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Something bad is comming?

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posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 11:27 PM
I hope George doesnt have direct access to "the button"

No wonder we're paranoid. Look at everything happening around us. My mind keeps turning to the thought of an explosion. A HUGE explosion.

I'd rather it turn out that I'm paranoid than to have this happen.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 02:47 PM
I had a dream a few nights ago. It was terrifying. There was an exodus. An exodus for a reason. People had to leave, just one big mass of people evacuating. Honestly, I could not pinpoint the reason for the exodus. The reason was not revealed. I can only speculate on that specific reason.

When I awoke, the first thought that came to my mind was prophecy.


posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 09:33 PM
Diary of an ailing planet:


December 15th, 50 Foot Waves Hit Hawaii

Dec. 26, 2004 9.0 earthquake & tsunami- killing 160,000


November’s powerful 6.2 earthquake in Costa Rica that killed eight people

December 24, 2004 Great Antarctica Earthquake that occurred was measured at a magnitude of 8.2 and which is one of only 12 of this magnitude that has occurred on earth since 1990

December 24th there was a magnitude 8.1 earthquake more than 500 miles southeast of Tasmania near New Zealand, with a subsequent aftershock 6.1 a little later in the morning that same day

Dec. 26, 2004 9.0 earthquake & tsunami- killing 160,000- Hits 11 countries effects all oceans of the world.

Jan 13, 2005 Baja Cal. 3.2

Tuesday January 18th 2005
TOKYO (AP) - A magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido on Tuesday


Early Jan. 2005 flooding in California, huge landslide follow, weakening of a dam.

Jan. 2005 flooding Utah

Jan 2005 flooding Nevada
Jan/2005 “” Indiana

Jan/2005 “” UK & Europe

Tillamook County, Oregon “” Jan/2005

December 12th, worst Floods in 40 years in Malaysia
December 28th, Alaska Rains 212% above Normal
December 28th, Heavy Rains and Floods Kill 20 in Iran

January 4th, Floods, Rain Devastate South Africa

Blizzards, Extreme cold, Ice, Fog & Storms-

November 14th, Record Cold in Boston

November 27th, Record snow is Israel

November 30th, Record Cold in California

December 21st, Fog Covers Northern India

December 1st, Record Cold in Nevada

December 2nd, Mysterious fog covers 86,800 square miles of China

December 16th, Record Cold in Florida

Jan 2005 Hawaii snow

December 19th, Coldest in 50 years in Israel

December 23rd, Worst Strom in Ohio History

December 23rd, Big Storms Shatter Records in Kentucky

December 24th, Severe Storms Leave Most of Finland Without Power

December 24th, 2km Thick Fog Layer Covers Large Areas of India

December 24th, Massive Storms Leaves Thousands Stranded in Scotland

December 25th, South Florida Covered in Fog

December 25th, First White Christmas in 86 Years for Texas Town

December 26th, Millions wake up to White Christmas in England

December 30th, United Arab Emirates Has First Snow in Recorded History

January 4th, Storms Leave Thousands Without Power in Australia

· January 4th, Coldest December in 59 Years for New Zealand

· January 6th, Freeze and Record Lows Strand Thousands in US

· January 8th, Storms Pound Northern Europe

· January 10th, Strongest Storm in 40 Years Hits Russia

· January 12th, Winter storm leaves behind damage worth EUR millions in Finland

· January 18 Four people have died in separate accidents in Northern Ireland, in weather conditions described as the worst in several years. Blizzards have hit parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, forcing schools to close and causing chaos on the roads.The north and west of the country have been the worst affected, with between 10 and 15 centimetres of snow falling. Scotland was warned to brace itself for gale force winds of up to 70mph

· Jan 18 Toronto Frigid winds drove temperatures close to the -35 degree mark in some areas, when wind-chill was factored in.

Record Heat-

· December 1st, Record Heat in Australia

· December 3rd, Record Heat in Canada

· December 19th, Record Heat in Montana

· December 29th, Rare Winter Heat Wave in Midwest US Continues

· January 5th, Extremely High Alaskan Temperatures

· January 8th, Record High Temperatures in Russia,

· January 11th, Record Heat, No Snow in Many Parts of Europe

Tornados, Typhoons & Hurricanes-

· December 2nd, Rare Winter Typhoon Taiwan

· December 17th, Hurricane force winds hit California

· December 17th, Hurricane Force Winds hit France

· December 19th, Hurricane Force Winds in England,
December 19th, Hurricane Force Winds in Germany

· December 21st, Hurricane Force Winds in Canada,
December 21st, Hurricane Force Winds in Montana

· December 23rd, Catastrophic Storms Hit South Africa

· December 23rd, Hurricane Force Winds in Finland

· December 23rd, Massive Storms Hit Canada,

December 23rd, Massive Storm Spans Sea of Japan

· January 8th, Mighty Cyclone Approaches Kamchatka

· January 9th, Hurricane Force Winds in Denmark and Sweden


· Three volcanoes in Guatemala all simultaneously active for the first time in 31 years.”

· Andaman Islands, Veniaminof, USA, Colima, Mexico, Karymsky, Russia, Kilauea, USA, Manam, Papua New Guinea, Shiveluch, Russia, Soufriere Hills, Montserrat, Spurr, USA, St. Helens, USA, Suwanose-jima, Japan and Tunguraha, Ecuador. Neither was it mentioned that Italy’s Mt. Etna had also erupted, though the lava flow has stopped and now only gas is escaping.

· Yellowstone Region of the United States and where a new report is circulating that says, “The American people are not being told that the explosion of this ´super volcano´ could happen at any moment."

Fireballs, Meteors, Comets & Lightning-

· 23 Jul 2004 massive meteor, trailing orange and yellow fire, apparently plunged to or near to earth in the lower Yakima Valley of Central Washington State at 1 A.M.Thursday morning Some residents reportedly remain convinced that it impacted somewhere in the Rattlesnake hills, south of the Lower Yakima Valley The light from the explosion was seen 200 miles away in Northern Idaho.
· Ohio Fireball. Oct 25, 2004. Reports of Meteorite in Licking County. The traffic control tower at Port Columbus International Airport said that pilots reported seeing the astronomical event. ... Tower officials said pilots indicated they thought the meteor exploded in the sky...
· December 4th in the New England Region of the United States where it is says, “the bright flash light up the clouds, three seconds later came the boom”

· December 6th over Australia where it was reported, “An eerie, constant, low rumbling sound accompanied the explosions.” From ‘fireballs’.

· December 12th the reports from the Washington D.C. Region of the United States that says, “It looked like a ball of fire falling out of the sky."

· December 13th the report of the fireball that lit up the skies of China ‘turning night into day’.

· December 16th from the Utah Region of the United States where it was reported, “Meteor May Have Fallen in Salt Lake”

· December 19th where in Indonesia a news report was headlined, “Meteor suspected amid unexplained sightings and blast in Indonesia”

· December 21st where an unknown asteroid, and since named 2004 YD5, was discovered flying past the earth and under our satellites.

· January 5th where in the Wisconsin Region of the United States news report says, “Authorities in north central Wisconsin received dozens of reports Tuesday evening of bright flashes of light in the sky, as from an explosion, and they said it likely came from meteor activity."

· January 7th where in the Alaskan Region of the United States news report says, “Juneau residents saw a fiery ball traversing the sky.”

· January 12th where in India it is reported, “I saw a huge ball of fire in the air. It raced down to the earth so fast that before I could do anything

· December 19th, Mysterious Light Brightens Arctic

· January 3rd, Lighting Causes Brushfires in Australia

· January 4th, Lightning Kills 8 in South Africa

· January 4th, Lightning Kills 27 in India

Dead Wild & Sea life-

· Nov/2004 Early reports said 72 pilot whales and 30 bottlenose dolphins died after beaching at Sea Elephant Bay Australia

· A total of 115 whales and dolphins died after swimming onto beaches on two southern Australian islands

· 75 pilot whales in recent days on the coast of New Zealand.

On Maria Island, 280 miles away, another 19 dead pilot

· Jan 17, 2005 At Least 34 Whales Dead, Beached in N.C.
· late 2004/ early 2005 4 Endangered Whales Found Dead in 6 Weeks A dead North Atlantic right whale was spotted off the coast of Georgia on Wednesday. One was found off Nantucket Island in Massachusetts Two were found in late December off Virginia and Nantucket.
· January 8, 2005 - A BLUE whale washed ashore at a deluxe tourist resort island in the Maldives
· Jan 9, 2005 - MADRID, Spain (AP) -- Marine experts were examining a massive Fin whale that washed up and died on a beach in northern Spain
January 16, 2005 8:26 AM. Whales beached in Kihei
· A pygmy sperm whale and her young calf beached themselves at Kealia on Saturday afternoon and were moved to a protected pond when it was apparent they would not swim back out to sea on their own.

Ships Lost/destroyed @ Sea-

· January 10th, "Continuing Earth Changes Cripple American Submarine and Pose New Dangers for the American Continents A nuclear submarine ran aground about 350 miles south of Guam, injuring several sailors, one of them critically, the Navy said

I stopped keeping track, in January.... there was too much stuff to put in my diary of an ailing planet! I couldn't keep up with it.

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