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Neptune Falcon 2016 at the NTTR

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posted on Apr, 26 2017 @ 02:56 AM
Some sort of training exercise going on at the Nellis Test and Training Range. Clearly we need to up our game regarding reading Fbo dot gov. I never saw this listed under Nellis.

Note that this is a calendar year 2017 event. It is fiscal year 2016.

Place of Performance: All activities of this PWS will be performed in the designated areas of the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) near Nellis Air Force Base, NV. 6. Period of Performance: 1 March 16 – 30 June 16

Opposition Forces –

Task 2: 2.2.1 Provide trained personnel to emulate terrorists, insurgents, militias, and/or Civilians on the Battlefield to provide a realistic portrayal of the battlefield environment to conventional, SOF, and Coalition forces during each training or exercise event tasked. The Contractor shall produce a listing of OPFOR capabilities, experience levels to include background and security clearances of all personnel, capabilities briefs and previous after-action reports as identified.

2.2.2 Provide a realistic force capable of conducting free-play offensive and defensive operations against government agencies. OPFOR services shall be tailored to meet the training objectives of the requesting agencies and shall be provided in either free thinking (high fidelity) or scripted (low fidelity) formats. The contractor shall accurately replicate established adversary military maneuvers as well as Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) utilized by hostile forces engaged in the Overseas Contingency Operations.

2.2.3 Provide all OPFOR personnel on task with a standardized uniform or costume, asapplicable for the training scenario. 2.2.4 Work with government event coordination personnel to prepare all required equipment, materials, and personnel for Role Player (RP) participation in the event. Role Players and Actors shall receive and conduct training and rehearsals and/or receive special certifications or training to conduct training operations at the event location prior to the training or exercise event start date.

2.2.5 Provide all required equipment (to include 15 x Push-to-Talk (PTT) radios with adequate range- 1-3K and 8 x NVGs), materials, and personnel to act as Joint Exercise Control Group, White Cell, and/or Observer Controllers during training and exercise events based on Exercise Director’s discretion. Contractors will also provide their own fuel (gas/diesel
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posted on Apr, 26 2017 @ 06:14 AM
Don't know if it is a stretch or not, but quite the coincidence it is happening during this Gotham Shield drill and all the other drills that are happening around the country today as well.
Quite curious to me anyway. Good find Op

posted on Apr, 27 2017 @ 07:44 PM
Ten B-2 in the exercise.‎" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">


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