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So Here's What's Happening (and probably going to happen)

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posted on May, 2 2017 @ 07:28 AM
Absolutely spot on now, and brilliantly written.

Hopefully people in a chaotic mindset have the depth to understand your words.

It absolutely amazes me that people are in such a rush to get nowhere in chaos, that they'll give almost 100% of their daily sweat equity away to a few people, at the top. But I also understand the need for people to want to provide for their families.

Maybe if we just slow down a bit and not want for so many useless things, that we'll have a bit of time to see through the shenanigans, and corruption that takes advantage of our precious time here on earth.

Hail newer bling, war, and drama the breakfast of champions. /sarcasm
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posted on May, 2 2017 @ 08:17 AM
No one can rule if people chose to not obey.

The whole capitalist thing is the best form of government there is as long as people are free to pursue life liberty and happiness without some central committee dictating and defining/restricting what those are. Taking from the workers to feed the insatiable appetite of government or the so called needy only increases the appetite of both in the long term.

There is a strong socialist Marxist element in America today and certainly in Europe .. Where it will all end I have no idea... You can look at the agitators and protest going on in many countries where innocents are beaten and stores are destroyed.. So what and for what ?.. Nothing changes except the cops get bigger and better at busting heads and the brave misguided protesters organize for another fruitless day..

Back in the 60s those were some protest ... Big protest, Huge protest.. and they worked after several years of growth and arrest.. somethings people believe are worth it..

I like living in the sticks in a third world country.. The government can make all kinds of rules but most are ignored or do not effect the country folk... Governments always want money so they go after the business.. However the little folk just open a sidewalk food stand and if the food is good they have customers and make a living.. No license no hassle unless they poison someone then the word gets out and bingo no more customers.. farmers sell their produce on the side of a road or to a co-op... Some drive through neighborhoods selling from the back of a pickup.. No recite no tax paid just people doing business together ... There are plenty of governments and people around the world that want a cut of everything you do... for they know how to manage the fruits of your labor better than you yourself.. BS straight out of some socialist/Marxist propaganda film/

Simply because there is no income tax makes life much easier for the ordinary folks...... in the sticks it is the law of the neighborhood and Buddhist beliefs that rule the day... Life is pretty darn simple, for like I said, no one can rule if people chose to not obey. So everyone tries to get along, for you never know when you might want to buy something or sell something to a neighbor plus that is the Buddhist way..... more so in years gone by but still alive and well..

Village Government consist of a village headman who gets money for road construction and is the go between for the village and big government; no big building with secretaries just a headman who goes and talks to government for funding a village project ... It works and if the headman starts being lazy or ineffective the villagers hold a meeting and appoint a new head man.. so simple and since everyone knows everyone, or is connected as a relative the meetings usually turn into a party.. Good times had by all.. Roads are paved and water a drainage are taken care of...

Sorry I do not mean to be rambling.. The news I see from all over the world, from different news sources, is something at times I have to just sit back and wonder where is all the BS heading..

I saw a video of U.S. congressman and women sitting during the pledge of allegiance... There were not many but yet there they were sitting and picking their noses while others stood and placed their hands over their hearts as a sign of respect and custom.. As far as I am concerned those people should have been marched out of the hall and stripped of everything our form of government has given them and new elections should have been held at the earliest time possible.... But I am radical for I would not care if some protester who was burning a flag was shot between the eyes removing their skull cap.. To many good people died for that flag IMO for some idiot to try and get attention by burning a flag of the once (more or less) United States of America..

posted on May, 2 2017 @ 12:38 PM
War is inevitable.

Imagine a beautiful pastoral place, awash with flora and fauna, natural springs, fruit trees, wildlife, all in abundance. Lets call this wonderful place Earth. Now imagine four tribes converging on this Earth, each intent on declaring it their own. The battle begins, and Earth bears the brunt of the damage. Generations come and go and the battle continues. Earth is not what it used to be. Had it looked this way in the beginning it is unlikely any would have fought for it at all. It is only in the memories of the elders, most of whom fell victim to the atrocity, that Earth is still a beautiful place worth fighting for. This is a double edged sword. Those who remember how beautiful Earth can be will fight to the death to preserve it even as their numbers dwindle. Conversely, those most likely to visit war upon the Earth are those to whom war is not a living memory. Peace is therefore reduced to the most minimal amount of time between the last of a generation who knows what to fight for and a generation who does not know the horror of war firsthand.

The financial aspect of inevitable acts of disgraceful aggression are also inevitable. What more glowing endorsement for capitalism can there be? Remove the doubt and uncertainty and bet the dark horse. Like an arms dealer plying his trade to both sides of the equation, all that is required is a "catalyst de jour" to set it all in motion. Enter 'social injustice'.
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posted on May, 2 2017 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Nice post.

You do seem to have tried to fit too much into it, though, and not fully explained the leaps that you make between various massive topics and subjects. Just to provide one example, you jump from climate change through the powers that be through democracy and wars all in a few sentences without really linking the ideas coherently.

Perhaps you should write a book.

posted on May, 2 2017 @ 06:06 PM
I would not even be bothered much by the super-capitalist system under which we live our lives if it had just one difference.

The largest problem that goes unmentioned in the op is the fact that we still live in a world where one class can own property and the other 99% cannot.

At least in the US, the 1% has oil, gold, heroin, silicon chips, steel, etc. Tangible commodities of wealth. The other 300 million of us have deeds to hold and operate on a certain property but not own it and our trade medium, the dollar, is currency- receipts of debt owed. Not money with a bill representing x much of a gram of precious metal or hell even a dollar representing one Oscar Mayer wiener somewhere in a freezer would be worth SOMETHING more than being worth a negative which is so ludicrous then by having one entity in control of printing money who gives us the impossible to solved problem of "we put out ten trillion dollars into existence but after interest we expect twelve trillion back!" That two trillion that doesn't exist, was never created, cannot be paid back.

A system ensuring no matter how well a nation cleans up drug use, gangs, etc it is impossible for x% to not be those people who are stuck with nothing and a two trillion dollar debt there's no instrument in existence to pay for. Id settle for simply nervier having left gold standard as giving that away turned 300 million people each with a piece of the power pie into literal serfs using the land for permission to exist.

posted on May, 3 2017 @ 12:39 AM
a reply to: Metallicus

Heya metallicus.

I actually resonated somewhat with the op, I'm wondering what you disagree with?

It's very commonly accepted and discussed conspiracy that wars are for other reasons than we are told - be it taxation, elites wars, population control, etc.

It's also highly discussed that capitalism has become quite corrupt these days, with a huge and overbearing government married to the corporations - where they have each other's backs - over regulation and taxation killing competition, meager wages create people reliant on the government , for instance...

As for the religious aspects - it seems quite reasonable to myself as well. We have many, many xenophobic people, and the target religion is the Muslim religion - and I'd say the target fearful person, a Christian.

Anyways good to see you around! Long live libertarians!

posted on May, 3 2017 @ 06:49 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Well said! I almost didn't click because its in Skunkworks. Probably because of the Christian vs Muslim sentiment. We're not supposed to be religious in our thinking, but the main stream media uses anti religious rhetoric all day long when they condition US against Muslims with terms like Islamic terrorist, Muslim Extremist, Jihadist, etc.

They never shut up about it. (Pssst, but its not a Holy War).

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 01:38 PM
The problem with the "state" is that each capital becomes the seat of a central government to basically do as they want to keep people within their borders do we really want the US broken up into 50+ different countries? Many of these states are program or experimental states; to run various social programming and tests for pilot programs to be initiated in various ways and locations and with varying populations.

It is manipulative. Of course this is nothing new; when the government or state thinks they OWN the people as subjects or slaves.

Everyone was born on this planet free? One does not realize the lines, the control, and politics of that which they are enslaved under until long after already deep into the programmed state itself.

Basic human rights means to be able to freely travel and exist without such control of imaginary lines or prison fences of ideology... just because a mass conglomerate has agreed to political or religious power does not give them any right over the freedom of others that do not share the same sentiment or systems of ideology.

Prison planet is what this place is; and it does not have to be the way it is and it is extremely shameful that it is.

posted on May, 6 2017 @ 02:48 PM

originally posted by: Astrocyte

It's an ancient method, and well known. Divide and conquer. Divide them in their feelings of camaraderie, and channel the fear/anger that emerges in the desired direction.

None of this will ever end unless Humans recognize how important - and necessary - awareness of self is.

Something 1 has LEARNED through my experience within Existence is that segregation = eventual stagnation non productivity and Unity = growth development productivity advancements.

Consider for example a race of humans attempting to separate themselves from the developing species.
That race by removing themselves from the ORIGIN are basically counting on hoping actually gambling with the thought action that their genetics alone will be stronger then those left in the mixed Origin genetics that have had years of multiple races genetics learning and development
(in relation to adaptation to bacteria and viruses) to survive.
It does appear that nature manages to override un natural process based on segregation and control as those seeking segregation to rule over others encounter the True crossroads of reality as they who sought to oversee others ignorantly end up without any to control but themselves.
Which usually ends up in the last phase of the Ourosburos infection which is self destruction of the remaining controllers attempting to control themselves and possibly their habitat.
So again Existence and or Natures programming overrides.
May even introduce ANU form of Sentience to assist in the rebalancing processes, ARIES

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posted on May, 7 2017 @ 05:50 AM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

In non-attachment and seeking to free oneself from all control; one becomes the "enemy of the state" the one that will not sell out their convictions their freedom to bite the bullet of their conformity and programming. Of course the more unbiased or non-dualistic as in fighting the better.

When one gains full control of oneself then others seek to try to gain full control over you... that is when the real battle begins.

This is where others try to tempt and trigger and start selling out, biting off of others creativity and putting up stumbling block after stumbling block of don't follow this person, even the person says themselves don't follow me either... as only ego says don't follow or do follow.

The exit presents itself but it takes time, empathy, compassion, and more strength than one can imagine like light escaping a black hole strength... a mountain compared to such is not even a mole hill.

Embracing all life as life in non-discrimination means dropping all names and forms that can lead to it.

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