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Churches in the USA are DEAD

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posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 07:48 PM
"Our father who art in heaven, hallow be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heavem. ". The issue about God's kingdom seems settled in the Lord's prayer. Jesus said to pray this way. Heaven is always but the earthly kingdom is yet to come.
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posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 08:17 PM

originally posted by: Arnie123
go to a Pentacostal Church and trust that it'll be lively. Google one for nearby locations, you won't be disappointed.
Learning the unadulterated truth about God is not going to a concert or to be entertained as these do. I can name one key component in this Pentecostal denomination that will disqualify it as having favor in God. I guarantee you that 8 out of 10 that attend practice some form of sexual immorality such as sex outside marriage, homosexuality , adultry.1Cor 6:9, 10; Romans 1:18-32; James 2:14-26 just to name a few. The Bible says to not even be in the company of such people. 1 Cor 5:1, 9-12. These are just a few of the things that this denomination tolorates. However, this is not just limited to this denomination which means division. 1 cor 1:10-19 The Bible speaks of being united in one mind & thought but yet there are evendufferent denominations of Oentecostals having different teaching which are not united in one mind & thought. If I am wrong please, defend your stance with scripture & deeds?

posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 08:42 PM

originally posted by: CollectSecretHistory
I think it would be better looking for real Christians over in Saudi Arabia or Afganistan or some place where Christian hypocrisy is not so rampant.

There isn't a place where christian hypocrisy isn't rampant.

You can't expect consistent followers of inconsistent beliefs.

posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 09:54 PM
a reply to: Krahzeef_Ukhar

Well for all there hypocrisy it beat's labeling an entire people FOR SLAVERY because they are black, selling people, setting prices for people, enslaving those that are not of that so called consistent faith and murdering anyone that disagree's with it or leave's it because they do not believe.

How many in Islam are part of the culture but for fear of there lives can never leave the religion.

And it is actually far more hypocritical to believe Muhammad was a prophet when he NEVER received the holy ghost as indeed ALL of the old testament prophets did and so too the new testament apostles.
Told his worshipers they could worship the Idol's in the HEATHEN temple the Kaaba and then retracted it fast when he realized that he had contradicted himself and caused confusion among his followers, you know the high flying cranes that he told them could intercede for them even though they were simply idol's, then it was claimed he was possessed by Satan as an explanation for that yet no prophet of the Lord ever was.

Inconsistancy is promising a heaven like a wild life preserve for human chimp's, all those alpha male martyr's of Islam getting how many white skinned, fair haired young buxom virgin's, you know the christian version is quite different, oh there is celebration but Jesus put it like this.

In the resurrection there is NO difference between a man and a woman, you are neither given nor TAKEN in marriage but shall have new body's like the Angel's.

Man was made to work -- As the Angel's for there father in heaven in his house, were are the angel's of the lord now.

Jacob saw a mightly ladder reaching as it was even to heaven and he saw the angels of the Lord ascending it and descending it going about the Lord's business in creation.

So we get to live forever but don't have to we can sleep though never truly die, we have a job we can do as love of God is all.

Islam give's them a garden paradise, lot's of virgins whom can not lose there virginity, with no pubic hair (sounds like children), wine which they are not supposed to drink on earth and what else, were is there job, there purpose for being?.

Not being funny here but which is inconsistent, Jesus has said very few even among the Christian's will make it as the way is narrow but Islam has a god that is putting his into storage in the equivalent of a human zoo?.

Lust is of the body right, not the soul that is best expressed when we have not got our brain's mashed by the need to procreate and presumably once we are free of this state of being we go back to being spirit even if we keep our identity so WHY then would we want or need physical sex with being's in some garden and instead of learning and exploring and doing good work why would we instead want to sit idly in a garden getting drunk all the time and becoming oblivious as our soul's are milked and drained by a demonic parasite stealing our true potential to gratify itself.

God the Real one know's even I with all my flaw's can see that but how blind are they that can not.

The blind leading the blind into a hole, I may stumble into it but they are walking straight into it.

posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 10:03 PM

originally posted by: MOMof3
"Our father who art in heaven, hallow be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heavem. ". The issue about God's kingdom seems settled in the Lord's prayer. Jesus said to pray this way. Heaven is always but the earthly kingdom is yet to come.

Call no man father excepting your father which is in heaven.

Our Father which is in Heaven hallowed (not just holy or blessed but good, righteous and true) be your name (take not the lord's your god's name in vain), thy kingdom come (it is already everywhere but please bring it into me and order my life and my future), thy will be done on earth (in my life and all I do guide me to this) as it is in heaven (in your true heaven were evil does not rule), give us this day our daily bread (ask for nothing as your father in heaven know's what you need this is enough) and forgive us our sin's as we forgive those that sin against us (one of the hardest thing's because we find it hard to forgive those that deliberately or callously harm us, rob us or defile us and even harder those that harm those we love but if we can then he will also have leniency upon us SO LONG as we are truly repentant of our own sin's or do not know or realise we have committed them), and lead us (lead us) but not into temptation and deliver us from evil, For Thine IS (actual) the Kingdom and the Power (Almighty the real one) and the Glory for ever and ever (no end).


This is a prayer acknowledging God, calling him Father above all other's and asking for his guidance and help while asking him to help us to stick to the correct path, it is beautiful, simple and elegant.

I have to add this one thought, No Church is dead, many congregations are not correct in there leadership or there shared belief's but a dead church is when no one in that congregation come's there for Jesus in his name, when they stop doing that no matter how wrong they may be at time's or how right in other way's then they stop being a church.

Were ever two or more are gathered in my name there I shall be also, his word's, faith is what matter's and if the one thing he asked the only sacrifice he said god wanted is given which is a true contrite heart and repentance then he will hear but you have to be truly faithful, truly honest and truly there for god, when you go to the sacrament the breaking of bread and sip of wine are not bread and wine they are spiritual vessels of the very being of christ and through them he takes you into his body, when you take that bread you give - offer - your body to Christ, when you drink that wine give you give - offer your blood to him so that his suffering is in your place, his blood has paid for you and all he ask's is that you love God above all else - so that you will keep his law's as best you can and that you love your neighbour as your self even if he is your enemy (and there I fall down flat but at least I try), remember how he asked his father to forgive even they that had nailed his limb's to the cross and mocked him as he hung there in agony having already been flayed enough to kill another man and then forced to drag that tree sized cross to were he was to be nailed to it, it was the sin of the world, every step our fault, every drop of his blood our wrong doing's.

And if we can not repent of robbing God of the only perfect son he had by our sin's, God who showed us he loved us by suffering that and showed that he does not want to destroy us and even love's us though we fail to love him or if we did would we ever have acted in that way.
He loves us that much, why can't we try to love him back, because we do not find him tangable, because we fail to believe and live in a world devoid of soul, darkness our beginning and our end with no god and no soul or because we are simply thick enough to be led astray by his enemy.

God has a universe to run, perhaps many of them and we constantly complain and blame him for everything that goes wrong in our live's, the fact that he will wipe away all tear's and fix it does not then enter our mind's because we are scared of the next five minute's, the moment of seeing god in our minds' becomes darkness as we inwardly turn away from him and then we think and feel we are alone again but he never turned away from us we turned away from him and we do it all the time.

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posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: DayAfterTomorrow

TextThe only thing I would leave you with on this thought is to remember that none of us go to this new Kingdom until the end, when the last resurrection happens. You can see from the last verses of John 2 that Jesus would not entrust himself to those who came to him for salvation. Why? John 3. They had to be born again. We are the ones released from the pit. When Christ returns, even those who pierced him will be present. Today, all 7+ billion of us are here to see this happen. Even old Job knew this way back in Job 19. With his own eyes and not another.

What you describe is rabbinic doctrine but is not the doctrine of Jesus. Luke 23 tells us that the day Jesus died He said unto Dismas that he (Dismas) would be in paradise with Him (Jesus). 2nd Corinthians 12 tells us that Paradise is in the third heaven and not in Sheol. Revelation 2 tells us that the tree and water of life are in this paradise. Those are the only three times paradise is used. Dismas is therefore in paradise and in the celestial city of New Jerusalem. Why then would Dismas be in the New Jerusalem (kingdom of heaven) and not be resurrected? If Dismas was in the celestial realm then he had to have been judged and not waiting for a judgment.

You say that no one is in the kingdom of heaven till the last judgement. That is entirely rabbinic philosophy. Does not Hebrews 9 teach us that we are to die only once and then the judgment? How then can we be restored from death (as the Jews teach) and then be judged only to die once again?

Most all Christian sects are not properly taught. The NT is a transition from rabbinic doctrine to the doctrine of the Christ Jesus. All of the disciples of Jesus were born and raised under the Judaic national doctrine as was taught by the Jerusalem temple. They had nothing but the doctrine of the Sadducees and had to be constantly taught the new doctrine of the Christ Jesus. When you read the NT one must keep that important fact in mind as the NT is filled with both doctrines. The apostles of Jesus were in error even after Jesus had died and James had to continue to correct them.

Jesus taught that there is consciousness after death and that the mind (Spirit) is judged immediately and is even now given His kingdom or terrestrial Sheol (hell). Spirit sleeping or reincarnation are not the doctrine of Jesus. There are actually three resurrections with one resurrection already happening. That one was the resurrection of the justified who were in Sheol and happened within the three days of of entombment of Jesus as He descended into Sheol. Jesus released the captives from captivity and introduced His kingdom to them during the three days of entombment. That was actually the first resurrection.

But Revelation shows two more resurrections (gatherings). The first of these is the resurrection after the Great Tribulation known as Jacobs Trouble. This gathering will be of the justified who are alive on this earth. All others will continue their lives and deaths as before this gathering. These who will be gathered in this first resurrection of Revelation will then join those who were in Sheol and are now in New Jerusalem. This is the resurrection period when the Christ will appear and govern the entire earth for one thousand years. After the one thousand years, the very last resurrection (gathering) will be the end of this universe and all that is in it. All who are alive at this time will then instantly die and face their judgment.

The Hebrews were aware of only one great resurrection. Even all of the apostles except John died with no knowledge of two Revelation resurrections. They were only aware of one great resurrection.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 03:50 PM
a reply to: Seede

Hebrews 9

so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

Matthew 13:39
and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.

Search BibleGateway for "the end," then I can fill you in more.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 08:36 PM
a reply to: DayAfterTomorrow

so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

Most of Christianity are under the assumption that Jesus was sacrificed but that is not true Jesus on His own accord gave His own life and He took up His own life as the power was given to Him to do so. His main purpose was to open Sheol and release the justified captives to live in the celestial realm. The reason? Because in the end of the universe all of the universe will dissolve in fervent heat and the justified who were in Sheol would then have been dissolved with the terrestrial elements. Jesus came to free those who were imprisoned and introduce His kingdom of heaven to all both past and present and future.

Prior to Jesus there was nothing but Sheol for all souls that died. After His death, all justified spirits were then forgiven and allowed into His kingdom but those who were not justified remain in Sheol till the final judgement in which Sheol will be cast into the ethereal lake of fire. By this it became parroted that Jesus came to forgive your sins. In that sense He did come in grace to forgive as the law had no mercy and demanded punishment only. The law before grace had no salvation for sin. Only punishment and covering for sin in Sheol. This then became the teaching that God is love. God is love and God is also hate. Why else would there be hell and why then would hell be cast into the fire? God is not total love without hate.

The Word of God shall return as a warrior and rule the entire world for one thousand years by the rules of commandments that shall be set down by Him.

I take no offense by internet teachings but have found much that is taught in BibleGateway not of the Nazarene teaching. You may take it as being Christianity but much of their opinions are not of the doctrine of the Christ Jesus according to the synagogue of James. I would rather follow James and the Eth Cepher of the first century then I would of most opinionated modernists with corrupt MSS. No offense meant. -- lol

posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 04:25 AM

originally posted by: Arnie123
a reply to: TarzanBeta

Meh, he said lively, how much more lively can you get? Christian rock bands?

There is always the heavy metal churches of Finland.

posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 05:37 AM
a reply to: Seede

He did come in grace to forgive as the law had no mercy and demanded punishment only

The Word of God shall return as a warrior

Destroy the law with love at the point of a sword....hahahahaha

posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 06:45 AM
a reply to: CollectSecretHistory

what is a Holy Ghost/Spirit filled person in your estimation?

posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 06:54 AM
Read the Bible the churches are not buildings or organization but the people who have faith in Christ alone for their salvation. These organizations and buildings called churches are literally an abomination to God because they teach otherwise. These places are used as a business for making a profit under not for profit tax status.
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posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 03:13 PM
A kingdom that is now not of this world... I could a write a Sci fi novel from that.

Btw what also important about Jesus being real or not in recorded history.

posted on Mar, 29 2017 @ 03:24 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Text Destroy the law with love at the point of a sword....hahahahaha

The law is never destroyed. Jesus came not to destroy the law but to fulfill the law. Only the ones who are not justified will need the sword.

posted on Mar, 31 2017 @ 08:22 AM
a reply to: Seede

You cant have it both ways - Jesus followed the Law - Paul the Imposter wrote another story - to include Gentiles without circumcision.

posted on Mar, 31 2017 @ 01:26 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

You cant have it both ways - Jesus followed the Law - Paul the Imposter wrote another story - to include Gentiles without circumcision.

Jesus the man and Jesus the Word are both the same. Saul the Jew and Paul the gentile are also both the same. As Jesus was in the flesh of man He was born under the law and obeyed all of the law but as He then became the Word He taught the grace of forsaking the sacrifice of flesh. Jesus' brother and Nasi of the Nazarene's [James the Just] therefore forbid the blood of animals and birds which was the central theme of the mosaic law. That change stands today throughout the world in civilized cultures.

In like manner, Saul the Jew became Paul the gentile and as was ordained by the "Word" became justified as in condemning the need for circumcision of the flesh. The change being that the new covenant between man and God was then established. The needs of the law, which are not of necessity for salvation, are instilled in the hearts on the justified.

One who rejects the covenant of "The Word" [Jesus] can no longer accept the covenant of Moses as the Moses covenant has passed away with the temple and the priestly order. Mankind is now left with the covenant of Jesus or the ten Nohide laws of self government. All changes of the Mosaic Covenant came after Jesus died and established His new covenant. All covenants to this point were blood covenants. Blood covenants are now complete and the law has been fulfilled but the laws of salvation are never forsaken.

To be more clear is to understand that Paul did not change anything. Paul was taught, by James, the exact liturgy of the first Synagogue of the Christ Jesus. No one of the congregation of James practiced the death penalty or the by laws of circumcision or sacrifice of flesh and blood. Even though the national Judaic temple continued the laws of Moses, this had no effect upon James and his Nazarene church.

In all of this is the Christian acceptance of the covenant of "The Word" who does not require the circumcision of the flesh nor the sacrifice of flesh and blood. There are laws of salvation and there are laws of building morality. Once the laws of salvation are instilled in the souls of men and have been overcome with love, then the ordinances of those laws are not needed. The laws of salvation were not present when Jesus was alive. The kingdom of heaven was only given after His death and is given to all mankind both Jew and Gentile alike.

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