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the Purpose

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posted on May, 5 2017 @ 04:48 PM
Pre-read note: There is no such thing as truth as far as I am concerned. There is only what you have experienced and learned. Anyone who says they know or have the truth, I would be suspicious. So nothing you read below or in any of my other postings is true in that sense, it’s just some interpretations. If I use the word *truth* below, take it with a huge grain of salt. And in the end, we won’t need writing as we know it (A form of technology), as writing is 2-D, and “only says a 1,000 words.” A lot of writing is for those with degraded mental and physical abilities. Think about people remembering long poems in the past. Oral histories. Also see post #2 below on memory ability. Let's begin.

The Question: What is the purpose of UFO / ET involvement with Earth / us?

I’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding and acceptance on some level that ETs have been involved in the details of events that have shaped our development, history, and current level of civilization over many thousands of years. That they created us by modifying early hominids and by more continual tweaking over the last “thousands of years” (1 Mayan baktun ~5,000 years, taking us back to 3000 BC – which is when many current civilizations “started,” not coincidentally) Exact timeframe of entire process is unknown – but will be revealed IMO to those who want to know, by knowing themselves, not just the world around them. Knowing at a very deep level – persistent questioning AND making an effort to get the answers.

Recommended Ancient Aliens episodes: Aliens and the Creation of Man, Alien Agenda, The Prototypes

my Answers:

I don’t know if any of my answers are “true / factual,” it is only my intution and analysis of my experience. I won’t be satisfied until I meet them in person, on my own terms (No abduction, etc…). Who wants to go ALL THE WAY back to the beginning? (Like Wolverine or Jason Bourne wanting to know how they became who they are! But more more complicated!) Despite all the stuff I’ve learned, there is a lot I still don’t know. Each of these answers could be true independently or in combination with the others.

1 - Legacy. They are a dying race (Assumes there isn’t more than one, currently). They tried to extend their existence by genetic meddling with themselves, but have ended up causing the long term destruction (death) of themselves. (The closest analogy I can think of is the Asgard in the TV series Stargate SG-1) They still have, relatively speaking in current human expectations of time, enough time to exist. But rather than going quietly into the night so to speak, they want to leave a legacy. And we are it.

a) The process hasn’t gone smoothly. Early attempts of modification of early hominids failed, so they destroyed them (Flood myths, destruction of Atlantis/Mu, Mohenjo-Daro, etc…) and started again. Various remains of other human-like bones found in remote areas also may attest to this experimentation.

b) With us as we stand now, they got it right – though on the surface this does not appear to be the case – as our current world culture attests to – if you aren’t blinded by all the positive viewpoints (hype) about how great our level of technology / culture is. In other words, if you are aware of how we are destroying our planet environmentally and how many people suffer due to the structure of society we have collectively created – you are on the right track. As well as the downsides of our current technology – see below.

2 - We are their saviors, so to speak. This could take multiple forms and reasons. Including:

a) Shared host- for their consciousness, which will transfer over to those who decide to go all the way in the evolutionary process they have laid out. (Think kind of like the Tokra – in Stargate SG-1)

b) New beings – we will become equals and superior to they are. They may be having problems with another species (war), or may be suffering in some form on their planets. We will help them survive in a yet unknown capacity.

3 - Harvest – This is a more negative interpretation, but until I have met them on equal footing and seen their ships, planet, technology, etc…face to face – who is to say they didn’t create us for a purpose to harvest our body/mind/dna/energy in some way. My gut feeling says this isn’t true, but like I said, I don’t know.

If I had to choose one of the three, I would choose number ONE. But like I said, I don’t really know. In the end, I don’t really know anything, there is only what I have experienced. To evolve as far as I’m concerned, you have to learn how to forget many bad habits and thoughts.

So, those are my answers. Read the next post for some related concepts.

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posted on May, 5 2017 @ 05:10 PM
What HC Ancient Aliens (through the 2016 season) and every other UFO/ET doc hasn’t spoken about (much) or is relatively clueless about – that relates to – the Purpose:

In parallel with the purpose is the development of our souls.

1 - Reincarnation – This is briefly covered in AA episode – Alien Resurrections – but is still way off the mark. The mechanism of our evolution is not just DNA manipulation, but also choices that we individually make over time. Our choices determine our energy profile, and wiring, for lack of a better term.

BBC Mind Mapping - wiring

Briefly -

a) How we chose to live in our past lives determines which NATION we are born into in our current life. Re-in-car-NATION. Nation-state, cultural nation, etc… Based on our past choices - determines what setting / environment we will grow up in the next. As far as I know, except in perhaps certain extenuating circumstances, we DO NOT choose our next lives. It is relatively speaking, an automated process. 7 billion+ souls…yeah, automated…with some exceptions here and there.

To fully evolve, you must END the cycle of reincarnation.

Some vids on reincarnation you may find interesting....

Lou Gehrig? Famous baseball player.

20/20 special - talks about emotional trauma and interests being carried over - 3 cases I think

James Linegar - WW 2 pilot

Another James Linegar video

FYI – I have already uncovered my past lives using a process that will eventually be revealed – but not here on ATS. About 20% of my dozens of past lives (Back to near 3000 BC – 1 Mayan Baktun) that I have identified would be considered famous / semi-famous. I’ll share two of them with you from antiquity – Roman general Scipio Africanus, and Pharaoh Ramses III (3). All those famous monuments, those come from Ramses 2, not 3. More recent famous ones are explorers of the unknown, of one kind or another. Leif Eriksson is one of them. A famous super wealthy industrialist and prodigy musician are clues to others. The rest will go unnamed for now, it’s not particularly important anyway – since to evolve you must silence your own ego / alter-egos. Get rid of “negative energy that has carried over.” One can learn a lot in non-famous, materially poor lives anyway.

Most everybody was someone (New souls excepted). Your friends / spouse / child / co-worker could have been someone (in)famous. You might have been someone famous or semi-famous. Famous doesn’t equal happy or “good.” Infamous doesn’t mean “bad.” And to be clear, we DO NOT reincarnate as animals!

2 - Our “high-technology” is a 2x edged sword

a) The speakers on AA are continually saying that we’ve been pushed to new technological heights in preparation for meeting and/or joining our Creators. Yes and no. We’ve been given technology to increase our understanding, but soon we will learn there is a completely different path to take – the technology inside our OWN BODY. What they’ve given us is, perhaps, their OLD technology, which is a dead end.

b) Much of current technology is harmful to our physical health. Mobile phones, cell towers, wi-fi, touchscreens, indoor lights, light from TV, computer screens –> are all harmful to our health. (Can direct to documentaries on request – there are quite a few, but as your health improves, you won’t need documentaries – you will feel it!) If not our health, then our environment. Think environmental damage from mining iron, gold, precious metals, etc…

c) None of our “high-tech” for the most part, or in whole, is even necessary, once we know who we are, but relatively few will achieve the full evolution, initially anyway.

3 - Engineered Human body

a) The reality is that most people don’t want to hear about what is written below. They don’t want to challenge their worldview. Otherwise these videos would have millions of views. Even though IMO the authenticity is without doubt. With that said:

b) We have many hidden abilities engineered into our own physical bodies.

c) these include mental and physical powers. Such as:

i) Heat / Cold tolerance / power projection

ii) Mental Abilities

iii) Many others….but this is not the time and place to discuss this. Check out Stan Lees Superhumans to get some clues.

d) Immortality in our current body – with the ability to become young again…complete reversal of aging and healing of defects / degeneration – up to a point. Limits unknown
- I’m currently in this healing phase, but for various reasons will not provide any more detail at this time. Maybe later.

e) No need for food – only spring water and sunlight.

In the Beginning There Was Light

Eat the Sun

In The Beginning There Was Light

Boy With Divine Powers - also demonstrating time perception change, mind at peace, heat generation

f) And the most incredible one – flight. Yes, we have the ability to physically fly with our own human body. There is no way you can know this is true deep down until you see it being done in person or you have experienced something similar to what I have. To achieve this you need to eliminate the urge to eat and drink anything except water, and clear yourself out emotionally – which will reveal all your past lives to you as well.

g) That adage – the truth will set you free is true in more ways than can be imagined.

Comprehend and Copy Nature – UFO shaped craft powered by a water vortex is talked about in the end…same thing happens in our body….

h) (possible) Ability to take physical or energetic form (light). Not sure on this.

4 - Character (EQ - Emotional Quotient) is more important than intelligence / IQ in the end

a) Many people we hold up in high esteem or label as geniuses are in fact only clever about certain things. They have high IQ, but in the end, EQ will be just as important, and IQ will diminish – relatively speaking. Many with high IQs are liars as well...and that just isn't the kind of people / souls who are going to evolve...

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posted on May, 5 2017 @ 05:21 PM
My *current* understanding continued:

So, our existence is a process of SOUL development. All humans who DO NOT evolve, will die out. Method unknown. I can speculate, but would rather not. Only a small percent of humans will evolve initially. Then perhaps those other souls will be reincarnated, but everything will be different then, for we will be in control of the entire process!

This process will kick into the next gear with a large event. Darkness must come, before the light….when? It’s safer for me to not put a timetable on it…but I’ll just reference something in AA. AA episode: Vanishings – there was mention that some abductees saw a map on an alien craft. On this map it seemed to indicate that this process of creation would end in 100 years (from 1980s)….so that would be 2080 more or less. But going further, it will take many years for those who choose to, to complete the cycle of evolution. Which means…darkness will come sooner than 2080….maybe it will have something to do with North Korea and Trump, but I don’t really know.

A Note on HC Ancient Aliens

HC Ancient Aliens is a landmark series because not only does it talk about visual evidence such as UFOs and crop circles, but it goes deep into our history with analysis of obscure modern phenomenon and analysis of archaeological sites and historical events. At times it is WAY too speculative, but that is the nature of the beast. Thinking back to the early consumer-level Internet (About 20 years ago)…there were lots of failures and misunderstandings, but now it is something many (And most all in the modern world) people take for granted.

The production of HC Ancient Aliens now is not by accident – for the process of our evolution is about to kick into a different gear. In other words, the producers, writers, speakers on Ancient Aliens have been subconsciously guided to produce the series – with or without their conscious awareness. To help others understand the “truth” about who we are – although there are inaccuracies in the series, from my perspective anyway.

As an aside, I know some researchers for HC Ancient Aliens do read ATS, for ATS was mentioned in one episode – though I did not write down which one it was..

one last post...

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 05:25 PM
Ok, last post....just a little background on yours truly...

Source: personal experience with our Creators (See – ET / God synonyms – topic for other names) which involved telepathic control of myself, events, and people around me. Multiple occasions, multiple locations. Ongoing guidance, protection, and oversight as needed – but for the most part, they leave me alone - in my thoughts.

They made me say things, do things, and write down things, without actually revealing themselves in person to me. This initial experience (10+ years ago now – well before most documentaries noted below came out and before HC Ancient Aliens) in short , revealed to me that there was another force – we are not just products of Darwinian evolution. History / religion as popularly written and told is inaccurate / incomplete, we have a different future (but darkness must come before light), and that we have incredible powers within ourselves – but we are generally too externally focused and/or fearful to recognize it – despite the fact that there are now dozens of videos from BBC, Discovery, HC, indie on the subject). Prior to this event I had an interest in space, but had never seen a UFO doc.

I have seen UFOs on 2 occasions, but I have never met or seen an ET in person. I don’t know if there are multiple species involved. Also, extensive world travel and self-investigations into who we are (Both prior and after initial experiences noted above, hundreds of documentaries on many different subjects, Youtube / Vimeo / Dailymotion video clips. Videos include of course – various UFO / ET / Crop Circle docs.

Favorites include:

- Out of the Blue
- Crop Circles – Crossovers from Another Dimension, & Day Before Disclosure – New Paradigm Films
- HC I Know What I Saw,
- HC Crop Circles (UFO Files?)
- UFOs in South America
- What on Earth
- various episodes of Ancient Aliens
- a few others which I don’t recall the name of.

- I’ll also chime in that my least favorite docs of all time in this subject area are National Geographic and Discovery Channel ones done on Crop Circles. Those two forever reveal their bias and fear of this subject area – while being open to other “weird/strange” stuff. Ok, whatever. I'd like to thank Kevin Burns of Ancient Aliens. The companion book is nice too.

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 05:34 PM
Wow ok so much to read, i'll get back to your​ thread later.
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posted on May, 5 2017 @ 05:45 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

They made me say things, do things, and write down things, without actually revealing themselves in person to me.

how ?
audio ?

they leave me alone - in my thoughts.

how do you know its not you ?

what are their names ?

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 07:43 PM

originally posted by: dontneedaname
There is no such thing as truth as far as I am concerned.

The sky is blue is a truth. The problem is most people today do not have a distinction between fact and opinion. Most people today think their own opinion is a fact while they think other people's opinion's are lies. Opinions are never right or wrong. Opinions can never be lies.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:36 AM
Sorry. This seems to be nothing but a jumbled morass of incoherent thoughts. I gave up trying to read after a couple of paragraphs.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 11:05 AM
Ancient aliens as a source of information...

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 02:20 PM
This post seems to be a bit off topic. You seem to be using it more to gloat how "enlightened you are". What does this have to do with UFO's and Aliens? Id say this fits more in with the "grey area"

You are not the first one to claim to have been "Pharaoh Ramses III" Which I find hilarious. I would of left that comment out, your credibility tanked as soon as those comments were made.

Also, how come all these people that claim to have been reincarnated don't claim to be a slave, or tribesman? Maybe a hobbit from Indonesia. Its always JUST the famous historical figures that people claim to have been.

Why limit your past lives to Earth?

I regret reading as much as I did.

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posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:44 PM
The only concrete source about alien visitations comes from abductees, aka, people that have been forced to go aboard alien ships.

What is the purpose of UFO / ET involvement with Earth / us?

According to them, the aliens were collecting genetic material in order to produce a "mix", hybrid beings. The latest reports imply that the final goal was the manufacture of human-looking hybrid beings, with infiltration puroposes. These hybrids are already living among us.

They can manipulate human minds through neurological superiority, they can make you do people whatever they want, and later to bury the memories of such events.

This is a covert invasion and it's logical to asume that some governments, specially the US, is absolutely aware of these events.
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posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:50 PM
Ancient "aliens" or "gods"?

Mankind...created from existing stock to do the work required...for whatever purpose.
The Gods/Aliens leave the planet and mankind to its own devices...what do they care what happens to us?

Here we are now, several civilizations later, with only the myths and legends to link us to our 'benefactors' and believing we are the only ones, the top of the tree...the special ones, created by God almighty and alone in the Universe.

As if.

[My opinion, by the way and not claimed as the "truth"]

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:53 PM

originally posted by: JackHill
The only concrete source about alien visitations comes from abductees, aka, people that have been forced to go aboard alien ships.

Which abductee story is concrete proof of alien visitation?

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: mirageman

I guess that comes down to what and who you believe. I read Streiber's books in the 1980s and totally believed, thirty years later, I think he is a crank.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:06 PM

originally posted by: mirageman

originally posted by: JackHill
The only concrete source about alien visitations comes from abductees, aka, people that have been forced to go aboard alien ships.

Which abductee story is concrete proof of alien visitation?

The sum of them, clearly. If you were informed on the subject, you won't make such question. Or maybe you're just trolling.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 05:12 PM
a reply to: JackHill

So all abductions stories added together create concrete proof of alien visitation?

Based on that logic all ghost stories are concrete proof that the spirits of the dead walk the earth. All psychics can predict the future and there are enough Bigfoot sightings to conclusively prove their existence.

Try again.

I am not trolling I am applying critical thinking and I know enough about the UFO topic to have an informed view.

I also believe that you won't be able to offer a single case that is concrete proof of alien visitation. That's because there isn't one.

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posted on May, 8 2017 @ 02:40 PM

originally posted by: kibric
a reply to: dontneedaname

They made me say things, do things, and write down things, without actually revealing themselves in person to me.

how ?
audio ?

they leave me alone - in my thoughts.

how do you know its not you ?

what are their names ?

Ok, I'll reply one at a time to the few replies.

At the time, things just happened to me...I didn't know what to make of it. When I did begin to deconstruct what happened to me - I realized that whoever it was (Vague attribution to UFOs, ETs, which I didn't know anything about) was controlling my mind, and movements. And of other people. It was REALLY bizarre and took me months to figure out initially what happened to me. I was never scared during the primary event(s), it's like I was witness to myself doing things that I had no control of. (I am now aware of a drug that can induce this state -- called SCOPOLAMINE - see Vice video below. Or at least a state that seems on paper to be similar - since I have never used or been affected by this drug...though I have lived in Colombia before).

Later I realized, during a period I have ZERO recollection of, I wrote down a lot of things in a notebook. I have images of what I wrote down, more than a dozen pages in a small notebook. I may post them if someone is interested. Or at least a few pages of it. They are simple to read, but when you see the style and letter will see they would require a lot of imagination for someone to write. Kind of like some crop circles perhaps...easy to look at, but a lot more depth. Although this was with words alone.

What names? Don't understand your question. I generally know when they are telling me to do something, or controlling my mind / actions in a passive manner.

posted on May, 8 2017 @ 02:48 PM

originally posted by: Iamnotadoctor
Ancient aliens as a source of information...

What are you doing in this forum then? I've listed numerous non-AA docs in post #4, and numerous other totally non-alien related videos. The story is a mash-up. If you were to watch would find them intriguing. AA covers so many bases...there is BS, truth, misinterpretation all rolled into one. But some episodes are better than others.

Not sure how old you are...but think back to the DOT COM bubble...early Internet...lots of companies who were totally hyped, fizzled...went bust. But some survived and thrived. That's my analogy of AA. Some of those ideas will fizzle, some will go on and be realized as "truth." But it will take awhile for this to happen. We are at this very early stage of transition. Maybe you wished you invested in then? Or maybe you don't give a hoot.

Now some AA episodes I think are WAY too speculative (Or BS sounding) and if that was the first one or two you watched, you would probably write off the entire series. Some are much more grounded so to speak. I didn't know AA had improved so much until the last month or so...relative to the first season or two.

Some may watch AA and think it's total crap...but when certain things happen in their life and re-watch one of them...maybe they will have a change of heart...but maybe not.
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posted on May, 8 2017 @ 03:08 PM

originally posted by: Triton1128
This post seems to be a bit off topic. You seem to be using it more to gloat how "enlightened you are". What does this have to do with UFO's and Aliens? Id say this fits more in with the "grey area"

You are not the first one to claim to have been "Pharaoh Ramses III" Which I find hilarious. I would of left that comment out, your credibility tanked as soon as those comments were made.

Also, how come all these people that claim to have been reincarnated don't claim to be a slave, or tribesman? Maybe a hobbit from Indonesia. Its always JUST the famous historical figures that people claim to have been.

Why limit your past lives to Earth?

I regret reading as much as I did.

Those are just relatively recognizable ones. I was a poor Swedish farm boy in my last life - died in my teens. I was once a Khoi San - Namibia. I was once an Australian Aborigine. I was once an Italian trader who sailed in the Mediterranean. I was once an Egyptian "blue-collar / regular joe" worker (Pyramids?). (This caused me to reflect in some form in the past - having been a worker bee and a Pharaoh - for example. Two extremes). Some of those were more than once. Lakota indian....nobodies...but I learned things in each life. I was once a US Union Army soldier who was witness to the repression of Native Americans. I died in my early 20s. That life caused me pain, as I was a Native American before that. This affected me in a future life when I had power to do something about it.

I could write a book on how reincarnation works and manifests itself, but that would be's something one better experiences in their own personality.

If you read the post again, you will see 20% famous / semi-famous. That means 80% NOT. And some of those lives that were famous, were only famous post-humously. There was a lot of suffering. Only through the lens of historians did they become famous now. Look at the lives of many rich and famous people - they suffer a comforts them...but they have a lot of sadness.

Now, if you reject reincarnation outright, then yes, it's all BS. If you watch some of the videos I posted or your own search, your mind might crack open. There are groups who accept reincarnation who know NOTHING about ET / UFOs. They might think you are a crackpot (Presumably you accept et/ufos or you wouldn't be posting here). Just like you, or others think anyone who believes in reincarnation is a crackpot. Generalizing here of course, since I don't know anything about you.

In the end, ...I'm just blowing off some steam here. And maybe a future clue. Or maybe somebody here has something interesting to write rather than just negativity. I've posted a bunch of videos...and some speculation and my story. Easy to shoot down....until you actually watch how "different" some of those videos are. What would motivate me to seek these obscure videos out? Answer that.... why have these videos only recently appeared, say in the past decade?

As for are projecting your own inferiority complex perhaps. In the end...all those who choose to evolve are EMOTIONALLY EQUAL. There is no class distinction. There is no absolute leader.... there is no pyramid social hierarchy - we are not "equal" (All men are created equal - false!) because we have different experiences, skills, and abilities. But there is no rich/poor as our world exists today. There are just those who choose to know who their creators are (And by definition - themselves) ALL THE WAY, and those who do not. It is that simple - from my perspective. Any theory about who we are has to take into account "all" data points. That would include some of the obscure videos I posted.

Like a school of fish which moves in harmony, occasionally one breaking away to "look around on their own" but then they rejoin the school. That's how we have been engineered to be - but it's each soul's choice to do this. How do you think the Greys/ETs/whomever maintain the relative secrecy of their existence from us as a whole - while still manipulating events (Because they TRUST each other..they don't even need that word per se -- they just know)

I don't know anything about lives on any other planet. I can only speak to the last several thousand year period (Baktun).

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posted on May, 8 2017 @ 03:09 PM

I like these yellow fishies better.

And as a group when we face a threat (Bigger fish)...we will respond accordingly...but then group together again. But not by country, team, corporation, but by just BEing.....[bonus if you want to look up the meaning of the name Jesus -]

Part of my education has been learning a lot about our environment and how our current tech / way of living is destroying our planet - nevermind making us unhealthy, sexually deviant, causing many diseases, etc...if you accept ET/UFO dudes intelligently designed us...wouldn't they be aware of this? Wouldn't there be a solution....

the solution is:

Right now in WORLD CULTURE...there is a CULT OF ME, MYSELF & I. SELF-Expression, self-love, self-success, self-xxxxx....just about everything seems to be geared toward this SELF-distinction.......praise for heroes who win a championship, company heroes / celebrities, political heroes, military heroes...facebook likes, whatever website upvotes, who has the highest net worth, biggest house, fancy car, biggest breasts, who has a fancy degree or title, highest IQ, facebook friends, best grades, # instagram followers, highest salary, blah blah blah blah

Motivational / Spiritual gurus also write from this standpoint....Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Chicken Soup for the Soul series....short term gain...long term pain.

above are all expressions of people who are climbing to top of one pyramid or other....I'm still trying to get off some of these "pyramids" I don't want to be on the top of any pyramid...or buried in the ground for that matter. Sometimes..gotta go down...before you go up.

The "I- meme / idea" will die out..but it will be because "we" realize there is a much better way to exist - nevermind the powers I noted in my post.

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