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posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 09:20 AM
a reply to: DanDanDat

Damn troublesome thought isn't it?

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 09:20 AM
“I really believe we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them,” Clinton made the comment during an interview with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof at a women’s summit.

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 09:29 AM
a reply to: iWontGiveUP

Who knew! She's psychic?

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 09:56 AM
off topic
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posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 09:59 AM

originally posted by: ManBehindTheMask
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Of course he had a choice......

"Sorry I had no choice but to drop bombs on another country or risk looking weak, you know instead of looking like a real leader, launching an investigation, and meeting with Russia and other players in the region to get things done "

Yikes. ....what's scary is that people actually believe that

I prefer to have a REAL leader who focuses on the RIGHT thing, the most PRUDENT things over his self image

Like your boy Obama ?

WTF are you talking such leaders have ever existed in would you know what to prefer.

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: ParasuvO

My boy Obama?

Have you ever read any of my posts since 2008?

Nice attempted jab (though ridiculously unfounded) while also not addressing anything I said......

I can tell you one thing, I wouldn't have knee jerk hammering them w tomahawk missles less that 48 hours and before the facts were present

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posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 11:13 AM
a reply to: ManBehindTheMask

I'm in agreement with you about this totally.

This is so convoluted and murky that no one knows the truth of the situation.

Trump has made a UUUGE mistake and is now exposed as the neo-con he claimed he wasn't. I never particularly liked him either but I was willing to take a chance on him, if I lived in the US i might have even voted for the guy!

Now I feel like a fool for putting faith in men. I was told not to, and it's let me down again.

I stand with you on this brother, this is another attempt at WW3 and we're all caught in the middle. I fear for the future here. I have been told I have a child on the way and this makes me uneasy.

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 11:16 AM
But... but... what happened to our brand new, KY jelly slathered, mutual love affair with Russia? I thought we were besties now. Does this mean Donald and Vlad won't be picking out curtains together?

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: jtma508

I think it means that the destabilization from the media, and those with influence, to alienate Russia once again, has worked on Trump.

Cold war it is.

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: iWontGiveUP

This is pandora's box waiting to be unleashed. It's what they want. To create a world filled with crap, run by crap, and controlled by crap.

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: Neith

Id substitute the word cockroach for crap they are picking fights with countries capable of fighting back now

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 02:06 PM
a reply to: khnum

Let it be both, it can be both right?

The thing about cockroaches, is that they always come back like filthy leeches, in other words, you can't kill them.
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posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: Joneselius

agreed my friend, lets just hope that cooler heads, and more experienced men prevail in this whole mess!

posted on Apr, 11 2017 @ 04:43 PM

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posted on Apr, 12 2017 @ 04:24 PM
Moscow has vetoed a US-backed resolution condemning the Khan Shaykun incident on April 4 as a chemical attack while demanding that Syria open up its military bases to inspections.
Russia, which has veto power as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, was joined by Bolivia in voting down the resolution. China, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan abstained.

Ten states, including the US, the UK and France – the Troika that put together the text of the resolution – voted in favor.

“The main objection to the resolution is that it apportioned blame prior to an objective outside investigation of the incident... The outcome of the vote was predestined, because we disagreed categorically with a document that was fundamentally misconceived,” said Vladimir Safronkov, Russia’s deputy envoy at the Security Council, who also accused other states and international organizations of making “no effort” to inspect the site of the alleged attack.

Accepting the resolution would also “legitimize” the April 7 air strike carried out by the US on the Shayrat airbase in northern Syria, from which Washington claims government planes carrying the deadly sarin nerve gas took off, Safronkov said.

Britain’s representative Matthew Rycroft said Russia’s veto – the eighth since the Syrian conflict began in 2011 – was "indefensible," and reminded Moscow of its own promise to rid the country of chemical weapons following an alleged attack in 2013.

France's President Francois Hollande said Moscow was taking on a "heavy burden of responsibility" for "obstructing" the efforts to end the Syrian crisis.

Washington's envoy to the Security Council, Nikki Haley, said she was still hopeful of future cooperation with Moscow, and urged Russia to exert its influence over Bashar Assad to stop the "madness and violence" of the conflict, in which over 400,000 people have already been killed.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 07:39 AM
In a disorderly attempt to stay relevant the UN is now again proposing the usual blueprint for a reform.
Too little too late. Irrelevancy of the UN was decided during the 2003 invasion of Iraq when the west refused to obey UN resolutions and the recommendation of Kofi Annan for a peaceful resolution to the Iraqi situation.
The EU is now plotting to offer a concession in the UN, the west might go as far as offering a permanent UNSC seat to Brasil during the so called reform, and this won't be vetoed by anyone. Be aware of western yoke though, that seat will come at severe price for anybody.

posted on Sep, 19 2017 @ 04:17 AM
The UN is a tool of depraved oligarchical power, and will be completely defunded and destroyed. It was a british imperialist creation and will die as an EU-puppet show.

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