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Illuminati families

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 10:02 PM
Yeah, it was with the Chancellor of Germany in WW1, my mistake. I am fairly sure a lot still had it till WW2 though.

IT was first called the:
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

But once WW2 started, all of them adopted the new Windsor name.
(Although, that's only of what my Grandfather said. But he's an ex-WW2 vet and his father was a WW1 vet, so I take his word on it.)

posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 09:17 AM
Thank you all for your replies. I come back to this now after quite a while away, but your comments were as ever helpful.

It seems there is a lot of talk of the 13 illuminati families and their influence. This may link to the famous Rex Deus referred to by Knight and Lomas, yet who these families are always remains a mystery. If we are ever to make progress surely we need specifics, e.g. who are these people? Otherwise it will boil down to nothing.

Do any of these people have links to bilderberg/carlyle/CFR/Skull and Bones etc? Many claims are made as to the impact of these groups on world governance. can they all have such impact? if so can illuminati really be worth any influence if not connected in some way to these groups?

Sorry, all very stream of consciousness I know but I really want to make some headway in my research.

Thanks again

posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 02:12 PM
The name Windsor was chosen at the time of World War 1. The previous family name, stemming from Queen Victoria, was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. George V was pressured into changing the name into something more "English". Further, as he saw the downfall of other monarchies, he knew that it was imperative to remove any German sounding name for the British Royal Family.

posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 02:25 PM
Contrary to common belief, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was not the personal surname of either Prince Albert, his wife or their descendants. Neither in fact knew what their actual surname was, as it was never used by royalty, until a late 19th century inquiry launched by Queen Victoria to clarify just what her surname was. After an exhaustive search, her advisors concluded that Prince Albert's surname, and hence her own after her marriage, was in fact Wettin.

Both Wettin and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha were changed to Windsor in 1917. However, an Order-in-Council in 1960 again separated the Royal House and personal family surname of the monarch and her family. On that date it was decreed that while the Royal House name would remain Windsor, the surname of the descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh would be Mountbatten-Windsor. However, Prince Philip belongs to the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, and, technically, so will his descendants in the male line as well.

The Wettin dynasty of German counts, dukes, Prince Electors (Kurfürsten) and kings ruled the area of today's German state of Saxony for more than 800 years as well as holding for a time the kingship of Poland.

Created margraves of Meissen in 1089 and dukes of Saxony in 1423 with the dignity of electors of the Holy Roman Empire, the family also acquired the landgravate of Thuringia in 1263, but divided into two branches in 1485.

The junior Albertine branch ruled as kings of Poland (1697 - 1763) and Saxony (1806 - 1918), and headed the French-backed Duchy of Warsaw (1807 - 1814) after Russian invasion had thwarted its assumption of a hereditary Polish kingship under the Polish Constitution of 1791.

The senior Ernestine branch lost the electorship to the Albertine in 1547, but retained its holdings in Thuringia, dividing the area into a number of smaller states. One of the resulting Ernestine houses, that of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, went on to contribute kings of Belgium (from 1831) and Bulgaria (1908 - 1946), as well as furnishing consorts to queens of Portugal and the United Kingdom (Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria). As such, the British throne became a possession of the Wettin family.

Although the British Royal Family's Royal House name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the descendants of Victoria and Albert had the personal surname of Wettin until 1917, when both the Royal House name and the personal family surname was changed to Windsor by an Order-in-Council by King George V. As a result of Queen Elizabeth's marriage to Prince Philip of Greece, the throne will, when their son becomes King, pass to his family, the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, although they probably will continue using the name Windsor as a house name and Mountbatten-Windsor (Mountbatten being an Anglicisation of Battenberg, from the title of Philip's mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg) as a personal surname, as prescribed by Queen Elizabeth's 1960 Order-in-Council.


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posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 12:52 PM

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 01:02 PM
This site has a list of the families and it also goes into some details about the families

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 03:43 AM
It is by pure chance that I came across of one of Fritz Springmeier’s papers on the Van Duyn bloodline.
And, after having read it, I perfectly understand why nothing much could ever have been found by this person to establish a definite link between this family and these so-called Illuminati.

In fact, the earliest occurrence mentioned in this article(s) about the Van Duyn bloodline, indicates 1626, which is quite recent. Also, Springmeier never traced this particular name to its very origins, and finally so, he couldn’t find anything linked to the Brussels group, nor the Geneva group, or anything else… His fallacious conclusions, that this family is one of the satanic bloodlines ruling this world, are but the product of his fertile imagination, nourished with a firm dose of paranoia.

Since much ignorance prevails in Springmeier’s writings, when he uses the Holy Scriptures and other philosophical sources to produce false evidence on a so-called occult world government, the time is now right to correct his assertions. The time has come to shed some more light on all this, and clear away a great deal of disinformation.
I will share with you some information that I happen to detain. I am old now (96) and I asked someone to translate this in an Internet (blog) message (I do not know very much about recent technologies…).
Important world changes will soon clearly be evident for humanity to see and experience and secrecy around all this is of no real use, anymore.

Hereafter follow a number of hints, that may help to re-do, complete or correct Springmeier’s research.

About the name Van Duyn, and its origins:

As Fritz Springmeier stated it so well, it was a privilege, in Germany, France and the Netherlands to use the title (particle) “von”, “de”, “van” as a special noble privilege. But, this habit only started around the 13th Century. Before that period, Europe’s noble families wore their names without this adjunction. In the case of the Van Duyn bloodline, one should in fact read: Duyn.

You will find a number of historical ancient documents to consult (Armorial de Savoie, La lignée Capétienne, etc.) concerning the name “Duyn”, as early as the 7th Century, in France (Haute-Savoie, Savoie, etc). One small village around the lake of Annecy, now spelled “Duingt”, hosts no less than three castles, and is historically considered to be one of the cradles of the Duyn family line.

You will also find traces of this ancient family in Switzerland (canton de Vaud, Valais Bex, Geneva), Val d’Isère, Albertville, Cité de Conflens, and many more locations around the original Duingt village.

If you consult the sources in Belgium (Brussels), you will indeed find more additional indications, that will lead you even further. There were firms, factories (Rubber), foundations (Concordia), and many links with other outstanding families, such as “Francus” or “Franceaus”, (linked to the Merovaea, the Merovingans), Pire, Mercier.

In France, this name has undergone different changes in spelling: de Duyn, de Duin, Duin, Duing… and when one of the Seigneurs de Duyn (Vicomte de Val d’Isère et de Tarentaise) became one of the outstanding officers at the service of Princess Helene de Luxembourg around 1150, quite a number of Duyns migrated to the north of Europe (Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands), exporting the actual Duyn bloodline. After the year 1400, the particle “de” Duyn, then currently used in France and Europe, became “van” Duyn in the Netherlands, and “von” in the German Empire.
In his research however, Springmeier limited himself to this small and recent part of the Dutch family (Van Duyn) and this is precisely the reason why he was misled. This error prevented him to establish a solid link between the Duyn bloodline and these supposedly secret “illuminati”. Springmeier states, without producing any serious evidence, that this family (among a few others) is the hidden acting ruler behind governments, world institutions, kingdoms, etc.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 03:47 AM
Somewhere in his book on the “Illuminati Bloodlines” and in some related papers and internet articles, Springmeier mentioned the Jewish tribe of Dan. There exists indeed a very strong link between this ancient pre-Jewish tribe, and the Mesopotamian regions. Some information (on written Sumerian tablets found in Ur, aging -5000 BC), is currently available. This is how came the idea that the Tribe of Dan, had divine blood. Some legends are telling us that the Gods (depicted as extraterrestrials) mixed with some local human tribes, and “created a race of giants…” Legends are made for the human person to reflect, wonder, question and find. Legends are never to be taken literally.

Eons ago, around -3000 BC, a part of the Dan tribe traveled westward, and contributed to the genesis of the Hellenic culture and, later, the Roman and the Celtic. The migration of the “Tuatha de Danaan” (The people of Dan), in Greece, and even in Ireland and Scandinavia, may be an interesting research line. Historical sources can be cross-checked, on this item.
The Tribe of Dan is said to present strong proto-historic origins. There are some legends and tales indicating the interference of the so-called Elohim/Annunaki/Duunimmud, in the very genesis of actual Mankind. Too many books have been written on this subject, recently. These authors are mixing many unfounded hypothesis, historical evidence and dreams, in such a nonscientific manner, so that they can come forward with the strangest theories on the creation of mankind, evoking extraterrestrials and even satanic demons… This sort of foolish literature is only made for people’s leisure and dreams, though.
Let’s come back to the present day’s reality… The Duyn bloodline can currently be found in the United States (Tucson Texas – New York – Nevada – Oregon etc.) One has only to consult the local (telephone directory) records… (Under Duyn, Duin, Van Duin, and Van Duyn) you will find what you’re looking for: Peaceful families raising their kids, and participating in local social activities. No such thing as satanic hidden world leaders.
As I previously said, Duyn can also be currently found in Belgium (Duyn), Germany (Von Duyn), France (Duyn, de Duyn), Netherlands (Van Duyn, Duinen, Van Duin, Duyn, Duin…), and in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well…
It must be said, though, that this name is quite scarce, under any of its forms, and you will find only very few publicly registered occurrences. Some Duyns are currently working within the UN system (New York and Geneva, Switzerland), others are involved in NSA, FBI and AIVD, as well as in different governments, etc. This does not turn them into secret society people.
Some personal thoughts:
One of the very purposes of this “humankind experiment” (we’re all dedicated to) is to generate more and stronger individual positive thought energy. Quite a number of old and modern philosophy trends are underlining this idea that the responsibility of every human being lies in generating a higher, sweeter, frequency range for our actual physical Planet to evolve through. Fear, ignorance, hate, rejection, and wroth will have to be “transmuted” into currents of love, understanding, inclusion and creativity. That’s our job.
This idea may seem very strange to a majority of readers, whose priorities lie in resolving everyday petty problems, sex, money, career, comfort, food, etc. However, humankind has always been the thinking and creating tool of our planet, and promoting the planet’s evolution should normally be considered as the very first reason of humankind’s presence on Earth. In fact, our physical world as we can see it and touch it today, is embedded within a sort of “stratus” of different, complementary, parallel worlds, functioning on different (higher and lower) energy frequencies. It happens sometimes that the human mind is able to “feel” these worlds, in some situations. The religious theories on “heaven and hell” are but a mere caricature of this

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 03:47 AM
Somme “passages or tunnels” between these different worlds can be found today, and are even growing in number. Under certain circumstances, life forms emanating from these levels, can manifest on our earthly physical environment, and can sometimes be noticed through human physical eyes. Very soon (only a few years from now) all this will gradually have to be unveiled to the human masses, and a new era (let us say: different values and ways of living) will have to commence.
Some writers are already evoking with a huge emotive charge a so-called “end of the world”. There will be no such thing. There will only be change of values, modification in our style of life, evolution of our knowledge and our conscience and shift in the quality of our priorities. Our present modern civilization based on property accumulation, egoism, control through money and electronics, as we are used to, will indeed become totally worthless. It may certainly be useful to indicate to the masses, that money, institutional religions, manipulation politics, electronic technology, property, and everything that makes our actual environment, will simply cease to be. Some people will probably be shocked, for a while. Some will even deprive themselves of their life. Therefore, we should start to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for this set of important changes. At the other hand, many people will find great relief, since they feel blocked and manipulated by the actual “system”. In fact, a new beginning is at hand, and many new abilities for the basic human mind, to be experimented, will develop. This shift in consciousness, this journey toward a finer (higher) vibration frequency range, will strongly reduce the painful effects of human emotions such as fear, hate, hunger, greed, suffering, etc.
The point of individual consciousness stands at the intersection of our actual earthly time-space environment (symbolically, the horizontal line or plane), and the complete range (higher and lower) of vibration energy frequencies (the vertical line).
At any time, every single human being on Earth is able to fully “exist” (through the means of his intended, poised, presence of thought) on this very point of intersection, where a personal passageway can be found at any moment, and where time comes to a stand still. Then he can wander on these different levels of cosmic life, if though he accepts to throw aside his emotions of fear and surprise.
The heraldic emblem of the Duyn bloodline is a cross (a red cross, on gold). The motto of the Duyn bloodline sounds: PORTANTUR STEMMATA COELO.

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