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The US election season is long enough to make sure a crook is not president

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posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 06:30 PM
a reply to: continuousThunder

Didn't even make it this far before I read this and just spouted off a rant. Your points feed my views specifically. I love that you are free to do whatever, and have orgy's with 11 wives if you wish... all consenting of course. The idea of more than one sexual partner scares the crap out of some people, but they should feel thankful for living in a country where freedoms to choose personal zone choices are lawful. Instead, people extend welcome beyond their properties, to impose their own line of decency among any and all. They are willing to sacrifice freedoms to appease tradition and their own fears about what may bleed over as indecency into their properties.

I'd love for you to be by next door neighbor, go ahead and break any law you want that is performed on yourself... laws should only be made for people we're scared of, not mad at what they're doing. That's why I say the establishment is scared... and they will fight tooth and nail to push forward.

Little do the red/blue know, that once the baby boomers are passed on from being in charge of politics, the cords are going to be cut on them whether they like it or not... newcomers wait patiently until then.

CNN, FOX news, most MSM... all their ratings stem mostly from nursing homes. Us interweb dwellers are a bigger movement then the red/blue might understand.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 09:07 PM

originally posted by: allsee4eye
a reply to: GreyScale

I would never vote Libertarian because they allow polygamy. That is straight up and personal. I don't mind LGBTQ. I don't mind pot. Polygamy crosses the line.

So you don't mind a natural perversion but you draw the line at actual nature. I've no idea why a plant came up in your response. It has nothing at all to do with human nature and sexuality.


posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 09:20 PM

originally posted by: ttobban
a reply to: GreyScale

When did my views of polygamy get mentioned in this political thread? I recall... NEVER. Then your post goes on to do nothing more than finger point specifics about things you don't like... just pure craziness that is part of what is normal in the craziness of the blue/red politics as it is. To even stretch your opinions so far as to say another is or is not a friend of liberty... wow.

I am perfectly content that Americans vote for who they wish for. I'd never be fake and say my views are more important than another voters. But, I also don't have to agree with your choices. Never does that include the feeling to belittle another, and make another feel as if their dumber than another opinion.

The problems that I see in posts like this, and the OP's points... are that your opinions are stretching too far into another's comfort zones... all to appease what you want for yourselves. How about you vote the way you want, and the rest of the Americans get to vote for who they want... and WHY they want. Citizens only have the rights to formulate lawful order within their property boundaries, and they vary drastically with 300 million people involved. The groups invading properties outside their own are a cancer to society.

Call, me stupid, dumb, an idiot... I don't really care. But, to label me any bit a part of these groups people make up to stereotype people more and more, and create divide, is only doing yourself good. There's things I am conservative on, and there's things I am liberal on. The fact that the red/blue feel a need to have a title for each and every political view point, then bundle the view into a folder of hate is just nonsense.

As soon as you people start bringing up these stupid titles for thoughts and opinions of 300 million, I can't process what you are all saying as any bit intelligent, I'm sorry. The red/blue supporters are just nothing but hatred and stalled progress.

See how I had to spend time talking about specifics when my initial views were more broad in scope? Nothing but a bunch of gas lighting to create confusion. What's not being seen, is those that divorced the red/blue look inside the circle and see nothing but a soap opera that has no end in sight. Keep on dreaming that the NEXT one voted in is magically going to dig the 2 parties back into a unified progress.

Look at the scene... people are still protesting because people are stuck in the 'lesser of evil' choices. The second a vote might be made based on who I hate the least, the alarm bells internally ring off... well, vote for something you do want then, because if I am voting for what I hate the least, then I am probably not doing my vote justice. However, I don't get sucked into the elephant/donkey parades, so different strokes for different folks.

I'm proud of what I vote for. And, I don't go out and protest the red/blue beyond giving my 2 cents on things. But watch, as soon as a 3rd party makes any bit of headway, we will see the worst of the red/blue's behavior... these entry level hate speeches are just warm ups for when the influence of legacy is removed from politics. I can understand the harsh fall to reality though... I'd expect a huge wake up call if I were stuck within the vortex, thinking all I feel and believe is the best for all too.

I pulled myself out of the daycare fighting because I will be cool and collected when it falls apart... laughing while others cry.

I quoted this to see if you were sober today and can read what you posted.


That you have to bring politics into it at all is why I originally posted.


If you have to pick a party to bully others into living by your definition of what a relationship is, then you are merely a political hack.

Liberty is having the choice to live your life the way you want it to be.

For the poster who thinks that polygamy is a non-stop orgy with 11 wives, stop projecting your sister issues. That's gross.

Liberals USED to be about being ... liberal. Now they are all about picking the PARTICULAR sexual twist that gets them votes.. or the PARTICULAR skin color that gets them votes... or the PARTICULAR mental mindset that gets them votes.

So... no friends of liberty at all.

That you bring red/blue into it is just... sad. Like you're above it all and don't participate.

It's life. You're in it. Saying you are not participating is just silly.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 10:14 PM
a reply to: GreyScale

The Bible says marriage is between two persons. Polygamy goes against that. I cannot in good conscience vote for Libertarian who allow polygamy.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 10:26 PM
a reply to: GreyScale

Foregone conclusions of the twisted variety yet more...

Note that you associated a polygamist to relate to an orgy with 11 wives... I did not and would not do that. What happens outside my property and standing on my own 2 feet stands as irrelevant. Therefore, you're right... I have no right to define anything beyond what stands in my properties. I feel like I conquered the world when 1 woman wants to have sex with me... that was a left field comment completely unrelated to polygamy. See how stretching what another is defining to begin with is merely gas lighting more fog? How can progress be cohesive if 2 random comments are dreamed up to equate to a completely different reality for the end user? That's why I will always say... different strokes for different folks... I already said that once.

I participate where my motivations lay... but my thoughts are those of a small percentage... I am ok with that as well. I do participate... voting is my civil duty I feel. I used to not vote, but changed that as I changed my thoughts and views.

I don't want votes to go anywhere but for a person above a color. All the L words being thrown in my face is makes words fall on deaf ears. Never am I above anything or anyone... I always watch from afar.

I have no family past what can be counted on 1 hand. I watch the world from afar and this site is the only place my words tamper. I fully agree that I can't relate to the normalcy's of things. The oddest aspect of the policy makers, the influences of them, and the movement of the masses in general... is that next to none of the law adding influences stem from an area of having been in the situations that impoverished Americans witness. Sure, there's a great deal of left behind educations between rich/poor, but why does the realities that poor face become the root cause instead just what another American experiences in and around their environment?

There, I leaked it... my true passion, the separation of wealth. I could really care less about my small percentage, out-casted views on politics. Just add whatever label under my name you feel is needed. I don't want to troll the OP furthermore.

Time is the subject at hand, and I am seemingly talking to myself in the corner like I am so familiar with, which means I am contributing to the lengthy process of picking the next lesser evil as I type furher. Thanks for the foggy input as to where I stand in views... I am learning more and more of these snappy directions and what defines them more and more each day.

I love being wrong, therefore I search for input that makes life easier to not stress over. Debates are awesome, but very seldom are the titled conquests to be considered worthy debate on ATS anymore. The people that joined ATS within this past election cycle... well, lets just say it chased many ATS greats away already. Craziness was welcome and flourished, yet the stalls to belittle one another and increasingly define what another person said while avoiding just adding their comments on the subject as a primary motive instead now.

I'm sure there's great knowledge to be had in your readings and thoughts, but people fail to care how much one knows when one knows how much one cares. I'd gladly stand your side if efforts of citizens to unite against politicians in general, yet the scenes are oddly citizen vs. citizen... to that I say no thank you and best wishes to a happy journey.

This is the last political thread my name will be read in ATS... at least that's the goal.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 11:15 PM

originally posted by: allsee4eye
a reply to: GreyScale

The Bible says marriage is between two persons. Polygamy goes against that. I cannot in good conscience vote for Libertarian who allow polygamy.

Let's quote you here....

I would never vote Libertarian because they allow polygamy. That is straight up and personal. I don't mind LGBTQ. I don't mind pot. Polygamy crosses the line.

Did you miss the part in the bible where if you are LGBTQ you should be stoned to death?

Let's have a for instance here.

Let's say my wife is bi and we've have a decades-long good relationship.

Let's also say she has a lady friend that is her other lover and we've been near and dear for about the same time.. and we all sleep in the same bed.

Now what you are saying is that MY relationship is bad because of the bible.. but if I was Bi too and we had another guy and maybe a midget and a Tranny and someone who questions their sexuality in the same bed, then it's OK with you.

I can see now why you're OK with pot and why you threw that into the conversation.

Thank you for the laugh though.. the three of us applaud you.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 11:33 PM
a reply to: GreyScale

Haha... yes, I am the 3rd reading, and I do applaud that comment. Thank you for the assumption that was accurate!

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 01:07 AM
Knowing the Obama administration and IC have been spying on his team and investigating him would probably make him the most well vetted President in history.

He's clean.

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