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Cut the Cable

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posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: olaru12

Chromecast About $30....broadcast from your computer, tablet, phone.*

*You need Internet/Data of course, but can also use your tv as your computer screen..I do (60" screen)
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posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 10:36 PM
Dumped directv about a year ago.
Only thing I miss is ESPN.
Everything i need is on Netflix so no regrets.

Almost forgot.
We tried sling tv, the channels were great but it rarely was a smooth watch. Always buffering or stopping.
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posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 07:59 AM
So what the hell do we do with our TVs if we ditch cable? They're useless. Could we even sell them anymore? If TV manufacturers want to stay in business, they need to put some pressure on these cable providers to stop being so greedy. We want a la carte and we want it cheap.

posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 10:00 AM
If you are using KODI why even bother with paying for Netflix??
Another great app for FREE movies and TV is Terrarium TV. Everything you want on demand with no commercials.

posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 01:02 PM
a reply to: JinMI

This is where I am at. The better half works from home sometimes, so we need to have the fastest internet we can get. The TV/Phone/Internet package is darn near the same price as just the internet. So cutting the cord would be more expensive.

It sucks because we barely ever watch cable. The only thing I watch on cable is NBA games. We mostly watch Netflix or other streaming services because we hate commercials.

posted on Apr, 14 2017 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: coop039

Because the greatest drawback to that app is the broken links.

I keep Netflix as a back up.

I have used it for over 3 years now.

Best source for alternative streaming.

posted on Apr, 15 2017 @ 09:00 PM
I had the 99.00 50 Mbps and digital cable bundle, that with sports fees, etc, ended up being 184.00.....Off the promo bundle, retention bonus, etc., it went up to 238.00.

-----Needless to say, told Comcrap to *uck my *ick.

Went to century link for lifeline 20Mbps internet (42.00 w/ their modem/gateway)
Tried chromecast. Beyond youtube, it was useless.Sure, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of full length shows there, free, but not organized in any real way to binge watch my favorite.

Bought a roku. I pay 10 for netflix, 7 for cbs. I got channel pear and XTV on roku, get almost any cable network, free with those two. Not to mention availability of over 5k channels. Granted, many are ''Jimmy Joe Bobs' Baptist Church'', but lots of historical documentary channels, tv shows, free content. I have over 200 channels installed, and a lot less boredom w/ the tv than I had w/ cable.

I'll never pay for cable / dish again.

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