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Public vs. Private Knowledge

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posted on May, 4 2017 @ 11:07 PM
I find it particularly interesting the way truth is comfortably spoken in public, whereas falsehood, or the opposite of truth, is generally shaved privately.

Take delusional belief systems that assume some special status because of the ontological patterns of Human existing.

In the evolution of the organism, the brainstem/amygdala complex emerged in the reptile. It was in the reptile that the powers we associate with 'self-interest' first assume functional expression in a living being: ever focused on the logistics of its environ, the reptile moves only when advantageous to its metabolic functioning.

But of course, if you cut open a komodo dragon or a crocodile head, you will find a small brain, predominantly expressing what in Humans is the brainstem/amygdala/striatum complex. Around this large functional core are the various organs that express the crocodiles sight (optic lobe) cognitive activity (cerebrum) and a smell organ (olfactory bulb). Nearly half the neural structure of its central nervous system expresses metabolic/homeostatic and threat/advantage functions.

The alligator and komodo dragon are real ontological agencies living through the fluid matter, liquid-crystalline (Ho, 2017) organic flow which we call organisms. The agency - perhaps the function of autocatalytic loops that get trapped inside vesicles that become powered by dipole mesoscale water structures located in small nanospaces, providing energy for the autocatalytic loop - is why all things can be said to be "non-differentiable", and yet, differentiable localities which, overtime, grow and transform until something like an alligator emerges in one ecology, a komodo dragon in another ecology, and a dinosaur in another.

Evolution is a 'diachronic' perspective on the way and manner our bodies have been ontologically and epistemologically structured. It is necessarily hierarchical - yet paradoxically - in both directions. What structures us from the bottom-up is the very-fact of our existence: this planet, this temperature, this fertility, allow ontological phase shifts in symmetry within an increasingly growing structure - mysteriously following the golden ratio - Phi, or .618 - so that the quark, proton, atom, molecule, cell, organ, unconscious and conscious mind can cohere in the same singular structure: factorizable - the self at the top: your mind, exists as the 'tip' of a pyramid with innumerable subsystems that relate as a function of the golden ratio - an irrational number - so that maximal local freedom and maximal global cohesion can paradoxically exist at the same time.


We have many ontological 'attractors' in us, but there are only two which really matter: those which incline towards global coherence, and those which incline towards noise - and entropy generation.

The Human brain-mind, unlike the alligator brain (and its very simple mind), is large, and has gained structures that correspond to existential and phenomenal elements of our experience. Very literally, the phenomenological 'phenomena' of our conscious experience exist as ontological 'totalities' - emergent properties which express innumerable generative phenomena (I.e. quarks, protons, atoms, etc) which underlie its emergence in reality. Mental properties - as they occur in Human minds - are ontologically real, and causal, because they are literally entangling the properties which are neural structure represents "out there". The one medium - the one energetic singularity - is the light that bounces off the object, hits my retina, and is structured by my brains visual centers to "see" the world.

[I]“Two lights brighten our world. One is provided by the sun, but another answer’s to it – the light of the eye. Only through their entwining do we see; lacking either, we are blind.”[/I] – Arthur Zajonc

There is only one world - one conscious spread across multiple agencies. Is this not obvious? Where do you think you are - if not a body? What will come of you after you die, other the some flipside portrait of your existential entanglements - the "emergent phenomena" which your cells/atoms/protons created?

Symmetry between minds simply means the golden rule. The golden ratio and the golden rule - one expressed, for instance, as the Fibonacci sequence of increasing EEG wavelengths i.e. delta1 1-2 hz (hertz = cycles per second), delta2 2-3hz, theta1 3-5hz, theta2 5-8hz, alpha 8-12hz, beta1 12-20hz etc. To state this differently, your thoughts express mathematical realities, and yet, it is not anything like the computer-science "removed" intelligence; rather, your feelings express symmetry dynamics within your neurological structure as it is activated by external cues coming from other Humans with suggestive meaning. We are constantly generating and modifying structure - our structure - our minds - our selves, against the matter-structure of other selves. Individual Humans are inextricably only half: alone they die and wither. They need the other - most truthfully, the real, living Other.

Demented Mysticisms

I am convinced that spiritual hygiene and physical hygiene are literally the same thing expressed at different ontological planes. In the protozoan world, viruses are floating bits of DNA or RNA (usually never both) inside vacuoles with replicative potential, but lacking the ability to replicate from within because they lack protein.

This is very interesting, this protein nucleic acid connection. Many systems biologists see genes and proteins as yin and yang, expressing two parts of an essential systematized rhythm whereby proteins and genes provide "solutions" to one another's instabilities. Genes record and hold still: proteins move and organize the transformations of the cell i.e. catalysis, as well as providing important structure - as the cytoskeleton, as well as the doorway into the cell - the proteins embedded in the cell membrane.

A similar dynamic - a fractally higher representation - is the self-other relationship, whereby like the gene - or memory, of the cell, I (gene) orchestrate "my mind" (here, the protein) to attune to the other. Here, my inner representation becomes the ontological cognate of the protein; the I - or observer function itself - is akin to the gene, and like the gene, expresses the memory of the whole as it relates the particular 'trigger' - the thought, or feeling - coming in from the 'other'.

There is a deep and necessary structure to all of this.

Public vs. Private

Genocentrism, in effect, is Masculinism. Masculinism is selfishness, which is limitations - or living in a world where we are constrained by the way we structure ourselves.
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posted on May, 4 2017 @ 11:09 PM
The harsh moralities of the past two thousand years have always kept a dichotomous morality hidden from the public eye, whereby public/private and all other possible dual coordinates in living solidified into irreconcilable opposites. The western world is this: a bizarre and deranged expression of a dissociative consciousness - dissociated from the causes of its existence - from the parents which build them up, from the smiles, affirmations, and signals which empower the persons sense of agency. They are dissociated from all this because they have externalized all feelings of weakness, believing the impossible dream that they can be another creature - another thing other than the Human which they are. The reptile - still instinctively symbolized within our minds and all cultures because neurological evolution is not arbitrary - speaks within us as an ontological vector - the self - which has not yet seen the face of the Other.

The Other is the cingulate cortex - where a feeling of soothing is formed. It is the insula, which provokes awareness of the other's embodied knowing; and the orbitofrontal cortex, which keenly regulates the flow of its attention to relax or excite conscious/energetic relations as a function of its cognitive knowing.

posted on May, 4 2017 @ 11:14 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

The most dissociative creature on this planet is a human individual in a society, for me its a simple question;" Tell me your dreams, and i will let you know what you are "

posted on May, 4 2017 @ 11:49 PM
Homo Sapien Sapien

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 01:02 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

i ALWAYS shave my falsehood in private

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