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hypersonice missile technology

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 06:35 PM

The hypersonic flight demonstration program will develop and demonstrate advanced technologies for hypersonic flight. Flight testing will be initiated as early in the program as possible and progress from relatively simple and low risk tests through the demonstration of an increasingly more difficult set of objectives. Technical challenges include the scramjet propulsion system, lightweight, high-temperature materials for both aerodynamic and propulsion structures, and guidance and control in the hypersonic flight regime. The ultimate goals of the program are to develop a vehicle range of 600 NM with a block speed of 4,400 ft per second, maximum sustainable cruise speed in excess of mach 6, and the ability to deploy a simulated or surrogate submunition.

I think this program will be helpfull when eventually designing a hypersonic bomber. And the missile its self will be a highly destructive missile that in addition to having explosive power will have highly destructive kinetic power.

intrestesting link

I also have have a question what other future roles could this technology be used for?

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