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The Bijlmerramp Conspiracy [2.0]

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posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 09:11 AM
Date: Oct. 4th, 1992
Time: 18:35
Location: Bijlmer, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

On Oct. 4Th 1992, a Boeing 747 cargo plane of the Israeli airline El-Al, crashed into a couple of flats located in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam. The incident killed 3 crew members, 1 passenger and 39 residents.

This seemingly ordinary terrible accident turned more and more mysterious as time went by and more information about the incident went public.

[1.] Strange Occurences Surrounding the Event

[1.1] Reports of Men in White Protection Suits

According to several witnesses, men in white protection suits have been seen at the crash site the following morning. Some of these witnesses have stated the men spoke a foreign language, conducted a series of tests and took several fragments with them before leaving. These men would soon become associated with the health problems that occurred after the disaster. Accounts vary from a few to a lot of ''white suits'', aswell as different mentions of transportation vehicles.

[1.1.1] French Salvage Team?

A witness stated he saw 2 people in white suits on Oct. 5th 1992, carrying a shovel and an aluminum case. The witness also stated these men told him it was ''complicated'' and the incident ''involved a military plane''. According to the witness, the men got into a grey Citroën with a French license plate. (1.)

[1.1.2] Israeli's in White Suits

Two Royal Marechaussee's have also witnessed men in white suits. The first talks about between 15-20 men in white suits. The other Marechausee gives a more detailed observation; He saw 5 men dressed in white protection gear with plastic headcover, speaking Hebrew. This witness also saw an El-Al vehicle present. Surprisingly, neither Marechaussee's have been interrogated during the final report.(1.)

[1.1.3] Fragments Dissappearing

Several witnesses have reported seeing people in protection suits doing tests and taking fragments with them. Some small and placed in plastic bags, and others big and covered with a sheet. There's also mentions of these ''white suits'' arriving with a helicopter. The Parliamentary Report mentioned that evidence likely dissappeared.(1.)

[1.2] High Ranking Israeli Agent?

Commissioner Smit of the local municipal police has stated that between 19:10 and 20:15 someone wanted to get inside the commando vehicle because the incident involved an Israeli cargo plane and he wanted to ''advise'' on the situation. This person speaks broken English and shows a pass with ''Israelian Security Service'' or something along those lines on it. The identity of this man remains a mystery till this day.(1.)

Other than the already mentioned Israeli people at the site, several other Israeli's were also present some time or another. These included the General Manager of El- Al Netherlands and people from the official research committee of the state Israel. However, reports of other Israeli's at the location (the white suits and the ''high ranker'') have been denied both by El Al and the Israeli government.(1.)

[1.3] What happened to the Cockpit Voice Recorder?

Naturally, recovering the CVR had high priority for the BVO. However, it couldn't be located at the crash site. Nor was it found at Hangar 8 where plane parts where stored. The search also went to landfills where contanimated ground aswell as some plane parts (for some reason) got dumped, but again, the search came up empty. Eventually a reward of 10.000 Gulden was promised for anyone who found it, but no one ever claimed the reward. Till this day no one has any idea what happened with the CVR. (1.)

It is considered highly unlikely the CVR got destroyed or burned up during or after the crash, since they are specifically made to survive these harsh conditions. (6.) With all information available to us, it is much more likely the CVR got secured by a (foreign) Intelligence Agency.

[1.4] Health Issues Being Reported Frequently

Shortly after the disaster the GG&GD in cooperation with the RIAGG started giving aftercare to the affected residents and rescue workers to prevent psychological issues. However, after about a year, more and more people started reporting physical issues. Among those most reported were; sleeplessness, cronic respiratory tract infections, pains, impotence and gastrointestinal complaints.(3.)

Supposedly there was no direct relation to health issues and the plane's cargo. Minister Borst of 'Volksgezondheid' also stated at the time, there were ''no extremely toxic, highly dangerous or radioactive substances'' on board of the plane.

[2]The Presence of Depleted Uranium

According to statements made by Boeing and KLM, this particular plane carried a total of 282 kilo of DU as balance weight, of which 130 was recovered.
152 kilo of DU has never been found and has most likely been burned up and oxidized in the fire (a very serious health risk for all involved.) (1.)

The presence of DU has been known since Oct. 7th 1992 by the BVO, RLD & VROM. Though it was not considered ''important enough'' to notify the rescue workers, or anyone else for that matter. (1.)

[2.1] Fire Department Measurements

The Fire Department did do tests to measure Alpha radiation (Aswell as Beta- and Gamma radiation), but it came up negative. Official reports concluded there was no increase in Alpha radiation measured at the Bijlmermeer. However, in a manual from the Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, it was noted that the measuringequipment of fire department's is usually not suitable for detecting Alpha-radiation, which is released by DU. Fire Chief Mr. Ernst confirmed in his public hearing that the detection of Alpha radiation with the equipment used is only marginal. (1.)

In the case of Hangar 8 (Where plane parts were stored), tests did come up positive for Alpha-radiation. Proving oxidized Uranium definitely got released sometime during or after the crash. (1.)

[2.2] Independent Measurements by Stichting Visie?

In 1998, Stichting Visie supposedly did it's own independent measurements for Alpha- radiation, by testing the glassfiber filter of the Central Heating System of the flat 'GOOIOORD' located within 150 meters of the crash site. Not only did they measure an increase in Alpha- radiation, it also came up positive for Uranium-236 which is created in a Nuclear Reactor. It does not exist in nature and should not be there. (2.)

With these tests, if true, Stichting Visie not only proved the existence of increased Alpha radiation in the Bijlmermeer, but also that the radiation must've been released during the incident when Uranium-236 containing DU got burned up and oxidized. For results, check; (2.)

[2.3] People Tested Positive For Uranium

In 1998, the Swedish institute, Biospectron, tested (at the direction of Stichting Visie) the excrement of 15 people who were involved with the disaster for a long period of time. They found an increase in Uranium. The highest levels were found in a voluntary fireman, who has had health issues for several years since the crash. (7.)

posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 09:12 AM
[2.4] Depleted Uranium Symptoms & Reported Health Issues

Officially no connections can be found between DU exposure and health issues reported by residents and rescue workers. However, a quick comparison of DU symptoms and reported health issues definitely shows a lot of similarities.

Common issues associated with DU exposure are, Chronic Fatigue, Respiratory Issues (Cough, Lesions, etc), Concentration Issues, loss of hair, rashes, NeuroCognitive problems, Muscle Pains, etc etc (4.) (5.)

The following is a graphic taken from the official AMC study. (3.) It consists of the 30 most mentioned health issues during the phone survey. The following included 846 people, of which half lived in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost (South-East), ¾ of those either lived in the 2 flats involved with the crash or the 4 flats surrounding it. So, basically, 3/8 of these people lived at or very near the crash. It's important to note that a lot of people mentioned not just one, but several health issues.

From Left to Right; Complaint, Number of Respondents, % Total Respondents

Top 13;

1, Fatigue/Weakness
2, Headache
3, Shortness of Breath/smothery
4, Sleep issues
5, Dry skin
6, Concentration Issues
7, Memory Issues
8, Scared/Nervous
9, Back pains
10, Coughing
11, Multiple Joint Issues
12, Muscle Pain
13, Itch

As you can see, a lot of similarities with DU exposure can be seen on this list. I will point out several other examples aswell.

Below is another graphic taken from the official AMC study. (3.) In this case it shows the amount of GP's who got confronted with issues the people themself linked to the disaster. Out of 51 GP's participating in this particular study, a total of 10 were located in the G-Neighborhood and K-Neighborhood, which is the location of the crash.

From top to Bottom: X: Sex hormones/Organs, Z: Social/Cultural Issues, T: Tyroid/Diabetes, K: Heart and Arteries, W: Pregnancy/Birth Giving, D: Mouth-, Stomach Issues/ Nutrition, N: Nervous System, L: Moving System, S: Skin and Hair, R: Breathing/ Respiratory Tract, A: General Complaints, P: Psychological Issues.

As you can see, 47 GP's got confronted with P, which is only natural considering the psychological impact of (witnessing) such a disaster. Next on the list is A. The following 4 are important to note, which are R, S, L & N, which are Breathing/Respiratory Tract, Skin & hair, Moving System & Nervous System in that order. Again, a lot of similarities.

Sadly, it is not listed which GP's got confronted most with certain complaints. It would be highly interesting to see the G- and K-Neighborhood GP's complaints in particular.

Below is a TeleText message titled '' Blood Abnormality Schiphol-Employees''. It is about approximately 55 Schiphol employees having a blood abnormality possibly linked to the crash. Most of these people worked close to a warehouse where fragments of the crash were kept. These employees are often tired, have concentration issues and muscle/joint pains.


1. (Complete Report by Parliament)
2. (Stichting Visie Measurements)
3. (Complete AMC Report)
4. (Info Depleted Uranium)
5. (^)
6. (CVR Information)
7. (Stichting Visie Test Results)

Other sites

1. (More information)
2. (Hangar 8/9 Tests by Stichting Visie)
3. (Stichting Visie on NRC)

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posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 09:12 AM
How do I add a picture other than uploading it to ATS? I've unblocked ATS but it keeps saying it's ad-blocked.

ETA: So far haven't been able to directly add the pictures in here, so I've added direct links instead.
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posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 10:35 AM
You do realize "white suits" offer no protection from radiation. If you want to talk about contamination, did they have gloves, hoods, and respirators on?

"White suits" are used from everything to keep clothes clean to preventing crime scene evidence contamination.

A little thing called Chernobyl from 1986 is going to throw test results off...
The risk projections suggest that by now [2006] Chernobyl may have caused about 1000 cases of thyroid cancer and 4000 cases of other cancers in Europe, representing about 0.01% of all incident cancers since the accident. Models predict that by 2065 about 16,000 cases of thyroid cancer and 25,000 cases of other cancers may be expected due to radiation from the accident, whereas several hundred million cancer cases are expected from other causes.

Finally, drywall, granite release radiation.

posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 12:12 PM
a reply to: neutronflux

Different witnesses talk about different white suits. Some mentioned completely protected suits from head to toe. Others mentioned ''spaceman'' suits. Or just ''white suits'' without details. etc There's many different observations. Including white suits arriving with a helicopter or leaving in car etc etc. I've read that either 1 or both major substances for the creation of XTC were also present on the plane, explaining the different observations or whatever, as if everybody was tripping lol. Then there's the mention of DMMP on board of the plane according to cargo lists obtained by the NRC Handelsblad. No proof though. Or the presence of Mycoplasma. The list goes on and on.

posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 04:53 PM
Nice Thread lots of information to read , i was 6 year old at the time but i still remember where i was that day.

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