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Hedgepook's anime drawings

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posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 12:49 PM

Originally posted by hedgepook
My baggy trousers (Paintbrush)

has to be the best

Glock Bitch is the best in my opinion

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 06:11 PM
baggy trousers or glock bitch?

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 05:28 AM
A new picture I did lastnight:

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 07:08 AM
I like glock bitch the best. really good drawing

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 09:52 AM
I take it she's quite popular then, eh?

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 12:06 PM
Dragon is proberly better than Glock Bitch in my opinion, the dragon seems majestic in some way

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 05:35 PM
cheers, i was going for a powerful, majestic pose. I'm dissapointed with my overlooking the light from the fire. I suppose I could take an eraser to it, to lighten up the colours near the fire.

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 02:21 PM
The Wendell is unleashed, hahaha!

Well, hedgepook, i would say you're most imaginative piece of work has to be the jiro! It inspires me to draw manga, even though I can't. Although I have looked at bakaneko for some tips, and I'll get there someday.

The glock bitch is a close no.2, and I'm sure you're better at drawing dragons than that, but although half-inspired by Sommie, you're definitely better than her. Here pictures lack colour, and originality!

But anyway forget her, she's dutch! Well done on all your work (forget Chibi), and I can only dream of the day when I can show off my artistic skills unembarassingly to the public!

posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 11:08 AM
thanx Wendell! XD
Ive got some new art to post....
zombie, eating some random dude under a tree.....
Excel (from the anime, Excel Saga)
Chibi Pook! ^^ (Personal favourite!)

I'd really appreciate some advanced critique off other members of BTS, especially really harsh comments! XD

Abd Wendell, dont go on Bakaneko, its shat! Go on, or! (that's how i learnt to draw anime.)

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 12:16 PM
I still hate Chibi drawings!

Although I know it's very contradictory of me to say, but I do like the drawing of you.

You should wear that tail in real life!

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 02:45 PM
I do wish I had a tail.....

I've done a picture of chibi Pook in FF Dragoon armour, with a spear. That won't be scanned till nxt week, unless I can be arsed to go all the way up to the library. (1/2 hr walk) I'm way too lazy!

posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 11:00 AM
The first 2 are based off characters made up by people on DA. I drew them as gift/trade art with their permission. (Plus it gives me a chance to practice chibi art!)
chibi demon hunter
fluffy tail

And this one is a chibi Pook, kitted up in Final Fantasy Dragoon armour and spear. (I #in love Dragoons!)
chibi dragoon

[edit on 19-2-2005 by hedgepook]

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 06:10 AM
You know I hate Chibi, but the dragoon is pretty cool!

The far eye and shoulder are too skewiff! The face is fine but the helmet is angled too far left.

Other than that, highly original!

Stop drawing Chibi, and stop nicking everyone's idea! If you do nick Sommie's work and please tell her to use colour, it gives pictures more life!:bash:

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 10:35 AM
i don't nick other people's work! they are gift art and trade art for friends on Deviant Art. Besides, when I do them in chibi, they're practically a different character anyway. ^^ Just to show I can do my own art, I'm posting this pic I drew in lineart, then coloured and shaded on PSP7. It's my first real attempt at digital art, but it ain't too bad.
She's a charcter in a manga i intend to write.
(By the way, this is the finished version of Neiyani)

[edit on 23-2-2005 by hedgepook]

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by hedgepook

You did the colouring on psp..damn thats cool

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 11:44 AM
Finally I'm back on!

Neiyani is much better, and I know you don't nick other people's ideas but when I've looked at their original art it has always been better, but then again your own work is good enough anyway so you don't need to!

By the way, I'd appreciate a picture of the Wendell when you're not too busy.

( long as it's not chibi)

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 05:29 PM
In all fairness, my versions of their pics were in chibi, so it goes without saying that the originals are going to be more impressive. ^^;
(Also, Raz-X is a better artist than me, mostly lending to experience and age.)
I also only spend about 2 hours max on chibi art, unless i'm pre-occupied with something else, where the originals would have at least twice that amount of time put in.

Sorry, I went all tangental on ya there! ^^; Sure, I'll draw a Wendell pic. Would you like super powers too? (Just like your avatar i mean.)

Anyway, I have another pic to post. I can't see the point, when the only people who seem to post in this topic are people I see everyday anyway, but what the hell! There's at least a slim chance someone else is actually going to look at my art!... Right?
Monochrome: Woman in water.

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 01:40 AM
Monochrome suits the picture perefectly, and I know water's cheating, but it stops the legs from being deformed and it works rather well on her for some reason.

I've seen the improvement on Deviant Art and it looks much better than the original.

Oh yeah, and I'm keeping a record of all your anime drawings on a Word document.

I'm your No.1 fan!

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 03:30 AM
lol! thanks!

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