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Symbolism in the 10 Offerings - Diamond Sutra Veiled Meaning

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posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 12:46 PM

originally posted by: Itisnowagain

originally posted by: DayAfterTomorrow
The concepts of Buddhism are not a mute idol to worship, but the Spirit of Righteousness (Eight-fold path) and the Way of the early Christians. Paul knew this about the outer dogma and ritual, which is why he spoke of the one body we all form.

Rather than accuse me, teach. ComMUNIcate.

But it is not about all that stuff really - it is about the end of suffering for you. Isn't it?
Life is heavy and you want to travel lighter, don't you?

Not a duplicity. Unity. If you desire reward from the treasury, you miss the treasure as the thing you give to. If you wish to avoid punishment back into the body, you miss the opportunity to live a life complete and whole. See the Movie, the Shack, then read about the Bodhisattva. Did Mac in the movie stay with God and enter into the kingdom of trust, or did he instead go back to his family in the image of creation as a Bodhisattva?

Three Buffalo - Mud - River (Baptism) and Domesticated (family servant)

The buffalo’s head sprouts horns
As he emerges from the weeds (relatives),
In a dream, he tries to speak
Of the valley of the timeless spring.
Although he has bathed in the fragrant waters,
I hit, saying, “Not Good Enough!
How will you impart strength to others?”

Judgment of others are the horns and mud emerging from the weeds. It's a dog with no Buddha nature (MU). Washing off the mud in the river is who we are here for the most part. Some are here on return as Bodhisattva. Some are here as dogs recognizing their Buddha Nature (MU). Some pass all three steps as Vishnu did.

Again, go back to read about imparting the Aleph (OX) to the family as a domesticated Buffalo. Research all three buffalo. We are always all three until we no longer need the burden of the body. While there are those who are here, we are needed.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: DayAfterTomorrow

I love the symbolism! Very nice presentation

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 10:59 PM
If one replaces the word; Tathagata with suchness the text becomes very clear, as it points to the direct nature of being or experience occuring without attachment to it; as simply a phenomina arising and passing moment to moment that can be experienced if not held onto in looking forward to it's coming nor in it's going then the nature state is left in the natural state and suffering due to such begins to cease.

Attempting to alter that natural state of arising and passing with intent builds the karma for suffering to arise... the intent does not matter if considered good or bad it is the attachment itself is what one should be concerned with... as that is what brings cause to what arises with the intended arise the unintended and over time this just builds and builds into a huge undifferentiated ball of suffering; stopping such starts bringing the planting of such to a halt and peace results as not being cause for such to arise, all that one was cause for such to arise in the past will then return, on it's return non-attachment will allow it to wash on by and settle out and freedom results... however; as a living being it is nearly impossible to not produce karma, so ceasing having a speciic intent of trying to control what may arise or pass in the situation... in turn brings great ease and release.

Such is the notion of Wu Wei or being nobody going nowhere; such a thing is not to be take literal, it just means there is no intent being carried along, the act of doing is simply what is seen or experienced or in truth with nothing hidden in it's doing. Such a thing as ulterior motive and other sorts of deciet ends... as well as the stress and drama for having been cause for such to arise and pass; that of course does not mean it will not occur; it just means oneself will cease to be a source for it to occur.

Suchness. Of course it goes much farther than that; as it is every phenomena that can occur and not at the same time that one may percieve in body, speech or mind in attachment of those things or phenomena arising and yet not as what is observed is really void in the absolute nature, and only reflects oneself everytime the mind moves in relation to whatever phenomena is arising and passing. In such a manner the only one grasping at such occuring; is the one holding onto such a thing... this is the terma known as: Right view. Already holding view; one fails to see.

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