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Dont talk about "it"

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posted on Mar, 31 2017 @ 09:01 AM
a reply to: Noppie

Thanks for saying what you know!!!
Great Post!!

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 05:14 PM

originally posted by: Noppie
I have to agree with the original poster that on whole most the population are afraid to come forward. BUT this got beyond just bigfoot and ufos. I hd the unfortunately pleasure of reporting fraud by my former employer. the short version I was contacted by web FBI saying they knew my employers was committing fraud and asked of help. I said yes. They eventually showed me other examples that I did not realize. At one point they conformed my employer and I was fired on the spot and hire back few days later then fire again one year later. During my last year I would point out to fellow employees of practices. Most did not want to hear it.

Historically many Germans would had said they did not see or were aware death camps for jews. They may acknowledge some aspects but they kept their "blinders" on so to speak.

First, sorry for not responding sooner.

I agree about your "blinders on" angle.

Dont rock the boat.

What Im doing is called "buckin" here.
Im going to be as loud as I can until our local L.E.O.s are officially let in on this.

No more missing children.
No more "secrets"

I had a very clear sighting of 3 bigfoots crossing road in Elkridge Maryland. I would late venture out into the wilderness looking more sighting. I later decided that was an exceptionally unwise. I have seen strange lights in the skies and I had other experiences.

Thank you for sharing that.
You were looking for proof, for yourself?.
Very wise of you to stop. Its hard to believe it yourself, I know.
We trust our eyes to drive down roads, right?

Bigfoot is very real. Today I do not believe all Bigfoots are nice people by any means. We as human are a threat to them.

I agree,

Historically we have been a threat for quite awhile, if you believe biblical accounts.

Thank you for contributing to the thread.

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