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What is the "strangest" idea or concept you have that most people have never even considered?

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posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 11:43 PM

originally posted by: Blarneystoner
I have some ideas about evolution as well... I think that DNA is "programmed" to Terraform any planet that is capable of sustaining life; meaning that the planet is in the "Goldilocks" zone and has liquid water on it's surface.

Consider early life on planet Earth. Stromatolite fossils have been found dating back as far as 3.5 billion years old and are the earliest form of life on the planet. Stromatolites are composed of single celled organisms; cyanobacteria that lived in colonies in the ancient oceans. When these cyanobacteria first appeared, the earth was covered in water but there was very little oxygen in the atmosphere and the oceans. The oceans were saturated with dissolved Iron and the atmosphere was composed mainly of hydrogen (H2), water vapor, methane (CH4) , and carbon oxides (CO2). Stromatolites utilized photosynthesis for respiration by taking in the CO2 from the atmosphere and "exhaling" Oxygen. Those little single celled organisms are responsible for the bulk of the free oxygen in the atmosphere and the oceans which created a suitable environment for multi-cellular organisms to emerge.


I also think that the moon has played a vital role in our evolution including the evolution of our DNA and the DNA of all life on Earth, as if in the three body relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun, a program has been running from the very beginning with an original intent, from a first cause, which implies an uncanny degree of fine point control over space and time, mass and energy to bring it about.

Furthermore, If there are design properties in the Earth-Moon-Sun configuration, then the random big whack or double-whack hypothesis for lunar formation, is false.

Therefore, I think that when we get to the moon or back to the moon, that we should launch a drilling probe and series of such probes to better understand what is in the core of the moon and what it's shaped like, in search of a potential artificial astro-engineered object or its remnant, which functioned to draw just the right amount of Earth mantle material and no more, at just the right distance from the Earth, and at just the right time, to begin running the program such that it's only during the epoch when there's someone to notice it, that the phenomenon of solar eclipse occurs, but not as a mere coincidence as but the most stark example of what I'm trying to illustrate, however solipsistic it might appear at first glance.

Unless we just happen to be at the very farthest edge of a grand fluke, the idea of the moon as having at it's core the seed of life on Earth and the ability to program the evolution of DNA through a whole host of moon-centric effects, causes the probability of other true Earth-like worlds to grow exponentially.

Without our single, giant moon, we wouldn't be here. Our very gestation and fertilization process as human beings is tied to the lunar cycle. Having water over 90% of the Earth, and a temperate climate, and ocean currents and trade winds, these things are all moon dependant.

Early in Earth's history, the moon would have been 15-20X larger in the sky, it was that much closer to the Earth, which would have been responsible for powerful tidal forces drawing pooling salt water far inland to dissolve molecular recombinations over and over again and accelerate evolution on Earth, with the help of shots of Cosmic Rays fired directly at us from the gun ofCygnus X-3, a galactic "blazer" or neutron star, of which there are only 1-3 of them or thereabouts in any one galaxy. We're in it's sighs as it passes back and forth and waves and wanes in intensity. This is true.

What am I saying?

That moons like our own, might have been formed by a special kind of seed which is seeded into every or as many galactic disc formations as possible, so as to get that fine point DNA program running on rocky water worlds in the goldilocks zone of certain solar systems, with not a seed wasted.

One could imagine life of some kind of multiple satellite-moon planets, but it wouldn't be so consistent across the entire planet without a similar such configuration as our own single, giant moon system ie: one side would also be stormy or always frozen, the other side hot and arid, or all over the place, and always changing. Life on these worlds, evolved life, walking and flying around life, would probably live and function in the bands between the various extremes, but extreme worlds they would all be, unless they too are blessed with one of these life-program moons, like ours.

Our search, when we get the right level of observation with next generation telescopes, should be not just for rocky water worlds, but for exomoons circling those worlds, in search of a similar configuration as our own, perhaps even with a large gas giant to serve as a type of vacuum cleaner to project and preserve long-range evolutionary development.

Seeds, like out of a barn for planting and we and the life we're experiencing in all its varied forms is the harvest and the field, which might even have a corresponding spiritual dimension to it's physical and material manifestation in time and history.

I think that when we look at the full moon perfectly reflecting the sun as the midnight sun, and when we note solar eclipse and a whole host of other odd coincidences in the Earth-Moon-Sun configuration, that we bear witness, as intended from the same first cause, the very fingerprint of God.

Supporting Illustrations

Note: If you were on the moon during a lunar eclipse, the Earth would perfectly eclipse the sun.

Additional Info/Insight

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posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 11:48 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

Knowing that the "philosopher's stone/elixir of life" is real and almost every human in existence will never know of it.

how you know that ?
unless you have seen it ?
don't tell me its urine , its not
only 5-6 this century made it
so just a belief then for you ?

they will know it
in the future
Rosicrucian's will make sure of it

posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 11:50 PM
I believe that time and space are actually particles that can be manipulated with the right technology we might be able to instantly travel in time and space.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 12:06 AM
Freedom. Freedom is absolutely free. This BS "they" spew,.. that "freedom isn't free". It is absolutely free! What "they" bank on?..Is, you ain't willing to pay for it! Or to use freedom, as a currency. And they've done good, gotta hand it to them.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 12:37 AM
a reply to: murphy22

But if it's free, then you don't have to pay for it while "they" get rather carried away with the idea of protecting it and make damn sure that a price is paid in blood and treasure.

It's a scam, the American freedom scam.

Freedom is free and it's intrinsic, but it's also true that people must uphold it and try to guard it against those who would tear it down.

It's a tricky question, a sticky wicket.

What seems to be missing is an authentic model of civilized leadership which upholds the standard of truth and justice and individual liberty, and they went and stole that one too then stuck it in a stained glass window.

This world of ours needs to wake up, and make damn sure that "they" stop pulling the wool over our eyes.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 12:48 AM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
In a non-local, holographic universe - local matters.

say this to someone if they ever ask you why you're paying such attention to minor detail.

This idea brings to my mind the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig.

We become one with what we love, but true quality and craftsmanship has been lost or watered because we lost touch with quality or virtue as its own reward. It all happened after they made Socrates drink the Hemlock poison, and Aristotle decided to make quality and virtue the subject of a dialectic while enshrining materialism in the categorization and labelling for the purpose of institutionalizing Academia, instead of quality and virtue as something that's intrinsic to the heart of our connection with the world and with all creative action wherein the subject object duality falls away.

And in that moment, to this moment, we were thrown from the heart of the world, with such a worldview looked upon with distain as being too "solipsistic" and even egocentric, and an argument was made that the observer and the observed are two separate and distinct phenomenon within the context of traditional scientific inquiry, but which only raises more questions than it answers while always moving the bar.

We became lost. Lost from the being at the heart of it all. The ancients were not as primitive as we might presume, and they may have even been right but for all the wrong reasons, either way, when something is lost, it can be recovered, and although once dead, rendered alive again (not unlike the Prodigal Son).

We lost our place, but just maybe a table has already been set, also by anticipation from the origin of creation, and that's funny imho. Surprising. Superdeterministic. Always one step ahead while forever inviting us to catch up with it and with the utmost sense of urgency. True life. The happy life wherein Virtue is it's own reward and quality and craftsmanship a thing of great beauty and something more that transcends the duality of craftsman and object.

And it can take place, this.. koinonia, in the process of tuning a motorcycle, or in any endeavour, any activity, no matter how mundane where it may be said that the sacred lives in the mundane because - in a non-local, holographic universe, local matters. ha HA!

This is either liberating, or terrifying, or both, but who, when the self-imposed prison doors swing open, would rather relock it from the inside and cower in the far corner rather than to have the courage to be free and to come out to play?

We're a sad sad lot, most of us if not all of us, but even in the midst of the tears of regret in the face of the realization, is there not a loving smile that's capable of wiping away those tears, and even an outstretched hand of sorts, which to grasp, leads us straight into the resurrected life and thus into tears of hilarity and astonishment and immense gratitude and love where it's possible to be entirely consoled and comforted?

We have much to mourn over, including a world set apart from us for no reason, but it's also very funny from the new POV, and thus it can become the place where tears of regret can be become tears of hilarity at our own prior ignorance and absurdity.

I think this is a blessed realization because once the mind and heart changes shape, once the truth and the spirit is touched and a spark lit, then there's no stopping the light that shines for all in the house and that light is YOU.

That's the funny part of it too, that it's one person at a time starting with you, and me, for a party that cannot begin until we get there, but that once we arrive can be seen to have been the very thing that we were missing all along and that was available through a process of deductive and inductive reasoning which does not begin with the seperative, materialist monist, Newtonian/Cartesian POV, which is a faulty presupposition and worldview.

I haven't read that book in years. My Lord did it ever strike a chord with me. It was one of the first books regarding quantum mechanics I actually enjoyed.

My strange concept is:

Evolution exists as a general function of life to further spread life. I also think life, as a being, has a conscious. All of life. For millions of years it did well with dinosaurs. But an asteroid ended all of that. Now it's evolved something (humans) which it needs to figure out how to spread to other planets to keep life itself...alive. That's why we have big brains. We are to be the savior of life from Earth by colonizing other planets and to ensure Earth's lifeforce survives.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 01:02 AM

originally posted by: Tempter

I haven't read that book in years. My Lord did it ever strike a chord with me. It was one of the first books regarding quantum mechanics I actually enjoyed.

My strange concept is:

Evolution exists as a general function of life to further spread life. I also think life, as a being, has a conscious. All of life. For millions of years it did well with dinosaurs. But an asteroid ended all of that. Now it's evolved something (humans) which it needs to figure out how to spread to other planets to keep life itself...alive. That's why we have big brains. We are to be the savior of life from Earth by colonizing other planets and to ensure Earth's lifeforce survives.

If you liked that book you'd also like "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukov, from the 80's regarding the latest discoveries and understanding of quantum physics.

Hey regarding your idea about life and our purpose and life's own purpose in the universe, check out the edits I just made to the top post of this page. I hope it trips you right out and whoever else might stop and contemplate the notion that the random fluke "happenstance" hypothesis including the big whack hypothesis for lunar formation doesn't adequately explain what we're really looking at, which is the fingerprint of the very design you speak of, just from another pov or frame of reference yet one that's rather blatant and in our face having to do with cosmic evolutionary history that's in favor of the very life experience we are now having at this very moment.

Does the moon reflect the sun as a metaphor in the same way that the son reflects the light of the father?

Maybe we were not the first to notice these things. It certainly didn't get past the Egyptian cosmologists who referred to the moon as the womb and mother of the world. They got the message. These days, we'd see it and then pretend it's not there and opt instead for a random occurrence at the very farthest edge of probability, given enough such possibilities ie: nothing but a coincidence.

Close examination of the design properties inherent in the Moon-Earth-Sun configuration, however, defies the strong anthropic principal as an explanation ie: if it were any other way they we wouldn't be here to notice it, all these apparent geometrical relationships and sacred geometry.

Fingerprint of God, in our face.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 01:07 AM
I have read the Dancing WLM. Amazing book. Wait, did I read that one first? I think I did.

Both excellent.

Anyways, yes. I think we are too far removed from spirit in our daily lives. At least I know I am. I need it back.

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 01:19 AM
a reply to: Tempter

Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened to you.

(never mind any sort of religious bias and all that)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, they shall be satisfied.

These are statements of causation between the material and the spiritual, as if they are directly correlated when we position ourselves to be in better alignment with it, and then there it is, even if only as a mere inkling, and voila, once the mind and heart changes it's shape it cannot ever go back to it's original configuration and once something has been found or discovered, it can't really ever be lost again, unless like the man in search of buried treasure one immediately reburies it (makes a note of where it was) and then proceeds to sell everything he owns to buy up the whole field wherein it resides.

They still work these metaphors and who cares if a really nice guy once said it for all the right reasons that people now worship for all the wrong ones.

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posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 10:31 AM
Most anomalous thought: Our conciousness resides between layered black holes.

Rarest insight: All modern technology was relearned from ancient sources.

Most defining belief: Reality can be dissected into a series of wave functions altered by inaccurate particle detection based on inaccurate propagation of conjugate nuclei and their inverted mirror image.

Biggest 'aha' moment: Sitting in math class when I finally recieve the answer to "Why are we learning this stuff?" When I realized sine-cosine represents the basic function of EVERY THING

posted on Aug, 13 2017 @ 04:35 AM
That the afterlife is going to be very boring and claustrofobic.

posted on Aug, 14 2017 @ 09:59 AM

originally posted by: QueenofWeird
That the afterlife is going to be very boring and claustrofobic.

Spirits or souls or ghosts that become bored fall into an eternal slumber without a dream. But we are all remembered, and I believe in a moment some advanced being will wake up all spirits who have ever lived on our planet. Likely by then there would be technology that can cure all disease, provide food, clothing and shelter and make everything perfect like heaven. You never had a single day where you were all happy all day long, you must have - it's real easy to imagine that day to become like a groundhog day where you would just be happy, no cause or direction or stuff to do, just existing in bliss.

Those who are either unhappy or happy become the restless souls, the unsatisfied, either because they want to work out their problems and understanding in order to become happy even while not knowing that or those that are happy want to make others happy as well and 'get their kicks' that way. If happiness repeated itself forever inside you, wouldn't you want that?

posted on Aug, 14 2017 @ 10:24 AM
a reply to: spliffster

Me likes eternal slumber

posted on Aug, 14 2017 @ 12:52 PM
Time might be simultaneous, and that it not about being good or bad, aslong as it just good.
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