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Scotland Protests G8 NWO ELITE

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 10:19 PM

edinbvrgh protests G8
scotland protests G8

G8 is not the Globalist Lockdown, in July this year the criminal bandwagon rolls into my Country Scotland, and my city, edinbvrgh is the nearest "mass population centre" as the FriendlyMediaConglomerate calls them, to Gleneagles Hotel, a Highly Exclusive and Coporately Popular Business Meeting Residence.

Gleneagles is the meeting place for G8 - the "ring of steel" has been promised for it. therefore, protest will be deflected:

edinbvrgh, the capital city, houses the Scottish Parliament the local media say "200,000" will show up, which is about 50% of the population of edinburgh itself.

IF, and it's a big IF, the figures are accurate and the Authorities want Peace, then we have a suggestion, a partial solution to defuse a highly volatile situation.

"yes, ?"

"And so we return and begin again"

"Exercise The Right To Default"


If necessary a VOTE of support must be made and advertised. The new "Litter Wardens" who roam our streets should be put to task for three days, handing out flyers welcoming people.

Enforcers on our streets enforcing silly things must not be allowed, those actions will inflame.

Police should wear their soft hats and a smile, keeping their distance where necessary. Sounds like la-la land doesn't it? We believe this indicates the serious nature of the state of the planet, that peaceful action by a Government could ever happen.

We demand the protesters rights are upheld, we welcome visitors and hope they have a memorable time making their point. there are many citizens who agree with the causes we will all bring, many of us have our own causes and we look forward to joining strangers in making lots of noise.

If we, as a city and as a country, voice our support for the right to protest against leaders, surely we are "embracing democracy"? that's what they want us to do, isn't it? democracy is Free Expression of views, according to a newspaper we once read.

In our opinion, the G8 Globalists want ACCEPTANCE of everything they do, that, to them, is being a "good citizen".

the line of perception is now drawn in the sand.

under the paving stone, the beach.

we welcome protestors to our country (Edinburgh knows how to make noise), perhaps the world will seem a little bit of a nicer place for us all if the troublemakers don't show up, regardless of the hideous plots being formed at Gleneagles by the Murdering Puppets of Control.

we are taking into account the economic cost, the reputation & blooded hands of the Players, and the sheer nerve of these bastards to bring their Hate Crime Faces to Major Population Centres...and, frankly, for them to come here with their macho bull# swaggering reeks of Arrogance and Provocation.

"edinbvrgh protests G8" is a slogan, use it constructively.

the 'realization' of journalists that the "masses" are the targets (we're told by ITN) of terror, means If we're the target, the G8, and this is merely a theory, are clearly acting like Bait.

We don't want them meeting here, nor does anyone we know, we'll therefore do our duty as citizens and MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD. the Policies are far too complex to go into here in any depth, this is about ACTION and REACTION. Protesters will only react if Action is taken against them.

we know these meetings only pay LIP SERVICE to issues, they are a hideous desire for publicity and the illusion of control is enhanced by their statesman roleplaying. scenes of chaos help enhance the illusion that all protest is bad...serving the need of the Elite.

Perhaps Berloscrimie will let them into his Hideout in the Italian Hills.

We only ever see them on TV, we never know what goes on, despite their "claims" of Good Deeds.

Hold it at Camp David, or on the BushDynasty Ranch.

How about Checkers?

No, bring their muck and blooded hand to our front door asking us to be "accomodating hosts" and then they wipe their feet all over us, then they'll bus in the Agent Provocateurs, and then they'll call all protesters trouble makers.

Bliar would just love it if it all kicked off, Draconian Legislation is Him.

We heard reliable eyewitness accounts from Barcelona some years ago, regarding tactics. that's why we're trying to REASON and pre-empt Problem-Reaction-Solution. a futile gesture perhaps, but life under tyranny helps feed futile hopes.

We do not believe real protesters see any value in making themselves look bad. violence destroys hope.

we are citizens of edinbvrgh, we own our own streets, any attempts to set up a "city steel ring" will only inflame the situation, and in our opinion, could be proven as an illegal act by Governments trying to control who can and can't stand on a blade of glass, or stone paving.

we must be allowed to protest on the grass around Arthur's Seat, beside the Parliament.

we'll stand as close as we can and make so much noise McConnell (scotlands NWO puppet Leader) will think he's hearing the sound Angels of Anarchy make.

our fundamental point is that those who come are coming to make noise, the NWO know this, friendly banter free expression and a festival atmosphere would help change the world into their hideous fears.

that's why they bus the Agent Provocateurs in, Anarchists are intelligent people, they know when and where Destruction enhances Evolution toward Enlightenment. It's the Violent Anarchists we need to stop calling plain "anarchists" and start recognizing them for what they are. they are "Violent Anarchists". we think of them as people who kill and maim to reinforce a need for control within themselves.


Finally, at the beheast of a number of people we know, we DEMAND without return favour, that edinbvrgh closes for business for the 3 days of the Meeting, the Economy of Edinburgh can take it. It's all people will talk about, it's all people will see and hear about, make their three days and give them the chance to Express Themselves or take some time to themselves.

It's the least they deserve for the Filth the Government has brought to their Doors.

If your employer is a Globalist, then we suggest you "Exercise The Right To Default" cause they need your endeavour and energy constantly applied to ensure Evil Never Rests.

All we're gonna do is be there for the three days, going home only to refresh, "we're gonnna need a bigger Drum".

If they must come to our Land, then we Must Protest.

The two are irreconcilable in present terms & past terms.

we reiterate for emphasis:

the Agent Provocatuer must be stopped, only the New World Order Riot Police, you know the ones, the black uniforms without badges who turn up packing plastic bullets and riot shields, protecting "voodoo economics", rehearse what to do when the vans arrive.

They don't speak for me, they don't speak for anyone peacing.

It's a show of strength as far as the Globalists are concerned, a message to each one of us about who'se in charge, that Edinburgh is lined up to "get it" next, means we need to try and explain why Reason is worthwhile, after all EDINBURGH is the UN's only City of Literature, the majority all AGREE with the protest and we support it, peaceful noise will help us send a message to the powers that be, you can't make us afraid, you can't shut us up.

a lack of trouble will send a message to the watching world - making One Noise under a rainbow of protest/interest groups is the One Voice that may help Reason Prevail.

If the worst happens? we'll try and record everything staged that we see, we'll take cameras with us. no molotovs.

we know how to make effective protest without hurting anything except Politicians Credibility.

Whether we are allowed the chance to protest peacefully, is highly unlikely based on previous history of the event, all we can do is seek change, we can't rely on anyone else.

the so-called "necessary illusions" designed to protect Establishment destroy worlds everyday. why should our "necessary demands" be listened to? they won't be, but we demand to express our views we have no solutions only reasonable suggestions.

we will not pay the price for Tony's Swagger.

we see no reason within the G8, they need G8 trouble, it serves their Audience, they will not seek to change their ways in July.

Who is going to make them?

we'll continue trying.

edinbvrgh protests G8
scotland protests G8

Peace Love and Truth

[edit on 2/2/2005 by Chaosica]

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 02:10 PM
this needs to be back up top

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 02:37 PM

Originally posted by Chaosica
If they must come to our Land, then we Must Protest.
[edit on 2/2/2005 by Chaosica]

Agreed. There will be crazy riots everywhere. I bet that I won't hear about it much. US media ignores most of what happens in Europe.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 10:07 PM
you can bet the media will supress this, I agree.

therefore, when the time comes, I'll make sure I keep ATS readers informed of events on the days in question.

posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 07:22 PM
it seems the CIA run ATS has effectively compartmentalized dissent, these kinds of posts used to be visible for a while, unfortunately for CIATS, this meant people were aware and able to co-ordinate.

Nowadays, the site is broken into pyramids of control.

ATS is CIA, there's more than enough evidence to prove this, not least the crap i've heard from so-called "moderators who remove posts that are too close to the truth of things - for example, I posted that Johnny Carson had nothing to do with ATS so why was a thread allowed to run in the politics part.

my post was removed from the thread, two days later i read on propaganda that Carson was CIA.

the CIA can kiss my hole.

posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 07:47 PM
I'm thinking of going up there when the time comes. I'll try and get as close as legally possible (probably still in the tens of miles away) and get some photos of crowds etc. Don't think I'll bother going to Edinburgh though, I lived there for two years and I know what It's like with a crowd.

I'm glad there are peaceful protests planned; I'm definitely not into any violent protests. They're completely counter-productive, you're message is completely ignored and you're lumped into an easily dismissible pigeon-hole never to be heard from again. Completely pointless.

Anyway, If I go I'll be sure to get pics for ATS.

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