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How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think’

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posted on Apr, 11 2017 @ 10:21 PM

originally posted by: liveandlearn

originally posted by: eisegesis
Again, it's based on money, not merit. Who you know, not what you know. Your ability to lie, not the lies you expose.

Lobbyists, corporations, and wealthy individuals who need something from Congress raise the money.

I wonder if this also has an effect on the outcome of their investigations?

Great thread, S+F.

You well know it does. The law means nothing anymore, esp with the understanding CIA has something on the majority of gov.

Don't forget! The CIA has things on the CIA!!!

Remember a few years back, this guy who claimed to be Christian, got into the CIA and at his training, they put him up in a hotel room and low and behold he had a knock at his hotel room door. He described her a beautiful women who claimed to be there to keep him company.

Needless to say, his faith and loyalty to his wife and family allowed his big head to do his thinking and he told her to go away.

After that? His career at the CIA went down hill!

Imagine the dirt the Deep State has on our elected officials?????

posted on Apr, 11 2017 @ 10:24 PM

originally posted by: TobyFlenderson
a reply to: liveandlearn.

I can't even read your entire post because it sickens me so much. Though the title of the book is wrong, I can believe it. It's like saying, you won't believe how loose this prostitutes morals are.

I understand how you feel. I set on this a couple of days because of my anger. But the truth is this has to go further and wider than an ATS thread. It is a war between the people and TPTB. We have to suck it up and spread it.
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posted on Apr, 12 2017 @ 01:08 AM

originally posted by: SpeakerofTruth
a reply to: Nothin

So, that's different than now? They serve 20 or 30 years now and guess what... They get package deals, lifetime pensions and cushy jobs after.

Yes. Same as it ever was.

The problem is the same, for all nations with politicians.

Ken Buck: beyond having a totally awesome name; speaks a truth that goes beyond the borders of the USA, and into all forms of governance around the world.

It is good to see some in power, that are questioning the status-quo.

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