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NEWS: Nine saved 38 days after tsunami

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 12:35 PM
Amazingly, 38 days after the devistating tsunami, 9 people have been rescued from a remote Indian island. The 9 survived on coconuts and coconut milk. The Indian police, who went to the island to look for bodies, and after trecking 8 miles into the island's interior, spotted the survivors
Nine men, women and teenagers have been discovered by police in India's remote Campbell Bay island, after spending 38 days wandering across villages flattened by the Asian tsunami, an officer said.

The nine from the Nicobarese tribe -- five males, two women and two teenage girls -- are the newest survivors in Asia's devastating December 26 tsunamis.

"They were sitting in the forest when we saw them, and they just ran to us, without saying anything," Inspector Shaukat Hussain told The Associated Press on Wednesday by telephone from Campbell Bay, the only town in Great Nicobar, India's southernmost island.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It's amazing what the human spirit can do. All hope of finding any more survivors had been lost weeks ago, and now they find 9 people surviving on a remote island. Perhaps search and rescue missions will pick up a bit with this news.

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 03:23 PM
Big deal..Gilligan and his crew survived for longer off of such fare, and they weren't remotely locals..of course, they *did8 have a raido, which this group didnt..

I'm glad to see more good news from the area-I'm tired of seeing the body count go up as the factions in the area use the disaster as a cover to settle old scores.

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