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The Leader Story (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 03:54 AM
I strongly urge you to read this story. It is written as fiction, but it seems to be a strong attempt to communicate certain factual events of the current Bush administration to the general public. It is very much worth the read.
Hello all. I just wanted to pass this item on to your forums, which are excellent, by the way.

I saw this item on another website, and now I'm passing it on to all of you. I highly suggest that you read this highly unique story for yourselves, because it contains a viewpoint that has not been widely discussed, as far as I can tell.

Apparently, there are some very interesting links that go along with this whole story....and they are certainly hair raising, to say the very least about them all. This is especially so, when combined with the fictional (?) events as described within the story that follows.

I think all of it is worth having a very serious look, despite your political affiliation, if you want to obtain a serious alternative perspective on past events.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This is an attempt to communicate some of the key issues that have been raised in the past. This story focuses on the question:

"Why did the President claim to have watched the events of 9/11 unfold starting from the moment of the first plane impact on the first tower, when he could not have done this without a closed circuit TV feed, and prior knowledge of this event?"

Read what the story has to say. It is very entertaining and instructive.

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