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Fatima 100y coincide with expectation of Jewish Messiah...and more...Free discussion

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posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 03:59 AM
I think, based on all that I have read, that it is a brown dwarf. Something about it coming into the solar system causes it to ignite. Hence the two suns and the moment of illumination of our consciousnesses as witnessed by the children in Garabandal. The warning before the chastisement. I think it's ignition and burning brightly causes it to look like a cross in the sky due to a lensing effect.

When something that big comes into the solar system it doesn't have to come close. Just think if two suns burned at the intensity of our one sun for any given period of time. It would get extremely hot very quickly. But, I think part of the effect which causes our oceans to turn to steam is this temporary sun simply passing through and it's gravitational effects on our planet. Water boils at high altitudes much easier due to pressure drop. What if something that big passed through? Something much bigger than Jupiter.

Then there is the Lucifer telescope in, I think, Arizona which has super cooled binocular mirrors which would be ideal to search for brown dwarfs with. What oh what is the Vatican searching for so hard out in deep space? Something that has them scared because they know their time is short.

Then there are the near death accounts of this in the future. And I keep wanting to just dump the Mother Shipton thing but something about it nags at me. Something about it has a ring of truth I cannot shake.

Did anybody get to see the full eclipse? Yeah, I'm going somewhere with this. One thing that amazed me is how well you could see with even the barest sliver of the sun showing. I mean the sunlight looked dimmed but it was nothing like when it was fully eclipsed. I could not help but be very moved while looking at that ring of fire around the sun and the sudden darkness.

I hate to be cliche but I was moved spiritually by the total eclipse. Imagine if you saw a second sun ignite blinding in our solar system. I bet you anything your life would pass before your eyes in less than a second and you'd contemplate who and what you really are.

Then as far as timing goes there is my prophetic barometer. You, the people posting. The people of the states. The people of the nation. The people of the world. You see, I have been hard searching prophecies since my particular experiences. Waiting for the shoe to drop and trying to figure out when.

You know what I've determined about prophecy sites since then. Not a damn one of them has ever even been remotely accurate about anything. Not with any prediction they posted. But once they were right without even knowing it. One day there was a subtly odd mood to their posts. Just out of character behavior and it was subtle. There was like a foreboding in the air. The mood of the people was the prophecy. A barometer, and indication.

I stayed up late that night searching news sites. In the early hours of the morning I started seeing news coming in on the AP about water rising. Weird snippets about water unexpectedly rising. First just a few reports and then more came in. It was the beginning of the Banda Ache Tsunami in 2004.

You see, people are prophetic sometimes. I think we all share a common consciousness but we try to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist. I think when our planet goes through what is coming and the dust settles we'll all embrace that shared consciousness again and the golden age starts anew.

But my barometer, the people, have me staring at the sky more of late. It's the hate and cruelty of the people and the wars and rumors of wars along with the specter of nuclear weapons being waved about carelessly. We have until the air becomes chilly and the leaves are falling from the trees. Not yet winter. And then I'll be searching the skies hard just like father Malachi did.
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posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 07:28 AM
North Korea just blasted hydrogen bomb 120 kilotons at least according to independent Norway seismography station. Some say 800 kt.

Pope Francis has nothing more to do than to reveal the secret for the sake of all of us.

Seems major Ed Dames already revealed quite much: first North Korea explodes nuclear device, unknown where. But that is not WW3 according to him. Then the people from all countries abandon their regional conflics and start watching to the sky.

In his latest interviews he speaks more of extraterrestrials to prevent WW3. Besides his usual talk of the unknown celestial object that is to pass between sun and earth and to trigger killshot. In the past he didn't speak of extraterrestrials in the game.

posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 08:04 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

The Bible says clearly that nobody will know or knows when the messiah will return... Why do people still believe that somebody will know..? I say to all those who know or know som ebody who knows..gGive it up, go to your thing, be kind and productive...get on with your lives...take an other beer... and just wait pattiently.

posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 10:35 AM
a reply to: zatara

I guess this forum is to post predictions...that doesn't negate the p[ersonal duty of everyone of us to do good in his life...

posted on Sep, 4 2017 @ 04:07 AM
I am kind, when I can be.

I used to work at a paper plant. We made paper for national geographic, light board product for food packaging and everything in between. It was one of the most desired places to work and paid well. Then I remember seeing my first web interface on Windows 3.11. NCSA Mosaic to be exact. I was the prophet of doom at the paper plant. To me it was obvious. Who needed to wait weeks and months for print periodicals when you could have something instantly.

Now when I tried to warn everybody about what this would mean for their jobs they told me to STFU and they would never have a computer in their houses. I was telling them to prepare and start working towards something other than making paper which they had done their whole lives. They just told me I didn't know what the hell I was talking about.

I often find it is the casual minds that say that things will sort themselves out that are the worst for humanity. They say don't worry and if they say it with confidence too many will listen. I always say look the the horizon, see what comes, prepare.

If I were "ruler of the world" I would be pushing as fast as I can to populate the moon, mars, anyplace I could. If for no other reason than to preserve technology and knowledge. I would have people grow 50% of their own food and keep a year supply of "something" to eat at hand. It's not because I'm a kook. Just the opposite. The "Year without a summer", The "Carrington Event", etc. etc. etc. This universe and solar system are not kind places. Just because a human life span might enjoy a period of calm does not a millennium make.

I read a lot. I ponder the consciousness of man, a lot. We have just experienced a calm period in time is all. Where we are not fighting nature to survive. Notice I said nature. That is why we have been able to grow our technology back. Yes, I said back. Politicians, religious leaders, tv personalities. They don't want you thinking critically. They want you asleep at the wheel tossing a beer back embracing idiocracy as much as humanly possible. Keep the people arguing amongst themselves and asleep at the wheel.

So I get the perspective of "don't worry, be happy" but imho that is naive. I get being your brother's keeper but today you are very likely to be taken advantage of, or worse. A bellwether of where we are at, imho.

Keep your eyes on the sky because I think this fall is it. Unfortunately it's too late to prepare to preserve our technology and knowledge. It will become legend and story of people that flew in the sky and traveled to other planets. Which will become incredulous stories told in disbelief until we rise up once again.

originally posted by: zatara
a reply to: 2012newstart

The Bible says clearly that nobody will know or knows when the messiah will return... Why do people still believe that somebody will know..? I say to all those who know or know som ebody who knows..gGive it up, go to your thing, be kind and productive...get on with your lives...take an other beer... and just wait pattiently.

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posted on Sep, 4 2017 @ 04:33 AM
I think some people have a true insight to prophecy. But when you exploit it, when you become less than truth and seek to deceive and profit by prophet. Then I think any insight God has give you will be immediately removed.

Be sincere and send the intent of your heart out without effort. Find no thing that tempts you from truth. Try not to preserve yourself at any cost. The intent of God in man is to have faith in what he has written in you while the world of the flesh temps you at every turn.

Whom has faith.

originally posted by: 2012newstart
North Korea just blasted hydrogen bomb 120 kilotons at least according to independent Norway seismography station. Some say 800 kt.

Pope Francis has nothing more to do than to reveal the secret for the sake of all of us.

Seems major Ed Dames already revealed quite much: first North Korea explodes nuclear device, unknown where. But that is not WW3 according to him. Then the people from all countries abandon their regional conflics and start watching to the sky.

In his latest interviews he speaks more of extraterrestrials to prevent WW3. Besides his usual talk of the unknown celestial object that is to pass between sun and earth and to trigger killshot. In the past he didn't speak of extraterrestrials in the game.

posted on Sep, 5 2017 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: Apollumi

thanks for your posts! It would be good if more people let their hearts and minds open to reflect on these secrets.

As Putin warned today, a North Korean war could mean a global catastrophe. There is no more room for any speculations. We either make it or break it now, not just nationally but as humanity.

I see one option to avoid the worst by direct intervention from above. I already talked of the ET dimension that the angels could be framed. In Bible terms it could be called "the era of the manchild and the 144,000" according to the relevant texts of Revelation chapters 7, 12 and 14. That is to say, that era of peace will precede the final end times. If not, we are already in them.

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posted on Sep, 6 2017 @ 11:58 AM
About the antichrist: many Fatima devoted conservative people prefer to believe that the unknown part of the secret concerns the antichrist, more specifically antichrist in Vatican. They actually base their beliefs not so much on "leaked documents" of Fatima, but much more on other apparitions that pretend to be continuation of Fatima, who claim the above.

OK I don't knbow how holy or unholy Vatican is. Perhaps what Neues Europa te4xt said of satan sitting between cardinals and bishops is true. But from that point to claim the antichrist is sitting there in flesh and blood, is quite far jump.

Let notice according to Daniel the so called antichrist (because Daniel doesn't call him like that) would be a king, or today we should say - a political leader, a world leader. Not a priest, cardinal or pope. Some say, ok the political one, and the clericval one would the false prophet...

If that has any part true in it, and is scheduled to happen in our days, then we should also expect the event that precedes it, that the Gospels cannot be more clear on it: the Rapture. Dozen of times both the synoptic gospels and the epistles of Paul speak of a coming event, when good people will be separated from bad people, in one night or day, as they work or even sleep together. (statements of Jesus, as long as they are recorded correctly by the disciples of the disciples). Of course it is not necessary all couples to be divided in their sleep...rather whole families will be raptured, and unfortunately whole families will be left behind. What Jesus warns about is the personal readiness and the selection will be personal.
The interpretations that deny the rapture event as non-existent or as coinciding with the Judgment Day itself, fall short to explain how then "one is taken another left" and where.

My view, and I stress my view, is that the Rapture event will take little longer than a blink of an eye, and will be in the form of Elijah's chariot of fire that can fly in the space. In contemporary words we should say: a spaceship(s) to transport the faithful to a better secure place (another planet) to wait until the Great Trib on planet Earth ends. If we have spaceships (chariots) we should also have angels (ET angelic) to drive them. It is also said in the Gospel that God will send His Angels before the Judgment day to gather His elect ones from the four corners of the world. If that happens, be sure you don't miss your ticket for the rapture ship, because otherwise you will meet the ungodly aliens servants of the antichrist that come next...exactly those who the conservative people want to avoid, and by trying to do so they avoid God's chosen ones....

OK I don't know if we are at that moment or another 100, 500 or more years will pass. But if the claim of antichrist is true, then Rapture MUST precede it. No rapture, no antichrist, no end times...sorry but those are the rules of the game that Dante called "Divine comedy". Either the Gospel is true and then we cannot deny the Rapture in it (Harpazo in th eoriginal language of most books -Greek, Raptus in Latin), or we have a serious problem with the Gospels' rewriting then.

God knows we have those Gospels and not others. So the rules are pretty clear. To have antichrist we have to have the separation of good ones from bad ones first, visible and physical. If we don't have that, let not try to put in the mouth of John words that he never wrote, namely about "implanted microchip" or other device to be the mark of the Beast that will send anyone straight into Hell... the microchip is our input to the story, not John's.

And even if it turns to be the mark of the Beast , some advanced device - by the time it is introduced the people will know it thanks to the Three Angelic warnings in Revelation 14, it will happen ONLY AFTER the rapture of the Manchild and the selection of the 144,000 on Mt Zion. Followed by the Fall of Babylon (second angelic warning), followed by the warning of the mark of the beast (third angelic warning). Those events haven't happened yet. The self-proclaimed prophets who think by writing it online they fulfill the angelic warnings, are simply not that. Some even call themselves "angels"...

So we may be little nervous and fast to decide that the microchips in the patients are also kind of mark of the future beast...Mother Theresa had one. And of course the bigger problem who the antichrist is. I remember that Saddam and Obama were among the listed ones in fundamental lists. Apparently they were wrong as they were wrong for nearly 2000 years even with people like Nero and Hitler. I don't say the antichrist cannot be among us, waiting in shadow his hour. If that is the case, let the Rapture happen tomorrow, and the left behinders know clearly by the following angelic voices what they should do and not do, so they also could be saved, after voluntarily disqualify for the rapture
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posted on Sep, 8 2017 @ 03:51 AM
The Rapture and/or the ET contact may not happen the way we expect them. Clouds from heaven and trumps, or clouds that appear to be ET ships. (isn't it prettyclose as some movies show it).

Instead, we may have a different picture. The ET are around for thousands of years. One may see H-channel Ancient Aliens or just look at some artifacts such as the pyramids. Who of them are good or bad, or neutral, I don't know. My research shows the first to come are the good ones, because that's what Jesus said in the Gospel, first come the angels for the good people, and then comes the punishment (that will include locusts etc according to the Revelation).

So one day we may wake up with the news of not the next nuclear test or earthquake, rather of "surprise appearance" of those ancient ET aho are already on Earth. Medvedev said they are already residing in Russia. Who - he didn't say. And not only in Russia. Sure USA was the first country to start the process of disclosure of that info. Followed by Argentina, Brazil, UK, Mexico, who one by one release files of pilots and black and white photographs of UFO. India has a news site with a section dedicated to alien research. China recorded so many UFOs in 2010 including giant pyramid, that some airports had to close temporarily because of those unscheduled flights.

Which country, or more than one are selected for that disclosure, I don't know. I guess Russia, USA, France, but it may happen smaller countries like Norway (not small in territory though) to play an important role given their historic significance (as that of the Viking gods' sagas who move thru parallel worlds or should we say planets). There might be many more than several ET civilizations to appear on that day. There might be hundreds, for each historic nation and civilization on earth with their corresponding space patrons. Vatican will not be absent of the game, as everything shows the popes are quite inside that story, may be more than others.

Shall we have a choice whether we like these ET more than those? I think so. Perhaps they will make their presentations in already perfected websites (not released yet) and live broadcasts, in addition to their live appearance on stages. How otherwise the billions of people will see them and understand who is who, what is the difference between them? Our mobile phones may serve that purpose, to get informed and to be able to choose.

Does it mean a rapture or rather stay on the planetm be protected for some time, and start working in a new way to upgrade it to what was God's first design? I don't know. It depends on where we are at the timeline of End times, we may have a hundred or thousand years more. Nobody knows, neither the angels nor the Son but only the Father, says Jesus. How then we are supposed to know, even with elaborated prophecies? We should allow God's action to span longer time than our imagination gives Him, and to include His angels and other servants who are not perfected yet as we are not perfected either. If a cataclysm comes it will be a rapture-type. If not, it will be staying on earth may be in special cities, and building up the Kingdom of God. Either way, the world will never be the same.
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posted on Sep, 12 2017 @ 03:21 AM
A time for a big test, particularly belief in apparitions.
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posted on Sep, 13 2017 @ 11:30 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

IF Fatima fails, and I stress IF (30 days more), it will bring into question the repeated unfulfilled promises of the Church as a whole. Ultimately, it will return back to Constantine and to banned books, to rewritten books. Something is wrong. And that is not the sincere faith and EVERYDAY efforts of the majority to live their lives good, and in return to receive very little of the promised kingdom of God. Or Jesus preached only for the other world may be, so all should be martyred to go there? It cannot be farther from the spirit of the Gospel. The true Gospel.

If Fatima fails that has been confirmed by popes and has the seers canonized saints, where go the unsuppored other apparitions? We are not obligued to believe even now. Those people who poured all spiritual resources into Fatima for 100 years, they believed it would bring result if not in their lifetime then in the lifetime of their children. Look around and show me the result of so many apparitions, as well as church doctrines for 2000 years. Something is wrong, and it is in the best interest of the Church itself to name it and change it. Now. Not after another 20 years agonizing. Or...I just don't want to say it now.
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posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

IF Fatima fails,

Forget that other stuff. Just say it. You would have been wrong.

posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 02:05 AM
a reply to: Phage

It doesntmatter phage, Id admit i was wrong together with millions believers who expected the secret before and after 1960 up until today...

When angels -aliens come all doctrine not rooted in the authentic Jesus will fail, and those in the know are very well informed about it. Is that Fatima oris Fatima the cover story the delusion? Well I'm not Martin or ottaviani who read the text...

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posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 07:20 AM
However it is too early to judge whether it will be a non event. There are 28 more days that everything could happen. And if it happens not on october 13 but on November 7 (October revolution 100th anniversary), then what?

Just read from Interfax:
"Tank brigade from Moscow region being moved to Belarus for Zapad 2017 drills"
That is a part of the First guardian tank army (a historic name given in WW2), as I understand from other news.

My purpose is not and has never been to "excuse myself" for supporting Fatima so long, because there isn't any reason to do so. I am not guilty that the apparitions backed by sun miracle took part 100 years ago. neither that the Vatican officials kept the secret secret exchanging important texts with others. It is absurd to blame the faithful who believed, one of whom am I.
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posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 07:56 AM
double post
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posted on Sep, 15 2017 @ 12:04 AM
Pyongyang fires missile through Japan’s airspace into Pacific Ocean, days after the unanimous UNSC resolution. We are before erratic and unpredictable regime. It is quite possible the war to start in the weeks ahead,a nd thus to fulfill Fatima (and not as the expected Russia- US war).If Japan is hit, it will fulfill also Akita prophecy.

Hope it doesn't happen. And let all naysayers notice that I say that when they quote only selected passages of my lengthy posts. Obviously I cannot express myself in one paragraph that's why I write many, and many posts. If you want to discuss with me, take into accoiunt everything and not one piece taken out of context with broken logic with the rest.

Thus, the selected part above " IF Fatima fails" that intends to put me on kneels (?!?) I discuss the option If Fatima worst case scenario fails, and I am doing it in that same post, as well as in previous ones and next ones. But the poster who intends to humiliate me (?!? for what???), doesn't bother to quote or comment my developped thoughts on that possibility... Yes the Church hierarchy is guilty for hiding the truth, no matter which scenario unfolds. And that is not "another part" that is important part of the story.

Yes it is conditional, the word IF as well as the prophecy itself. Our Lady said so, IF Russia is converted...It is not what I dream of, it is comment of a conditional prophecy that may see the devastation in half hour and ultimately a nuclear winter (Putin's many words about WW3) or it may see the Era of peace arriving peacefully...It all depends on us. And if the worst case scenario is about to unfold, then we may be given a last minute chance to escape it.

So back to the news wire...NK defies the world community again, although it is measured to be not a direct hit but only a challenge. What will Japan and USA do? I don't know. I'm following the news as the rest of you.

It is a pity Fatima is abandoned by those same people who should talk everyday now, who think they do their best, but actually they betray our Lady with their silence. In either scenario (War vs era of peace) they do not fulfill the words of Our Lady. Because She said, Fatima secret must be released in 1960... Damn it, but that is the life of one whole generation! No, I do not agree with that, and I declare it publicly online! WE HAVE BEEN CHEATED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! May be this is the last chance for those responsible to mend their ways before the outcome, whatever that outcome is.
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posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 11:49 PM
M Generation - Heim To Life

this song alone says it all or almost all. Heim means To Life or Cheers in Hebrew. Sure not for drinking beer. The entire concert is good to watch and to reflect on the lyrics of the songs.

One needs to think out of the box in order to glimpse the big picture. we are put intentionally in traps and closed circles, dead end roads. They are not all.
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posted on Sep, 22 2017 @ 12:20 AM
Happy Jewush New year 5778!

The Jewish prophecy Bible code of Messiah in 5777 and 5776 Failed.

Tomorrow is September 23. three weeks until fatima full anniversary Oct 13, and alignment of planets to piucture Revelation 12. What better time for all of us to see it is all true?

If nothing happens tomorrow, I STOP PARTCIPATING. Because it would mean we were lied big time, far not only ofg Fatima but also of Revelation and other books. Enough is enough! Those who continuously lie us, should put a little shame, dust on their heads. The life of humanity would be better without their demagogy!

So this is my last post in case nothing happens tomorrow. And if the ET angels finally come, then it is my last post too.

In either way, I have other things to do in my life...

Good bye!

posted on Sep, 22 2017 @ 12:39 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I will say more and won't stay silent, as some may want me to do.

A faiulure of Fatima means failure of Medjugorje "the continuation of Fatima" as JPII said. And failkure of the policy of all those popes who kept Fatima as the most secret thing in the last century. Even if they say, the 2000 official version is all, even though it didn't fulfill. it is obvious even for non catholics. We were lied.

It will mean failure of Garabandal and a hundred other apparitions who do not have the approval Fatima has. Or the sun miracle Fatima has.

How is it possible to have such miracles then? Read Jesus in the Gospel he answered it.

Revelation fails too. let kindly notice that Jesus never ever spoke of the mark of the beast, 666 or another number, to be able to send directly to hell. never! If it was that important He would certainly say it. Revelation book at best is faked from original one before being canonized around 470 AD or so. Neither its author is known. It may be any John. the style of John's gospel and that of the Revelation differ significantly.

The list could be prolonged...

Now go say that I am somewhat wrong...because I say that, because it is Enough lies for me!

They lied the whole world, not only me or a hundred thousand people who fulfilled everything at the expense of their own things in life. Those responsible should retire, now! Starting from top to bottom. To avoid a worse scenario according to their own faked prophecies.

Actually I am very very mild and merciful. Histiry and future generations won't be. They will find Their own way, without or despite the False prophets.. And by false prophets I do not necessarily envision a couple of deluded nuns or lay people who have seen something that they do not quite understand but believe blindly...If it was only that, we would already be in that "era of peace"...

May God intervene beyond the absurd teachings of the false His own ways that are quite above ours, as the Holy Bible says.
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posted on Sep, 22 2017 @ 01:50 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

This is my last post on prophecy, guys. Just the news come that North Korean leader Kim treatend for a first time ever the US president. Followed by the NK foreign minister threatening hydrogen test in the Pacific (athmospheric mnay be) of unprecedented magnitude for the Pacific (the biggest test in the Pacific is American with 13 mgt, if remember it is second only to the Tsar bomb).

I will stop posting because we were lied big. No matter what comes. it will surprise most of us. I already wrote ENOUGH of possible SCENARIOS involving ET. This is it from me, now I have my own works to do including to take care of my loved ones to get out of here before it is too late...

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