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Question Existence.

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 03:22 PM
Just something I put together on my spare thinking time.

We walk around aimlessly, wondering around like mindless drones completing mindless tasks. We live for what reason then?
Our bodies continue to strive in an environment we are prone to destroy. Why do we strive on our own hatred? Why do we think of nothing short of fantasy? We imagine this perfect world that does not exist, yet we live on a world perfect for our real needs.
We have trouble with understanding one another. Why is that? Do we not all live on the same land? Drink the same water? Eat the same food? See the same people? Do we not think alike? It is that same thinking however, that sets us apart. We have no common cause to be able to live together. We have no right feelings, no set hearts, no common needs. Why do we live this way? Why can’t we just all live together in peace and harmony?
No one can forget the evils caused by others. They can only embrace it as their own. We all fight to die. But if we all die from fighting, why live to begin with? Are we born to live, prove ourselves, and ascend to a higher archy? Is life merely a playground, or an exam we must all undergo? Is everyone so blind to this? Are there so few who pass? Is this an impossible feat that can only be accomplished through the imagination? Why does everyone live the way they do? Do we feel the need to be powerful? Do we feel the need to create empty, cold life; then destroy it?
Why do we live the way we do?
Have we grown to overcome certain challenges? Have we spawned to aid us, or destroy us? We are so incapable as to pass on ideas, work, tradition, we can’t even manage to maintain a stable environment for the future. Our way of living, thinking, will kill us. Do some of us dream sadistry? Do some of us set out to become sadists under our own epiphany? Why must we suffer the way we do? We go around taking form others; we don’t care of have any concern for their needs. We want to everything here, now, at this moment, not tomorrow, and too late for yesterday.
Why are there so many injustices?
We worship a higher being, yet we want to be worshipped. We break our own rules. Rules that we set to control ourselves and failed. We have failed miserably at setting our own boundaries. Why does this happen?
Why are we so incompetent to follow our own rules?
We are nearly at the point in time that we can play our own god. A role we have always dreamed of assuming. We are succeeding to the point that we don’t even need to get up. We can always have another mindless drone do it. We can always have a cold machine do our work. What, when the machine becomes warm? Will we still tell it to kneel and grovel, or accept it as an equal? We are incapable of acceptance of this. We will force our own creations to wander aimlessly as we have.
Why do we do this?
We as people are viruses. We move from place to place, sucking the resources, killing the environment, and then leaving. We don’t die from this, we strive on it. Why do we live so inefficiently? Why are we sucking out the life force of our own home? Our pleasures desire that we do this. Are we the very creatures we fear most?

Just post anything else to add to it.

Shattered OUT...

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 10:38 PM
You only walk around aimlessly if you do not believe in a God. If you truly believe in a God
and see his miracles you live for the next world, and suffer to remain in this filthy world the short time you are here.

The reason we don't understand each other is because everybody is different and has their own belief, but we can absolutely relate to each other on
how our bodies work, the food we eat, and the plain fact that we are all human beings. We all also have different personalities which are special to all of us.

Also there are alot of people who walk the earth who don't believe in God or evil, and live primarily for this world and the powers and wealth of this world. That
is a truly scary thought. I mean if this life has no meaning or point that why do any good? or wy should I een care about anybody but myself? At some point people start to realize what is it all about, and
they search and find God, and cherish the thought of eternal joys of happiness with God forever. Some however only think about how much they can do in this world and live only for this world when it
is like a spec of time compared to enternity.

I think it all comes down to what you personally believe.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by Truth
is a truly scary thought. I mean if this life has no meaning or point that why do any good? or wy should I een care about anybody but myself?

Living primarily for this world does not mean there is no meaning or no point, or that people who live for this world don't do any good.
In some ways there can be more incentive to do good, if you believe that this life, this world is all there will be.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 11:01 PM
Yea but what good do you mean?

what is the message of the world? To succeed in this world for the primary end of riches or comfort. if one who lives only
for the world does good, the good is only material and withers away like everything else.

Thats why jesus told souls who followed him to give up everyting for the kingdom of heaven.

I know people who live for this world only can do material good, but they cannot teach eternal life which is the only importance.


posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 01:56 PM
I forget who(John Locke?) said that "All men are born wicked."

But I agree with that.

Shattered OUT...

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