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WE ARE the Illuminati! --- "Apocalypse Now" --- A Short Story by the Joker and the Fool

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posted on Apr, 17 2017 @ 02:22 PM
~~~ Chapter 3 ~~~

***A Very Special Note for satan’s puppets:

“We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!” hahahahahahaha

Oh and “Lucy”

“You got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

In case we didn’t make ourselves clear:

“Guess who’s coming to dinner?” hahahahahahaha

Brief rant from our (gentle) Old Fool:

“N/A --- Not Found.”

“For decency purposes --- We have had to remove this entire rant. Many apologies for the inconvenience and you are very welcome in advance! haha.”

“And most importantly you @ss-licking f*ck-nuts!!!”

“Suck it b*tches!!!”

This song is also for you Lucy-poo:



“Again people, let us carry your hate. We’ve got things covered on that front!”


“And Never Forget:

We stand behind you always. Just be open to Truth, Light, Mercy, Compassion, Love and all that other Jazz!”

“Sent to YOU with much love!”


Archangel Michael’s Favourite Cousins:

The Jolly Old Joker and a (very p*ssed off) Old Fool and Puppet

PSSST: For your information, this young man right here, despite who youtube might claim, is indeed a Modern Day Saint:

“Please listen to his message and then listen to ours! Thank-you so very much!”


“The Villains have been running amuck for far too long!”

“It is time now for US to write our own Destiny!”


posted on Apr, 17 2017 @ 02:27 PM
Brief Addendum for our Poor Misguided Intolerant Fools:

“Please note that these 2 videos are sent to directly YOU by God!”

(Just so you know!)

“Stop breaking our hearts please! You are a part of OUR Soul Family, Kek’s Soul family --- and it is time now, for YOU to come home please.”

“We miss you and love all of you so very much!”

“Happy Easter Monday!”

I AM the White Rabbit


posted on Apr, 19 2017 @ 12:34 PM


"In reference to "Perfect Post 6" --- it appears that we did not include the article that insulted "the Joker" so much."

"After careful consideration, we have decided that we are still not going to include this article, because it is bullsh*t."

"To repeat, our beloved Joker is here to expose hypocrisy and deception. I AM NOT A TRICKSTER...though I do enjoy a good magic show now and again." 😜🦄🐸🐇🦄🐸

You may now return to your regular scheduled "programming."


posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 08:48 PM


~~~ Perfect Post 12 ~~~

"Jesus Christ is Lucifer"

"What you talkin' about Willis?"

"A Super Sad and Not so Fun, Short Story on the Crucifixion and the upcoming Apocalypse NOW"
--- Brought to you by the Jolly Old Joker and a (very sad) Old Fool

Quick Note: “It has recently been brought to our attention by a great number of people, that we may have included too many Music Videos in our Opening Posts. Many apologies for any inconvenience! We suggest that you please try to scan through our gentle rants and musing on a Desk Top Computer.” (Preferably one with a strong wifi connection please.)

From now on, we no longer be including excellent, random video proofs into our "Perfect Posts" unless they are indeed very funny or insightful. Instead, we will simply post the links. (We make no promises however, on the Music Videos.)

I must say (and this is just the puppet talking here now) that this is the most heartbreaking Truth, I have ever woken up too.

Preface: By our Jolly Old Joker and (very sad) Old Fool

"Okay, so this is not an easy post to write." --- Old Fool/Puppet

"There are simply not enough words, in all of the books, in all of the world, to express how horrified and disgusted we are with what Lucifer's muppets have been up to. They are INDEED harming REAL people and MUST be stopped." --- "All of Us"

"JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!!!" --- "All of Us"

"However, the story of Jesus Christ and Lucifer is indeed, very complex and very sad." --- "All of Us"

But First:

"Did I happen to mention that all of our ancient spiritual texts have been distorted, manipulated and twisted upside down by very, very evil people?" --- "The Joker"

Let us begin:

Chapter 1: "Humanity's Black Mirror"

Now, if you had been paying attention in your Bible study classes, you might be already aware of the famous Biblical Quote that:

"Jesus died for all of our sins."

“But what exactly does this mean? And why the f*ck do you think Jesus would have had to die for all of our sins?”

“I'm look at YOU now gentle reader, who is now scanning through our 'perfect posts.' Tell me, were you even alive back then? What did YOU do that was so wrong, that Jesus would have to die 2000 years in advance?”

“Does it not seem more likely, that Jesus died back then, because the people at that time were a bunch of thick headed nincompoops?”

“How did Jesus being crucified, really help anyone?”

“Would it in fact, not have made a lot more sense for Jesus to have lived a long life, so that he might share his message of hope and peace for as long as he possibly could?”

“Yes, yes, we all know the Biblical Story. Jesus didn't die for long --- he was in fact, resurrected after 3 days. And in doing so, demonstrated to the world, God's everlasting love and grace.”

Even more importantly:

“A legend was born!”

“This is indeed true.

Jesus Christ was resurrected after 3 days and did return to our world, to preach his message of ‘non-judgemental love and compassion’ for several more weeks.”

“However, there is a very sad twist to this story that is not included in our regular Bible Study courses.”

“When Jesus died for our Sins, he did not ascend to Heaven. Instead, by choice, in an act of pure Compassion and Grace, he (and his Soul Family) descended into their own Personal Hell, so that they might become Humanity's Black Mirror.”

“Please do not misunderstand, very few of Lucifer's ‘muppets’ are aware of this. They are very, very evil people and MUST be stopped.”

“However, in the grander scheme of things, the Luciferians chose this extremely difficult and horrific path, to show humanity, the very worst attributes of ourselves, so that we might have a choice --- between good and evil.”

“So that we might genuinely desire to be decent people.”

Please continue to Chapter 2

edit on 20-4-2017 by OwenandNoelle because: don't ask --- so many "spelling" mistakes, so little patience for them

posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 08:59 PM
Part 2: “Compassion not Hate”

“It is much easier to hate Lucifer’s Soul Family, than to understand that they did all of this for us. So that we might stand up for ourselves, for our Innocents and against Injustice.”

“So that we might care about other people, at least as much as we care about ourselves.”

“And most importantly, so that all of us might truly value how magnificent and divine our existence actually is.”

“Please understand:

Nobody wants this ridiculous, often at times horrific and very foolish game to be over more than the Luciferians do.”

“The suffering that the Luciferians have experienced, cannot be underscored enough. While their muppets are indeed very evil and MUST face justice --- the very sad truth is, that the Luciferians love all of us so very much. They have hurt themselves so far beyond human comprehension --- for us.” (And of course, for our brothers and sisters as well.)

“So many of the Music Videos, Movies, TV Shows, as well as the horror that we see all around us on the news, is to help us WAKE UP!!!” (And of course, to ‘WAKE UP!’ the rest of humanity.)

(This is just the puppet talking here now, but all of this is just so f*cking sad. I truly don’t have words, to express how bad I feel about this.)

“So, as we continue to mock and help expose the hypocrisy of our elite --- every chance that we get, please understand that this should not be done out of hatred for the Luciferians. (Though all of us despise their puppets so very much.) We are doing this to help everyone. It is time to end this bullsh*t. We have ALL suffered enough.”

“There is going to be an upcoming battle, where all of Humanity is going to begin to wake up to the horrific crimes committed by Lucifer’s muppets. It is going to seem like all is lost.”

“Within the next 2 years, our Soul Families, who inconceivably to many of you right now, live inside of our Sun (Our SOL) --- are going to return and quite literally, burn this world to the ground.”

“However, at the very last second, as the fire is coming down --- ‘All of Us’ are going to ascend into our Personal Higher Self.”

“And ‘All of Us’ (including our loved ones) will wake up in Wonderland.”

(This is what we mean when we say: “Bring back Heaven to Earth.”)

“At this point, we are going to begin a new age.”

“An age of Christ Consciousness --- One of Peace, Love, Joy, Mercy and Compassion.” (And all that other Jazz!)

“It is going to be very scary for those of us who are not awake. This is by design.”

“This is because there will be many stubborn old goats who will refuse to accept responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Right up until the end, these poor misguided fools will remain frozen in a state of hatred, fear or self-loathing.”

“In these last few, precious moments, each misguided fool, will realize how little all of that nonsense actually mattered and that in the end, all that truly matters are those who we love.”

“Nobody expects us to be perfect. In fact, many of the ‘mistakes’ that we think we may have made, were by design, so that we might learn from these experiences. So that we might genuinely desire to be better people.”

“There is no fixing this world. It is corrupt and horrifying by design.”

“We are not asking you to take on Hillary Clinton or the Pope on your own.”

“Understand please that if YOU are reading this thread, and if it makes any sense to you at all, than you here for a reason. You would not be here otherwise.”

“Your higher self, would immediately have you disregard this as nonsense and you would simply not be able to soldier through all of those gorgeous music videos on the first page --- if you were not ready for the truth.”

“All of us who are reading this thread right now, are in the MASTER class. Many of our loved ones and friends are nowhere near as far along spiritually as we are.”

“All of us have learned these lessons, that our friends and family are learning right now, many, many millennia ago. This is why we can see how tragically absurd and foolish all of this is.”

“This is not said to make us feel ‘special’ ---- though please note that YOU are!”

“This is not said to suggest that our loved ones are less than us in any way. They are Divine, Beautiful beings themselves and are in fact, all so very Innocent. They are here by choice, to learn and to grow. They are simply not quite as far along as we are.”

“We have been in their shoes ourselves, and all of us, have played the roles of the Villains and the Everyday Man or Woman throughout many lifetimes.”

“This is said, so that we might have compassion for our woefully misguided brothers and sisters and to also understand, that as we help burn this mofo world to the Goddamn ground, that we are doing so to help everyone.”

“This is not done out of hatred. This is done out of Compassion. Out of Mercy.”

*A Very Important Note:

“To repeat: Lucifer’s muppets are indeed so very, very evil that they are ridiculous!”

“Not only should we feel disgusted by Lucifer’s muppets, but we MUST laugh at them and undermine their message every chance that we get.”

“The more joyful we are, the less power Lucifer’s muppet’s have.”

“However, please do not fight back out of hatred, please do so out of compassion. This entire ‘last act’ that we are in, is not actually against Lucifer --- it is to help our woefully misguided brothers and sisters.”

“Humanity has already suffered too much. It is time now to end this game.”

Let us end tonight’s “Very Sad and Not so Fun, Short Story with a song.”


“Please do not cry like our puppet, it’s not quite as bad as you might think.”

“All of our life here is indeed just a Test. So much of what we see on the News and on TV is just an illusion. It is not real. All of us have already passed our part of this test. This last, very difficult part, is just for our brothers and sisters --- who again, signed up for this test, before coming into this life. This final scary part, is to help them genuinely desire the path of Christ Consciousness.”

I AM the White Rabbit

edit on 20-4-2017 by OwenandNoelle because: there are simply not enough words to express how frustrating it is to find a "spelling" or grammatical error in an otherwise "Perfect Post!"

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