or months in the future. Too many variables. Way too many to attach a specific set of transmissions to real world events.

NK has two known numbers stations, the old Radio Pyongyang and a newer one. Pyongyang was around in early 2000 and mostly quiet until last year and became active again mid last year. That part I had to look up heh. I hadn't monitored and didn't know it shut down for that long. I do know I heard it years ago though. That's the one mentioned in the tweet. It didn't just become active the other day. It's been playing that hokey intro and spewing code for awhile. The other has been around since about 2015 and stays active. It transmits daily, I'm not sure without looking up about Radio Pyongyang's broadcast times.

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