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Fatima 100y coincide with expectation of Jewish Messiah...and more...Free discussion

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posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 07:20 AM
for people keeping note, the first vision apparently guessed that world war one would end at some time, i'm betting a few people were saying that too.
the second vision said there would be a second war in russia and that russia would become roman catholic.
well that hasn't happened, so you have till october to convert an entire nation to roman catholic before the third is revealed which the pope himself has said will disappoint people looking for a big surprise.

ps: why does the thread title claim jewish messiah?
if the vision of fatima was intended for jews why appear to roman catholics in a roman catholic country?

the first vision apparently said the first world war would end at some point, no date was given.
the second vision stated a second war would happen ending with russia converting to roman catholic, which hasn't happened.
the third which the pope says himself will disappoint those looking for anything interesting is setup to fail, unless the entire nation of russia becomes roman catholic, good luck.

posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I tried, but failed to save a coed, from Perham Dorm, at WSU, that Friday evening. Believe me, when things were being sorted out, after her death, I was walking through doors, without opening them for half of the Summer. It shook me up, enormously. About four years later, I stumbled across the little Jewish girl in Morocco, on that bus ride. Seven years afterwards, I got into a real psychic episode, back here in Idaho. I had moved across the border from my home in Washington State, and WSU, because I could see, by 1972, it was now a Police State. Idaho, is still a classic American Free State. It took another seven years, and being laid off from a mill closure, to discover my Nieland genealogy in the Book written by Nostradamus.

Nosty never saw the WSU incident, but he was present at the 1978, one, as well as following me from Fez, Morocco, all the way North to Karasoke, Norway, where I crossed over from Finland, before hitchhiking down the frosty Norwegian Coastlines. In a map of Europa, Karasoke, is right on the crown of her head. All in all, there are a few dozen verses, including the names of his three daughters, Madeleine, Diana, and Ann. These resolve into anagrams for Nieland & David. Nosty also wrote a verse about the Three Sisters, but these are his own three daughters. He christened them long before he ever published his book, circa 1555 A.D.

Edgar Cayce channeled a discarnate spirit in about 1934 in NYC, and his wife mistook the French Jean, for Jon. That spook got Peniel out of Selin, and Jean out of jeune in Nosty's C. VIII, Q, 31. That one finished up in 1957, when I was only in my 11th year, in Fifth Grade. Its about the rise and fall of Benito Mussolini, told from the perspective of the story of the death of King Saul, and the transmission of his emblems to the Biblical David. They didn't have combat photography back in those days. My schoolmate, Bob Sattler ( Mis et Mal), brought his dad's infamous photos from Milano, It. showing the Fascists hanging upside down, which were published in the 1950, WWII commemorative edition of Look Magazine, titled, Five years after. Nosty probably wrote the only book, where you do have to use the cover to judge it. Many Capital M's, come out of anagrams, and go back onto the cover of his book, as the Roman Numeral, for 1000. Or Ten Centuries!

Suffice to say, that discarnate spirit didn't make the grade, as my middle name isn't Jean, but rather one which you can solve out of the French words for jeune, and for Thursday. Spooks and evil spirits can't make curves when they materialize, and so the Chinese always put a curve into their mystic garden bridges, for that reason. These spooks can only fly in for a "Touch and Go", in a straight line.

I've had more than my share of these episodes, and a couple of Nosty's verses are from my 1978 psychic O.O. B. experiences. But dozens follow one branch of my family across the U.S.A. between 1911 and the present. Some are obviously still tracking, like a WWII torpedo, speeding underwater, towards a merchant ship.

The biggie, is still coming. It's the "Stones hidden in the Star's beard" verse about asteroids in a comet's tail, striking the Earth, causing Havoc on both land and sea. I'm now Seventy, so twenty or thirty years out, will not be much of a problem for me. If you want to sneak a peek, take a large Globe, and stretch a string from Tunguska, Siberia, to Edinburgh, Scotland. Then take that same length of string, and stretch it from Seattle, off to the East. I make this as a large impactor, coming down in the mid Atlantic, at about the same latitudes, a few degrees South of the 49th Parallel, which is our Western border with Canada.

This vision was about my son, surviving this " Bright Nights" phenomenon. He walks up out of some underground revetment, and looks around in this strange surreal lighted landscape. Today he is beginning to go bald in his mid thirties, but in the vision he sports a "Trumpian, hair weave". Ouch! In any case, he walks standing straight, and tall, but not being bent down by old age.

IN the weeks following that 1908 impactor in Siberia, there were landscape photos taken in this Bright Nights surreal llighting, as late as 11:00 PM in Scotland and Holland. Sails on boats and windmills, plus church bell towers, showed up, good enough, to make photos using the very crude, daylight films, of that year.

It took the Tsar, longer, to determine where the impactor had hit, than those "Bright Nights" persisted.

AFAIK, that Tunguska impactor wasn't connected to Hailey's Comet, which came by a couple of years later. It may have been part of a known meteor shower, but this coming one, should be visible from Earth, once before going into the Sun, and later, coming back out, past the Earth. Comet Tails always point away from the Sun, but heavier rocks, "hidden in the star's beard", wouldn't be deflected by the solar wind. These tails are only dust, but neither Tunguska, nor the coming World cataclysms. will be made up, only of dusts.

On the positive side, there will be so much dust thrown, high up, that a Global Dark Age, will stop Global Warming in her tracks. The last big Dark Age, came after the giant 530 A.D. eruption of Krakatau, in Indonesia, and lasted for over 250 years. Dr. Jacob Lowenstein of the Y.V.O. in Menlo Park, CA. has been tracking down those ash deposits, worldwide, to I.D. this threat. When Krakatoa, more recently blew her top in 1883 A.D., it generated beautiful sunsets for seven years.

Nosty writ; " for forty years the rainbow won't be seen, then for forty years it will be seen every day." Sounds about right! This posits a dark age, only about one fifth as bad as what happened, after that horrible 530 A.D. volcanic eruption. The joker here, is whether the impactors, also set off beau coup volcanic eruptions. Shoemaker Levy 9, hitting Jupiter, should have ended the theory of Gradualism, in favor of the theory of Catastrophism. But they, the Gradualists, have dug in, and now espouse the hypotheses of man made Global Warming. If Jupiter wasn't a big enough hammer, Destiny is going to apply an even 'bigglier' one, onto our own heads. Or at least, onto the heads of our kids.

Heck! All of the Millennial Snowflakes hiding out in their parents' basements may already have a leg up, on living underground in bunkers, for most of their adult lives. See! I'm not all for "Doom and Gloom", after all.

edit; If anyone's interested, Carpooler comes from a carpool my mother ran for young officers in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where she worked a second job, rounding up society broads to christen ships, for Adm. Green. Every passenger donated his 5 gal. per week gas ration card, and some gas money. So, she had plenty of gas, to drive back and forth to work. One evening, driving home, she listened as one newly minted Annapolis grad spilled the beans about delivering a valise of paperwork, and walking past an invisible ship's hull, in the muddy Delaware River waters. He said that he could see the rivet heads in the far side, outlined in the muddy waters. This had to be the business end of the Philadelphia Experiment. But the D.D. E., U.S.S. Eldridge, had an electro welded hull, without any riveted seams. So the real invisible test used a much earlier hull. My money is on one of those two "Dynamite Boats", from the 1898 Naval War.

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posted on Jul, 16 2017 @ 10:41 PM
a reply to: growler

I think you need some reread of Fatima since the beginning. You mismatch the first secret-vision of hell, with the so called Second secret - the words of Our Lady of WW1, WW2 as punishment for sins. Here is a good basic sourse.

The thread is intended for ALL prophecies to find the common ground if any, in order to decode the near future. Therefore I titled it "free discussion" because I was dismayed at another thread at that time that forbade me speaking of the off-world dimension.

And not ONLY for Fatima to look for a date setting that I never did. Others did it and I quote them. Some of them are: ex-pope Benedict, fr Malachi Martin ex-jesuit who read allegedly the original 3rd secret given to him by cardinal Bea the prominent Jesuit, and the late Rome exorhgist fr Gabrielle Amorth. All of them said in one way or another, that there will be fulfillment before the 100th anniversary, that falls on Oct 13. I don't know if they will be right or not. I advise listening to Malachi Martin;s interviews on Coast to Coast AM.

Having most of the people who talked about Fatima passed away, and the living ones unwilling to leak any more info, it is really hard to figure it out only based on fatima.

The Jewish prophecies abuound and are popular not only in the Jewish communities, especially Judah ben Samuel prophecy of the jubilee cycles. One should be very shortsighting not to realize the significance of years 5776-5777 in Bible codes, now also available online. I don't think Nostradamus is more worthy of believing than the Bible code, however many Christians prefer to believe him for what they know and what they do not know.

posted on Jul, 16 2017 @ 11:04 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Malachi Martin, cut off part. There are full posted interviews from 1996, 1997, 1998 on Coast to |Coast AM, before he passed away. transcripts are posted online, but I don't have the time to search them.

notice how he speaks of the nature of angels and demons at the end of that short excerpt...

I also suppose he was given purposely a part of the prophecy not necessarily everything, to leak it at the time when he would be no more jesuit and no more bound by some rules, still bound by others...

Having in mind Martin said that 3 days are SPIRITUAL and not physical danger, I develop that idea in a separate thread from many different points of view contradicting myself many times), that is possible all that to be just spiritual (although the physical chastisement could occur with as little as 2 weeks notice). And that we may arrive at the Era of Peace by October or November 2017 without any apocalyptic doomsday to precede it. Whether it is the case or not, I just don't know. And I repeat it, I don't know. I am not Martin, or any other person who have read original texts. Everyone is prone to error, so am I.

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posted on Jul, 17 2017 @ 04:01 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I live North of Time Zone Bridge, in the Pacific Time Zones. Daylight and standard. Have you noticed that the narrow band of totality, runs from Wyoming, through South Idaho, and Westwards through Baker City, to Lebanon, Oregon, before it goes out over the Pacific Ocean? So the Moon is directly in between the Sun and the Earth, in this narrow band of totality. Tidal stresses in the Earth's crust will max out, for about an hour, over the Yellowstone Caldera, plus the Snake River Basalt plains. Not saying anything might happen on this eclipse day, but it still might loosen things up for something, in a couple of weeks or so. Idaho City is in Mountain Time, and Baker City, Ore. is in my own Pacific Daylight Time.

This is really only a geographic convention, as the total Solar Eclipse is running from East to West in a straight line. Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho, are all part of the old Oregon Territory, from before 1855. So is the Western Pacific slopes of Montana, up to it's Continental Divide, at MacDonald Pass, just West of Helena. However, the present Pacific/Mountain time changes right at the Idaho Montana border, at Lookout Pass summit. So this limits the exposure for all of the Pacific Time Zone folks.

FWIW, all of these Pacific Time Zones, daylight savings and standard time, will stay safe from everything up to a Yellowstone Super Volcanic Eruption, but there's still the volcanic Three Sisters, farther over to the West, in Oregon. And better yet, we still have the Cascadia Fault, running North and South, under the Pacific Ocean Coast's Subduction Zone.

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posted on Jul, 20 2017 @ 06:39 AM

Convertion means a change from bad to good, but it doesn't mean all evil will disappear, clarifies Lucia in rare 2 videos on meetings with two cardinals.

Will that change the Fatima paradigm?

Linked videos on youtube with Fr Gruner (passed away) say that Lucia's letters that claimed Russian's consecration, were faked. But now we have a video...

Besides the consecration, the Third secret is the other issue. Frankly, I didn't understand from the short clips what exactly Lucia said about the secret, besides the commentary that she adviced the pope not to disclose it,..

Obviously we are not told the real Secret for a good reason. What could be a good reason enough for the Vatican?

i already discussed, and am convinced , it has to do with Extraterrestrial appearance/manifestation (i.e. they could have lanbded long ago, and just manifest themselves in a given moment and country (s).

Let go back to some ET info that seem leaked on purpose for decades. Project Camelot that gathered a good number of interviews of various trustworthy people, suggest the ET are already in contact with a number of countries, including Russia. One of the ET races are the Nordic, looking indistinguishable from Norwegian or Swedish...Any connection to the ancient Vikings? I don't know, just an idea.
Other ET groups however do not look so nice.

Does the Vatican fear ET manifestation in Russia, and that's why John Paul II said that the Communist regime may be emboldened to make certain moves if the third Secret would be released?

And if the Vatican fears ET manifestation in Russia, does it mean those ET are considered not good by Rome? Or they are good but the appearance is premature for the world (at the years 1960-2016)? Not the least, because it could make some teachings that are not dogma to become outdated, and the millions fathful are not prepared for that?

Medvedev speaks of ET already residing in Russia

What if they are not only Nordic but also reptilian or others? Would Vatican call those reptilians demons? Would Vatican call the Nordic -angels then? Questions that better start to be answered bypope Francis who publicly said he would baptize green martians with big ears and noses, if they'd ask him for baptism. Therefore, he admitted there is a third cathegory different from angels and demons, that is closer to what we humans on earth are" sinful who can convert by the grace of God.

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posted on Jul, 20 2017 @ 09:58 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

The video clearly does NOT show Lucia speaking on the Third secret. The introduction says it, in terms quite vague. It says, the secret is Not the end of the world, well and what is the end of the world? WW3? How about the miracle of the falling sun?

Let say, a planetary cataclysm that is preset with known date for centuries and millenia in ancient books, and Our Lady communicates to us not only thru the 3 seers but also thru the magnificent unique solar miracle on October 13, 1917. 100 years later? I don't know.

If that is the case, and can only guess, then the Angels may indeed come shortly beforehand offering Refuges. How many catholic apparitions, not enjoying the approval of Fatima, communicated about the Refuges where the people will be led to by their angels?

How about space cities landing on many places to serve as refuges during the Planet X passage? I don't know if this is the case, it seems to me logical. The aftermath will see the earth restored by angelic ET extraordinary capabilities and the good will of cooperating men and women saved in the refuges. |Yes it is not the end of the world. It is the end of the era. When? I don't know whether or not it is this September or after more years.
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posted on Jul, 23 2017 @ 02:37 AM
At the time when millions of Catholics ask what's next with Fatima, and with many failed policies of Church, some find the devil in the rock music...the influential private website spirit daily gives as headline the following link

THEFUNDAMENTALPROBLEM with rock music, many of its antecedents, and nearly all of its offshoots, can be summed up quite simply: its rhythm is unnatural and morally tainted. There are other intellectual and moral problems with it, such as dumb or lurid or violent lyrics, insipid and monotonous melodies, sloppy singing, the lack of a well-structured progress from beginning to middle to end, and more, but it has always seemed to me that the rhythm is the essence of the music—and the pith of the problem.

I wouldn't call satanic music that inspired generations. Some of it has a religious content, such as some songs of Elvis or Bob Dylan who was awarded by St John Paul ii, long before he won the Nobel prize...

The problem is not which music one likes. If someone doesn't like rock music, he may not listen it. On contrary some outdated religious hymns of local churches sound repetitive with their monotonity and after all, dumb and senceless. But they nurture religious feelings of the flock...or do they really?

I'd advice the private and official Catholic websites to respond to the real problems of the people and not to look after modern wiches. Why not to talk more of Fatima and Malachi now when the clock is ticking - we have only two full months until...what???

No we weren't told of what is to come, and for a good reason...

When we wake up on October 14, (or may be much earlier) we may need all our spiritual strength to accept the new world...given by God to exist outside our limited frames.

There are hundreds of good melodic rock songs with reasonable texts that could prove my point of view.

Bob Dylan performs his "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in Bologna, Italy, with John Paul II looking on - 1997 - The Pope treated the audience of 200,000 people to a sermon based on Dylan's lyric "Blowin' in the Wind".

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posted on Aug, 9 2017 @ 07:01 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Trump's threat to North Korea, in responce to NK continuous threats, comes to prove that everything could be expected, including WW3 or smaller but devastating local nuclear war.

Althougn most of the posters prefer to post in other prophecy threads, I see no point why to abandon my thread that has a lot already posted in it.

With that new development, the idea of an apocalyptic end of Sept - october scenario is further promoted. it may not happen, but the chance to happen around the 100th anniversary of several events is more likely now than before.

I wonder, should the angelic ET forces await until the first nuclear explosions, or are they permitted to act preemptively on behalf of God's chosen ones? I want to believe in the second option.

posted on Aug, 11 2017 @ 05:35 PM
I believe there's a lot of Karma over Tehran, Tokyo, and parts oh Israel. This is corroborated by my solution for Nostradamus's C 10 Q 74. I've previously fessed up why July 12, 2001A D, is the lynch pin for the 9-11 2001 attacks. Finally, all the ducks are lined up, after 16 years. a reply to: 2012newstart

posted on Aug, 19 2017 @ 02:58 AM
Fatima Secret = Public Contact with Extraterrestrial life?

Putin - the Disclosure president?

Stephen Bassett, executive director of the Paridigm Research Group International (PRG), has spent a week in Russia trying to convince Mr Putin of the importance of lifting an alleged "truth embargo" that stops world leaders telling the public the truth about aliens.

Mr Bassett, who is the only registered lobbyist in the US on the subject of alien disclosure, believes a conspiracy theory that the truth of aliens has been withheld due to the fear of the impact on religion and the rule of law if we all knew.

He believes the conspiracy has been in place since at least 1947 when a flying saucer allegedly crash landed at Roswell, New Mexico.

Mr Bassett was interviewed for a Russian documentary during his visit.

A PRG statement said: "During the interview, which will be broadcast in Russian in August, Bassett discussed various considerations that might prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to make the first formal acknowledgment by a head of state regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

posted on Aug, 19 2017 @ 07:37 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

With the approach of the final day of the 100th anniversary season of Fatima apparitions (Oct 13) some people and organizations raise the prospect similar to the official 2000 version stance: you see fatima has been fulfilled. The punishment warned by Our Lady has been accomplished by WW2 and communism...

It is clear for everyone that there isn't any era of peace, no matter if you count it as symbolic or real. It doesn't exist on earth. Instead, according to specialists, the world is much closer to the big war than it were in 1989.

The pope's celebrations of May 13 are something good of course. But the pope never released what is concealed in the rest of the secret.

If there is no big Chastisement to come soon, and if the world slips into an illusional peace, without actually having the era of peace promised in Fatima, we may think of something even worse: of the false peace of the antichrist...

I do not know if that is the case. And I repeat it. Unlike many protestants who believe this is it, and the rapture "must happen" around the end of this year (from Rosh hashanah to New year).

An extraordinary intervention of God, be it thru punishment, or thru His holy angels for supernatural graces the world didn't know before, could move the world into the direction to accept conversion and to be given the era of peace.

That corresponds to events such as great warning and miracle, not only in Garabandal but many other unapproved seers, However I do NOT advocvate that read of the Catholic prophecy. There are other reads of post-Biblical prophecy, such as the era of the holy monarch that were very popular in middle centuries. I do not stand blindly behind ANY of the seers who are not approved after all, be they medieval or 20th -21st century. That may or may not happen.

If ET come tomorrow, we should see first what is their message. A message of love and hope in God and love and service of the neighbor, that repeats the message of Jesus in the Gospel, or a message of false peace and false well being, that will be essentially the expected message of the antichrist. I am open minded and will react according to the events that happen. Nobody is prophet, not even the hundreds of seers. No they are not. They present their temporal view, they do not present the miracles made by the prophets of the Old Testament or the Apostles.
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posted on Aug, 19 2017 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

One big fault of the End time scenarios is, there is no place in them for the 144,000 youths to be sealed by angels, and the birth of the manchild, raptured, and his reign, along with the war in heaven, before the final persecution of the antichrist/beast on planet earth.

Something changed with the latest interpretations of the celestial alignment that represents exactly those verses in Revelation 12, that is ongoing as we speak and will be accomplished on Sept 23, 2017. The bible scholars and common people on internet started talking of the manchild as an image of all of us, or selected number people within the Church, and not the historical events of Bethlehem that are simply NOT represented by Revelation 12 for a number of obvious reasons...

Even the pope finally spoke of the Revelation and the image of Manchild representing all of us (presumably all people on the road to sainthood, if not all of God's people), as the personage of John under the Cross represented all of us who stay with Jesus and His and Our Mother.

So all those theories, end times and contemporary prophecy, should take account that the sealing of the 144,000 and their role on earth cannot be just spiritual, symbolic, and INVISIBLE. Because if it is so, then we may well say the rest of the book(s) is also symbolic and invisible when accomplished...and we end in a dead end with ruined irrelevant prophecy. We either accept all of the prophecy (of all Biblical books, including 2 Ezdras), or we don't. If we pretend we follow and expect prophetic events concerning near and far future, we also must accept the words speaking of the 144,000 firstfruits of God and of the Lamb (one or two sets), and the manchild who will rule the nations with a rod of iron, all of that preceding the final persecution of God's people.

Where does Fatima fit in all that? May be the promised era of peace is exactly the reign of the manchild and 144,000. I don't know.

One may ask also to very reasonable question, who and what comes after the last pope of St Malachi's list, who appears to be pope Francis although he didn't take the name Peter. To tie it with Fatima, Francis called himself the bishop dressed in white (the image of the officially released vision of Lucia in year 2000), during his pilgrimage to Fatima on May 13, 2017. Whether he will be martyr or not, I do not know. But who comes after him, with the fact of his advanced age and the bitter divisions among cardinals on questions that seem not possible to find middle way (such as moral etc), are logical and reasonable quests that better start to be answered by the people in hierarchy. If they know for sure of a new era to come, with or without visible presence of God's angels on earth (for them the Gospel speaks explicitly that they will be sent before the Second Coming), then better we are told. Or we will see the truth and will makie our own decisions based on it. Not based on false promises and absurd interpretations that never ever materialize, on both personal and public level.
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posted on Aug, 19 2017 @ 08:37 PM
One may ask the very reasonable question, why from all films about Aliens, that mostly present the aliens as hostile, the ones with Thor the Viking present them as good defenders of earth? If we talk of the ET as the so called "gods" from the sagas, isn't it reasonable to ask what's the role of particularly the Vikings represented by the colorful image of Thor? It is not just one movie, it is a trend that shapes conscience of young and old.

If we are to encounter ET races soon, the question of their polarity will be the first one to be asked (everyone wants to be sure he wouldn't end up eaten by aliens...and what benefits he will receive from them if they are good).

If we speak of Angelic intervention to prevent the catastrophe, or to lead humanity out of it after it happens, then we should examine where all those ET groups stand in that regard. Are they on God;s side or do they serve the antichrist agenda, voluntarily or involuntarily. They'd better do something more in order to be recognized unmistakably. Mixed messages, as those of some politicians and religious, are not something to be followed by humanity. Humanity needs a clear Yes / No answer. Because at stake is its survival. Everyone will think first of his children and loved ones, and then for the fate of the world
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posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I will continue writing in this thread regardless of the lack of responces. There are other threads with more responces and less substantial posts.

I expect the materialization of the commented events to happen before October 13. Rosh Hashanah Sept 20-21 is best for arrival of angelic force (or otherwise called ET) that will set the things called by some "rapture" by others "messiah" (the Jews) , by others "great warning and flee to refuges" (orthodoxal catholics). I don't know whether the plan envisions earthly protected zones and landed space citie, or it will be more a lift off in space to fulfill the clearly described event in the Gospels called today a rapture (after the verse in Revelationb 12 in Latin for the manchild "raptus est").

That event may not continue justa blink of an eye but may be given longer time, such as one prophetic hour (14-15 days) as long as the warning "go out of her my people" before destruction of Babylon,. it is unrealistically to expect that to be fulfilled in less than one hour. The call to abandon Babylon is a rapture call. Why should we assume the prophet would speak of two distinct events rather of one? Indeed one may say, the 144,000 on Mt Zion in chapter 14 are a first rapture of the innocent firstfruits, to be followed by the second angel's announcement of the fall of Babylon, therefore by its preceding call "go out of her my people". But the time between those events may be days or even hours, so the first taking of the 144,000 on ships to start the process of calling God's people "go out of her" and to end 2 weeks later with the last saved ones from Babylon (and the world, depending on what we consider Babylon).

Of course it may happen nothing again. I am not a prophet. I say the things as they seem logical at the moment. The delay is already too big. It should have started all in 2000 when supposedly many catholic seers expected the Fatima and other events (such as Great Warning). now we have the unique coincidence of jubilee cycles of Jerusalem, Fatima 100 years, and celestial alignment of Virgo...

If nothing happens again...then please stop reading and be satisfied with your everyday things, and the breaking CNN news such as huricane, North Korea missile test, Trump responce, Russian drills,a nd so on....and remain seated to await the prophecy to fulfill, according to your own terms.
I will stop waiting those contemporary prophecies to fulfill after those dates. It would mean something big and basic was not understood. May be that will be the change itself - we will be given knowledge to understand where we failed to do it, for much more than 100 years. So it is useless to shoot at the messenger, really. I never pretended I understood 100% correct, rather I always tried to learn and update my views.
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posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 03:41 AM
For what it's worth I still read your posts. For what it's worth...

I keep hoping you will give some new information concerning Fatima. Or perhaps even Garabandal (yes, I believe in Garabandal). And your theories on aliens has my attention. Mostly because when I was a child I had seen them repeatedly. Over and over again in what I thought were just very vivid scary dreams. We moved and shortly after that In the middle of the day a large (larger than the field I stood in) triangular craft hovered above me at the house we had moved to. Without making a sound. Then there were the lights in the sky that moved too fast and started, stopped, and changed directions instantly.

This was before I had any idea what a UFO was. Only years later when I was in the military did I read Communion (I read a lot of books back then) and it astonished me how he described things I had experienced.

But the thing which has made me search out and record so much prophecy onto my hard drive was again a very lucid/vivid dream where me and my daughter were brought on I suspect a UFO that happened several years ago. What they told me matches up fairly well with so much that I have read.

I see these prophecies as perspectives of the same event. The only difference between my search and yours. Yours seems to be the religious perspective. Not that I disagree with what it intones. It is a result of our collective consciousness. It is a result of our willingness to ignore the intent of God in us all and be our brother's keeper. Increasingly we love judgment, hate, cruelty. I see these things increasing rapidly in every clime and place and that is why I think the time is near. How easily people put on false faces when their hearts hold something else entirely.

When the time comes husband will murder wife and wife husband. Children their parents and vice versa. People will rage and hate and kill. It will be blame upon everything but themselves, where the real problem lies. In the self.

When it goes down and truly begins there are not points for being right. Are there? It's just the end.. Game over.
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posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: Apollumi

Thank you! Well Im not a prophet nor insider as Malachi martin...I just read what others have said. And make my logical suggestions on top of that.

You have seen triangle UFO? May be TR-3B triangle US special program. Not all craft are aliens. But may be yours was alien they should also have triangles if they gave the plans to earth...

Hope they will come at least several days before WW3 or whatever is in store for earth. As we can read, besides North Kroea,

Russia is preparing massive drills that officially start on Sept 14 but the troops and ships are already gathering

Russia mobilizes Kaliningrad oblast for Zapad drills

Russian Northern Fleet warships take to sea in combat readiness check

Over 70 ships of Russia’s Baltic Fleet go to sea during combat readiness check

If WW3 is permitted by Heaven, a rapture-like event should take place shortly before its start.
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posted on Aug, 31 2017 @ 05:37 AM
I think America is Babylon from Revelations and I think we'll be the first to burn. I know everybody from every time thinks their time is "the" time and their nation can often be seen as "the" Babylon. I get that, it's the ego speaking. But things like a nation where all the merchants were made wealthy, etc. Objectively I think it is the US. And I don't just get that from the Bible. I get it from a "lot" of prophecy. As a nation we'll be destroyed via nature and war.

Perhaps the first pass of the eclipse marks the beginning and the second marks the end in a big ole "X" across the nation. That's just conjecture though. Subjective, at best and the mechanics of our planet means it has happened countless number of times. It's just eerie how perfect that "X" is.

Concerning the rapture I have a theory there. I think it is simply a very large exodus of souls (because so many will die in a very short time) from this earth. I say this based on prophecy I have read and my own experiences.

In "my" experience when they told me the last part, about the great winds I had said "Oh,, what about the people......" because how they spoke to me was with emotion and in their communication to me I could feel the totality of the destruction. After I said that in the next moment I stood before and endless sea of people in white robes. I "think" the newly departed souls. I put my hand out and said "This is for the good family" and a thing would appear on my hand and go to them. I kept repeating this action until I was in a scene of devastation on the north east coast of the US.

Also I think it starts in the early fall or early winter. I say that because I saw trees where the leaves had changed to brown but there were still some leaves in the trees. They were not mostly bare. And the air was cold, clear and crisp. This fall? I'm thinking this fall is it. Don't know why. Just a feeling. This seems to match up with Fatima and Fatima is no illusion. It was the real deal.

"And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe."

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posted on Sep, 1 2017 @ 09:13 AM
a reply to: Apollumi

I can't say whether America, Britain or Rome or someone in the future is Babylon. Countries changed their places in history. What we have now as status quo is not forever. Moreover, we do not know for certain whether we are in the end times right now, or whether another 100 or more years will pass.

That being said, I think the current situation in the world is much more explosive than 1980s the final years of the Cold War. Then everything was clear, and now nothing is clear. A chain reaction may happen as well, although the big powers declare they do not want a big war.

Putin just warned that Korean war may be very close. China warned it won't allow a war or chaos in Korean penninsula. If tomorrow a war starts there, it could easily involve China the moment the North Koreans start losing the conventional battles. Or worse, they will be pushed to the wall and will use nukes. American admiral recently said he would not hesitate to use nukes against China if he is ordered to do so. We have the stage for a nuclear world war that may develop out of a small border incident within several days only.

Ukraine is not settled at all. Syria is ongoing full scale conflict. I don't know which one will start it all. Some said, Venezuela.

The only thing that can prevent the full blown WW3 is Divine intervention. One way, IMO, is thru appearance of angelic ET above every major city, or descending only on several or even one place. That will change the scales. People will start flocking to there. Sure Angelic ET will have the means to cure illnesses and to lift poverty in the countries they are in. Many fundamental christians will be quick to say, the great deception has arrived! Only they do not calculate the words of Jesus who said we should build up the kingdom of God where should be no hungry people, where should be peace and love. And that He will send His angels Before not after His Second Coming. Before could mean 1 year before, could mean 30 years before, or more. That is the duration of the Era of Peace promised in fatima and other places.

Will it be given without a Chastisement (WW3, planetary cataclysm)? I don't know. It seems more logical we undergo some Chastisement. But as we can see it is always conditional.

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posted on Sep, 1 2017 @ 09:55 PM
Sun Miracle of Dancing Sun and Falling Sun on zigzag towards Earth, cannot be said it didn't happen. 70,000 people saw it. We can say the words of Our Lady were untrue, not pronounced by her, or later changed by the church offices. But we cannot deny what happened on October 13.

The sun never does so. It was not a projection of a past event (as some tend to interpret the prophets and especially the Apocalypse). It was a projection of a future event.

There are only few options when we could see that happening in real situation. Obviously the first option is the earth to change its orbit and start moving/falling towards the sun. Similar happened to at least to one other planet, the one that makes now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, whose normal orbital movement and its entire structure was destroyed somehow.

Another option is the sun to explode in Nova and expand its radius. Then it will be seen from earth as "falling" i.e. nearing towards Earth. Astronomers say that is the fate of the inner solar system in distant future. What if they are wrong about timing?

One may say also of another massive body moving between sun and earth, i.e. a second sun that closes the earth. The so called Planet X.

Obviously, the text of Neues Europa, although close to the real one, scales down the magnitude of the catastrophe significantly. While it says oceans will turn to steam, it doesn't mention the sun falling towards the earth, that is the essential moment of Fatima. It says instead of the great war to come. Also it doesn't say a word of the exit way provided by God, instead says that good will die together with the bad ones, leaving no room for any hope of salvation as a result of one's faithfulness to God.

I expect the angelic ET to come earlier, with little forewarning of the sun catastrophe, offering last minute chance to escape. Whether we will have also WW3 betweennow and then, it is a possibility not necessity. WW3 can be averted by conversion of men's hearts. Sun catastrophe cannot be averted.
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