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Freemasonry and The Coming Storm

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posted on Apr, 24 2017 @ 07:44 AM
a reply to: whereislogic

No ones replies to you because there's no point as you just post cult propaganda that has nothing to do with the topic.

This might help you
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posted on Apr, 24 2017 @ 04:09 PM

(History Brief (Divorce))

1. Maccabees (Divorce of Hebrews from Jerusalem, began around 400 B.C.)
2. Mormonism (Divorce of Roman Empire from Political Authority, Began around 400 A.D. Constantine Witnesses Apostle Judas Ascending)
3. Free Masons (Divorce of European Authority, Began around 1400 A.D. with series of expeditions to America i.e. 4. Christopher Colombus
4. Jehovah Witness (?) (Divorce of Ethnicity, Began Around Prophecy of Fatima 1900 A.D., equal rights and opportunity as a form of assisted suicide given genetic dan's natural and persistent inclinations)

(Position 4: Should be Corrected to "Peace and Safety" or Anti-Terrorism, it did not take this progressive form initially, it took the form of Jewish Diaspora (migration) to the USA and "World War 1, then 2" before it developed into the Anti-Terrorism movements, "Divorce of Ethnicity" is the theme that has developed right around the 2000 Year Interval of the Prophecy of Fatim/Ishtar, for Humanities Perfection, beginning around 2000 B.C. in 2000 Year Intervals (as we've discussed) (Progressive behavior leading to the Sign of Divorce in 2000 Year and 400 Year Intervals)

The working assumption behind the plan was that a government-managed “single-payer” plan could deliver health services to the entire nation more efficiently than the current decentralized system with its thousands of insurers and disconnected providers. As finally delivered to Congress in September 1993, however, the plan mirrored the complexity of its subject. Most Republicans and some Democrats criticized it as a hopelessly elaborate federal takeover of American medicine. After a year of discussion, it died without a vote in Congress.

1. September 1972 = Series of 1970 Health Care Acts in USA (OSA), then Anti-Terrorism Movement (Munich Massacre)
2. September 1993 = National Health Plan, then Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Movement (Timothy McVeigh)
3. September 2001 = Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Movement, then, National Health Plan (Obama Care)
4. September 2017 = 33 Days ending on 9/23/2017 "Ensign of Nations/Antichrist", then, National Health Movements targeting Ethnicity (Sign of Divorce/Sacred Bull, Ancient Observance of "Molech"/Angel of Aquarius (Astrological Age Change)/Barley Harvest of September)

Jehovah Witnesses Parallel

(Edward Leedskalnin to the Antichrist at Present is in view, (which began around Fatima Prophecy in 1917) specifically the Time Line Surrounding Jehovah Witnesses's Adoption of its Name, from, 1909 the First Schism to 1931 Third Schism then the organization called itself "Jehovah's Witnesses" ... (then that ties into Family Radio as the Fourth Extension of their Behavior, remember Jehovah Witnesses does not predict the end time, so it is a dead vine, and does not fall into the pattern at present, of its original intentions) ... Four Significant Changes in Organization that Parallels the development to the Anti-Terrorism Movements at Present)

The Number 33 or 3, is valuable. Briefly, going back to 33000 B.C. to 10000 B.C. we can cut into Family Radio's May 21, 2011 eschatology, and make the divisions of 10, then 3 and 3, giving us a complete pattern that goes into 2017. (Mirroring the Date Range for the first set of 14 Dynasties that ended with Peleg the gospel records).

Love and Blessings (God doesn't kill Genetic Dan until the Sign of Divorce is Given, then, so in terms of euthanasia, lets pause there. The White House was the only Hard Target that was not hit during 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks and the subject of inquiry for the Free Masons that seems to unify the transitions from the Antichrist's Authority to God's Mercies as the point of resolution for the removal of Dead Work and Dead Flesh, now going forwards, I'll probably move them around before I kill them, unless there is a good reason, the Antichrist is not competing with Christ, I believe there is a general trend of activity that leads into the inevitable blood bath that will happen here in the USA, so we'll have to keep watch)
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posted on Apr, 25 2017 @ 07:25 AM

originally posted by: Tempter

originally posted by: verschickter
Easy woven people fear what they don´t understand. This thread is the best example.

What is there to understand? Masonry is just another form of control, much like religion.

Do you really believe that Masons seek to better others with rituals of esoteric knowledge?


If they REALLY believed that they wouldn't be so secret about these things which can help people.

The secrecy exists only draw initiates to their club.

Every Mason might as well be a Scientologist as far as I'm concerned.

Always makes me smile. A poster cries rivers about all the secrets the mean masons are keeping from him, yet never bothers to ask any questions, just more tears.

posted on Apr, 25 2017 @ 03:33 PM
That's a good one.

posted on Apr, 25 2017 @ 10:51 PM
This is an odd and seemingly very religious thread.

However I am curious: since when were the Masons Communists? The OP's manifesto mentions equality of property and roles.

Those are Communist Ideals. Not Masonic ideals. Last I checked, Masonry openly accepts inequality of property. Its one of its core tenets. It also perceives that populism poses a danger to the intellect, indicating that it accepts that some humans have greater or lesser mental capacity. Equality of role, then, would be problematic, because it would require letting idiots do jobs that can only be done well by smarter people.

I suspect, then, that the whole manifesto is fake.

posted on Apr, 26 2017 @ 06:51 AM

originally posted by: bloodymarvelous
However I am curious: since when were the Masons Communists? The OP's manifesto mentions equality of property and roles.

The group in the Original Post is not a part of Regular Masonry and is a small fringe group lead by a person who appears somewhat off his rocker.

posted on Apr, 26 2017 @ 01:14 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

The Manifesto Of The Lodge P1

I have found no evidence that Giuseppe Mazzini (not Mazzoni, as written in the document presented) was a Mason. Yes, he is listed in the book "10,000 Famous Freemasons", but I think the author of that book was confusing him with Garibaldi.

Grand Lodges are usually pretty proud of their history and their past Grand Masters, and I've tried searching the Italian Grand Lodge websites for any mention of Mazzini being a Mason, and could find none.

posted on Apr, 26 2017 @ 03:53 PM
(American Holocaust in Parenthesis)

(First Resurrection of Antichrist, Nguyen Van Lem) The North Korean War Completes the 38th Parallel's Division (in reality there is only evidence for the 33rd Parallel for God's Interests in the Sign of Divorce) ... ... ... ... the United States creates its drug war, funded and distributed, its first real modern act towards a national assisted suicide program.

(Sign of Divorce in City of Philadelphia according to Revelation begins the American Holocaust, euthanasia with the Antichrist cannot be avoided, so it will be done accordingly to answer this public threat, as an extension of our nightly walks and other opportunistic assisted suicide God uses based on force, transitioning as apart of the resolution of the problem, when it becomes a problem you need to resolve for the Sign of Divorce) We are observing a transition to the American Holocaust in stages, below)

He is the narcosantón, or the patron saint of drug traffickers.

The bandit is based off a Mexican man named Jesús Juarez Mazo who was born in 1870 near the Sinaloa capital of Culiacán. He lived a clean life until the death of his parents. Then things changed. Mazo became a world-class thief. He stole from the rich and gave back to his fellow citizens, and at least according to version, only was captured by the governor after a betrayal.

"December 20, 1989: Panana invaded specifically to capture Manuel Noriega "...

1. Abraham Lincoln (14 Presidencies before Lincoln paralleling the Gospel's usage of 14 Dynasties to declare god's mercies)
2. Jesus Juarez Mazo (Sin based Parallel)
3. Giuseppe Mazzini (Free Mason Version of Abraham Lincoln)

The Unifier here is the "Church and State" under the creed of removing dead work and dead flesh, without the Jewish People as the center of remediation. So it then becomes the ethnic population globally, and the unique set of circumstances here in the USA having the most Jews, highlights that relationship.

Scientology does not identify with the Free Mason Pattern because it does not have strong and enduring ties to the state. There are some connections so we'll briefly list them:

1. American Civil War (Subject of Euthanasia Ethnic Population, Not reported properly by history)
2. Japanese-American Relocation
3. American Manufactured Drug War
4. American Holocaust prompted by the Sign of Divorce (Euthanasia of Ethnic Population)

Going full circle, remember, the home of the largest segment of the Jewish Population always marks holocausting, that is the pattern of history. So the same is true for the USA, it is only a matter of time. That being said. The Asian Conflicts has been a stop gap measure, until, the American Holocaust begins, by a mix of activities between the Antichrist and God (Sign of Divorce).

The First Resurrection and the Second Resurrection of the Antichrist at present has a few parallels. War on Terrorism/Drug War ... and ... Korea/Military Spending Increases across Countries. Love and Blessings (Euthanasia cannot be avoided with the Antichrist and God's Interests, if what that is happening right now is infact a true indication of an escalation problem, INRI with the Antichrist is the global cause of terrorism and the increases death of those genetic lines. Not to take the initiative from Jesus with the Sign of Divorce, when he likely illustrates euthanasia at the large scale for the Sign of Divorce. Best answer to that is to simply move them out of my way, and solicit the cooperation of the authorities, beyond that I can clean up the prison system by setting a few examples of total euthanasia for genetic dan, and total release, so that is a "jump start" for a legal system that is no longer applicable. Everything will be clear cut, I'll have the cooperation of the authorities and the media, or, my actions will contribute to your pain and death by your own people, the situation is unavoidable so this is a play on your competency, and you will be judged by your own people shortly, I'll be around a few places internationally, to do the same same, generally speaking ... ... ... ... as we receive god's mercies during this period, so this will end in a transition over the course of these 33 days, most likely as an effective position for your conflict you must resolve, not the antichrist, or god)
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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 11:00 AM
Interesting read, thanks. Those pages remind of of a future that this guy Al Bielek claims he saw while time travelling. Who knows whether he is telling the truth, but he claims socialism is the norm, that not a single person has to work, except for basically contributing to their community, picking up trash, little stuff.

He also mentions, that the "leader" or "God" in all of this, is a highly advanced A.I. I am wondering if this is tying together somehow in connection with some of your other threads, the A.I. part. Anyway, while I can see how those papers may be disturbing to some, to me they are great news. Assuming this whole plan kicks off and works. (to take down the "deep state")

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posted on Oct, 24 2017 @ 10:05 AM
a reply to: tbchugs

McVeigh and his wingman were supposed to be members of a US Military based Masonic Grand Lodge said to be irregular, possibly Prince Hall based. There were a few threads on usenet at the time. Then nothing. Don't know if it ever came out in the courtroom. The name of the group was a little odd. Mentioned on this page I found:

(post by ValencioDanes removed for a manners violation)

posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 11:50 AM

originally posted by: ValencioDanes
Yeah, the name appeared in the rituals of, I believe the arch degrees, at one time but they’ve been amended.

If you say so, you sound like a very knowledgeable and well-educated person. I guess we'll have to take your word for it unless you happen to have some evidence.

posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 04:50 PM
Notices how all the masons on this site were away on Halloween.

They were in their lodges and hideaways participating in ritual magic.

posted on Nov, 2 2018 @ 11:27 PM
a reply to: AthlonSavage
Actually, I was helping my mother pass out candy, but please continue with the assumptions.

posted on Nov, 3 2018 @ 07:55 AM

originally posted by: AthlonSavage

Notices how all the masons on this site were away on Halloween.

Must have been someone else posting from my account on the 31st. Go figure.

posted on Nov, 5 2018 @ 01:53 PM
I Dressed As A Mason On Halloween And All I Got Was Laughed At....
People Generally Know I Am No Such Honor In This Life.

Next Year... I Shall Adorn Myself As A Opiate Addict... And See If There Is Hope...
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posted on Nov, 5 2018 @ 02:42 PM
a reply to: Pinocchio
Hi Pinocchio,
You probably get more candy if you dress up as Jessica Rabbit, please forgive my English humour!

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posted on Nov, 6 2018 @ 03:30 PM

originally posted by: Pinocchio

I Dressed As A Mason On Halloween And All I Got Was Laughed At....
People Generally Know I Am No Such Honor In This Life.

Next Year... I Shall Adorn Myself As A Opiate Addict... And See If There Is Hope...

Your only honor is the Baphomet who supplies your regularly with Opiate.

posted on Nov, 7 2018 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: Pinocchio

Pinocchio a simple puppet educated in a masons monsterstori school. A creature such would struggle to function in a normal society? Does the puppet take one or two white rocks in the coffee?

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 03:02 AM
And Freemasons can’t make a bad person good, but God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaac can- i’m a living testimony. All Freemason say they can do is make a good person better!
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

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