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jay walking now a dangerous crime?

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posted on Apr, 14 2017 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: iTruthSeeker

Again I am playing the odds. Is it possible this cop is a horrible douche bag who did this for NO reason? Sure. Is it possible that lightning will strike me today, sure. Likely?

I think even the most peaceful of us have had a bad cop experience now so I think lightning example is a bit of a stretch.
Looks like a decent kind of neighborhood.

posted on Apr, 14 2017 @ 03:58 PM

originally posted by: TheRedneck
a reply to: SlapMonkey

Again, jaywalking laws are unnecessary, in my opinion (and it is just an opinion), but they are laws that exist in most, if not all, municipalities in America.

And herein lies a large part of the problem: too many laws.

I have been racking my brain trying to remember a specific instance where a law was repealed without another law, usually a more restrictive one, being put in place. I haven't come up with a single instance.

I will concede the officer had cause to detain Mr. Cain, but had the jaywalking law not existed, there would be no confrontation. This entire episode was the direct result of over-regulation, but those who passed the needless laws have not been mentioned, much like the little guy who starts a bar brawl, then sneaks away to watch everyone else fight it out.


I have to agree 100% too with this, although my gut still feels rebellious to conceding that the officer had cause

posted on Apr, 14 2017 @ 07:03 PM

originally posted by: iTruthSeeker

originally posted by: intrptr

originally posted by: iTruthSeeker

originally posted by: intrptr

originally posted by: hounddoghowlie
a reply to: Bedlam

how do you that if the cop would have waited that the guy would have complied, he had already ignored the cop and challenged him to a fight. what in doing that would give the cop the indication that he was going to back down and allow the cop to arrest him or ticket him.

to the contrary, he expressed the desire to confront the cop with a fight, and continued to ignore a lawful order.

Except theres no video of all the other times they jacked him up for no reason, Straw that broke the camels back.

Read my other post ^^^.

SLapmonkey posted the 2 videos we have all been waiting for. The "other" side of the story. 2nd page of this thread I believe. The guy was acting like a DB the whole time, ignoring at least 17 commands, etc.

The official story limited to this event. More to my point, not the other 'pretextual' ten times they 'harassed' him.

So he finally snapped, can't blame him. Besides he turned away in the video when the cop became aggressive, not physically resisting. Double besides the cop did this by himself (tilt), ensuring he could later claim I was alone, in fear f my life. I had to use brutality, body slam him to the pavement and repeatedly punch him in the face(double tilt) for "not complying fast enough", instead of waiting for back up or employing a taser.

Obvious beat down by power happy cop, who is now under review for obviously overstepping his authority.

Triple besides the video I brought showed the raw response of by standers. If this happened on your street you';d be just as pissed,. Jay walking my ass.

First of all, he did not body slam the guy, he twirled him around to the ground, the guy was never "picked up" and slammed. Second, cops can use whatever physical force is necessary to get those cuffs on when the person is resisting. Should he have just held hands the whole time? Should he wait until the guy grabs his gun? No, he quickly did what was required to get the guy to comply. Notice how after the punches, he starts complying? Violence is the only language these people speak. Commands do NOTHING.


Yeah I would resist arrest too after from getting punched in the face 15 times ,,

the whole reason Nandi Cain jr became belligerent, and ACT at Fool,
when he seen the cop had his hand on his gun .

and for him walking to the red car , apparently someone he knew , a neighbor or aunt or both.
more less as a witness , I dont agree from him to take his coat off and act like he was ready do fight some fighting

some places him just grabbing his coat , to take it off , could of got him killed. acting like he had a concealed weapon :

posted on Apr, 14 2017 @ 08:06 PM

originally posted by: ParasuvO
a reply to: SlapMonkey

A good cop also puts himself in other's shoes...

agree and anyone of any intelligence i think would understand the level of crime here. its like 0.1 on a scale of ten and maybe just drive up and tell the guy that for his own safety it would be better if he crossed at the designated spot then move along to an actual important crime. cops ego got in the way imo and he just couldnt let something so goddamn tiny go
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posted on Apr, 15 2017 @ 12:52 AM
a reply to: intrptr

Oh my god why you take him down like that? Because he took off his jacket and stepped to the officer.

posted on Apr, 15 2017 @ 05:12 AM

originally posted by: TheScale

originally posted by: Azureblue
a reply to: blackthorne

Another case of the govt demonstrating the power of the State to control the people.

i think thats a bit of a stretch myself. i think its more indicative of how flawed the recruiting process is and the traits they look for in an officer are maybe not the traits they should have.

I used to be of that view too but then I read that police behaviour reflects government values.

posted on Apr, 15 2017 @ 07:40 AM

originally posted by: Brainiac
a reply to: intrptr

Oh my god why you take him down like that? Because he took off his jacket and stepped to the officer.

He was walking down the road, this is called profiling, the reason officer stopped and got out of his car (for no reason).

You want to argue escalation from that point, fine.

How about locals there are tired of cops profiling them, being harassed for no good reason. Finally a tipping point is reached and resistance is met. Not by the ordinary citizen but by the poor, less fortunate who have to deal with this frustration every day.

Dude can be heard yelling, why don't you leave me alone?

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Or don't, meh.

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