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Iraq election a success, Congrats to Bush Admin.

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 06:51 AM
Here's a quote from an actual Iraqi, not a liberal press member who wants Iraq to fail:

I walked forward to my station, cast my vote and then headed to the box, where I wanted to stand as long as I could, then I moved to mark my finger with ink, I dipped it deep as if I was poking the eyes of all the world's tyrants.
I put the paper in the box and with it, there were tears that I couldn't hold; I was trembling with joy and I felt like I wanted to hug the box but the supervisor smiled at me and said "brother, would you please move ahead, the people are waiting for their turn".

Source: Iraq the Model

The people do want to be free and have the right of self-determination. That's something that the terrorists you want to win can't give them!

posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 12:18 PM
Different War, Same False Hope

For those of you who think the Iraqi Election on January 30, 2005 was a turning point in the Iraq War, it wasn't. We tried the same thing during the Vietnam War. Check this out:

"United States officials were surprised and heartened today at the size of turnout in South Vietnam's presidential election despite a Vietcong terrorist campaign to disrupt the voting. According to reports from Saigon, 83 percent of the 5.85 million registered voters cast their ballots yesterday. Many of them risked reprisals threatened by the Vietcong. A successful election has long been seen as the keystone in President Johnson's policy of encouraging the growth of constitutional processes in South Vietnam."

I will once again repeat that this war in Iraq is unwinnable. Like Vietnam, there are outside forces heavily supporting the resistance fighters in Iraq with munitions and money and fighters who are crossing the borders for nothing more than a chance to kill American soldiers and anyone acting in support of them. The huge difference between the Vietnam War and the Iraq War is that Vietnam was a tactical war, whereas the war in Iraq has developed into a strategic one -- and there's a nasty difference between the two.

We could declare false victory in Vietnam and walk away without repercussions. Where Iraq is concerned, when we walk out of there in defeat, as we most assuredly will, we will have created a united enemy of many peoples and nations, and we will be left without the future support of most of our most trusted former allies.

When we voted to re-elect George W. Bush to a second term, we lost our innocence as a people. Whereas our international neighbors, and even our enemies, once considered there to be a vast difference between the people of the United States and the government of the United States, the election results of November 2, 2004 caused the people of the world to look upon us in an entirely different light.

I remember when one tough old CIA interrogator -- who speaks perfect Arabic -- went to Guantanimo Bay to interview the suspected al Qaeda prisoners held there. Among the other horrors he witnessed, there was an 80-year old man laying in his own excrement in the hot Cuban sun in a 6 by 6 foot cage. I guess the Red Cross wasn't visiting that day. Anyway, he came away realizing at least 90% of the people being held there had never been part of al Qaeda or the Iraqi resistance in any form. He said, "If they weren't al Qaeda when they went in, they will be al Qaeda the moment they are released."

Most of the prisoners held at the Abu Ghraib prison, where all the tortures and humiliations occurred, were as innocent as those held at Guantanimo Bay. A lot of them wound up at Abu Ghraib because a bomb went off on some road, killing American and Coalition forces, so the troops charged the local houses, arresting all the men of fighting age they could get their hands on. Surely they must have seen something, so they went to Abu Ghraib for "interrogation". That's where Rumsfeld's boys could get at them without anybody knowing.

Who are Rumsfeld's boys? Well, not long after 9/11, Rumsfeld formed a secret group in the Pentagon of around 40 operatives. Rumsfeld didn't want a lot of red tape when he ordered them to snatch suspected al Qaeda supporters from various nations, including Iraq, so his clandestine group went about their business totally under the radar, kidnapping or simply murdering the suspects. They used Lear jets to get around, and they didn't bother with customs and international laws and all that other stuff. They just did it. Look up the Phoenix Program on a search engine sometime. We did the same thing during the Vietnam War, only we didn't have Lear jets at the time.

Rumsfeld's boys wanted to infiltrate al Qaeda and the resistance fighters in general. They knew enough about the Koran and Muslim Law to know the adherents are never to even touch a dog. They knew it was forbidden for a male to be seen naked, and homosexuality? Forget it -- that's a capital offense! So they posed the victims in those photographs before they released, them, telling them to join the resistance and report back to them or their whole village was going to get a gander at those photographs. That's why they did it, and that's why the soldiers didn't fear any repercussions. They were, after all, only following blatantly illegal orders from "military intelligence officers" who were never there...


And I've seen it before
And I'll see it again
Yes I've seen it before
Just little bits of history repeating

posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 08:32 PM

Originally posted by Souljah
Different War, Same False Hope

Are you saying hope is false because people are trying to go beyond the negative forces that you and others are constantly saying it will fail without trying first? Or is it better to say it and not work to bridge cultures together. Hope is in the heart of men and women, and children all across the globe. Sometimes you have to face the reality that people need help. If not, you have become societies #1 chimp dream of their class. I am not good at following rules of so called civilized societies, but a human being is worth more to help than all the treasures you bring before me. Sorry, I do not share your way of dragging people down because they want to achieve meaning in life and those who are willing to take chances against odds that you seam to think is hopeless. I say let us wait before you and some others swallow your foot again.Time to heal for those people.

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 08:36 PM
Ok, let's do the reality check,

Shiites did the voting, the sunnis boycott the elections, and the kurds are building their army to fight for their autonomy.

Yes democracy is going to do just fine in Iraq.

And yes...........Bush got his elections.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 10:44 AM
Even though as expressed in my threads on the subject I am very upset about events surrouding Iraq as handeled by Bush , I even must concied that this is the one thing I thought would never happen and the president deserves my respect on this issue although most of the credit goes to those brave enough to vote, they wouldnt have been given the oppurtunity to decide their future without Bushs actions so wrong or right in the handeled I offer this:

Congratulations Mr President from one who finds it hard to agree with you in general you deserve the Proper respect and thanks of all the world for providing this oppurtunity to the Iraqi people , Thanks from me as well you did a good thing in the middle of questionable actions and I didnt miss it , Thanks again from me personally. One of your most avid opponents.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 10:55 AM

The Iraq election was a success and the country is a democracy. I had my doubts about this war but now that it did indeed succeed I have no more negative opinions on it. Bush's leadership had freed a nation and made the world a better place.

Prophet of Yayweh....I didn't bother reading all the posts on this thread....but the election was a complete farce....just like elections in this country have become. The powers that be put the person into power they wanted...the Iraqi people had nothing to do with it. Your dream of a democracy in Iraq is bogus....hell, this country (USA) isn't even a democracy any more...wake up!!

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 08:53 PM
Its pretty ironic that Bush wants to spread peace and freedom, while he waves his guns at the world and is the leader of the most corrupt and hypocritical country on this earth.

Really you rightwingers need a real thourough reality-check on what is going on in your own country before you can see what is going on in iraq.

Do you really think the americans will let someone be elected in Iraq that cant be influenced(bribed is a better word) behind the curtains.Gimme a break!!
Its all about power and manipulation under the so called umbrella of democracy and freedom. And since this is an illusion in so many countries, especially in the USA, this illusion goes unnoticed.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 09:13 PM
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posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 03:22 AM
Well thursday is the day the totals should be in now lets see how it goes, I only support Bush in the fact the election occured, but I am already aware it was and will be a US "terror-tory" excuse the punn. no matter who ends up winning or loosing Bush is the real power of the Iraqi goverment and Like Russia, Uk, China and other countries has spread itself into the world further by the gaining of and riggid control of a territory outside their own land. If you cant have the biggest land steal others thru deplomacy or war thats the way of things, nothing so new either Bush has just joined people like Gengis Cahn, Ceasar, The Zarr, Hitler, etc. all people who gained by the misfortunes of those they impose their will on ,the only thing I can hope for is like the goverments of the people listed above that we do not fall as a society in the shadow of our leaders misgivvings and prideful stance. I hope that Bush goes and the next President still has a country worthy of world involvement and that is salvaged from the errors of Bush.

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 03:56 AM
Congrats to president Bush for completely restructing a societies culture. Now ancient Iraq will reign in American freedom and all of it's Arabic culture will be misconfigured, lost, replaced and eventually forgotten.

Welcome to Meccadonalds. Would you like some fries with that?

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 08:48 AM

Originally posted by Simulacra
Congrats to president Bush for completely restructing a societies culture. Now ancient Iraq will reign in American freedom and all of it's Arabic culture will be misconfigured, lost, replaced and eventually forgotten.

Welcome to Meccadonalds. Would you like some fries with that?

I love the Meccadonalds thing you should send that to some paper and have them put it into the funny quotes section

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 08:57 AM
So ostensibly the Army to Free the World can leave Iraq? Good, because there is a bit of housecleaning to attend to back home in the states. If they could just swing wide over washington with a couple of spectres, give 'em the Fallujah treatment, we'd be right as rain. That would eliminate 80% of world terrorists right there (with the exception of New York and London bankers, African warlords and South American Guerillas). After them I think we could declare a victory in the war against terrorism, then maybe a truce in the war on drugs, and we'd have peace for the first time in a long time.

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 11:07 AM

Originally posted by Simulacra
Welcome to Meccadonalds. Would you like some fries with that?


nice one, man.

yes i know what you are saying.
"lets build pizza hut and kentucky friend chicken next!"
its the "democratization" process.
or is it the "americanization" process?

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by djohnsto77
These elections were a great success by any measure and the most free fair elections that any Arab country has seen.

your contempt for the arabs is an inspiration to us rightwing nutjobs.

what about Lebanon? what about United Arab Emirates? what about Egypt? clearly you know nothing of the arab world.

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 04:28 PM
Only 17% of Iraqi Election review topics turned out today, so I am voting on this one.

Media Mangles Iraq Vote

By Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher. Posted February 5, 2005.

Everyone, of course, is thrilled that so many Iraqis turned out to vote, in the face of threats and intimidation, on Sunday. But in hailing, and at times gushing, over the turnout, has the American media (as it did two years ago in the hyping of Saddam's WMDs) forgotten core journalistic principles in regard to fact-checking and weighing partisan assertions?

It appears so. For days, the press repeated, as gospel, assertions offered by an election official that 8 million Iraqis went to the polls on Sunday, an impressive 57% turnout rate. I questioned those figures as early as last Sunday, and offered the detailed analysis below on Wednesday. Finally, on Thursday night, John F. Burns and Dexter Filkins of The New York Times reported that Iraqi election officials have quietly "backtracked, saying that the 8 million estimate had been reached hastily on the basis of telephone reports from polling stations across the country and that the figure could change."

*** OOPS ***

Then, in Friday's paper, Burns and Filkins noted that one election commision official was "evasive about the turnout, implying it might end up significantly lower than the initial estimate." They quoted this official, Safwat Radhid, exclaiming: "Only God Almighty knows the final turnout now." They revealed that the announcement of a turnout number, expected to be released this weekend, has been put off for a week, due to the "complex" tabulation system.

Heard it all before?

I wonder how many people calling this a rip-roaring success have the first clue about the candidates, their origins, their policy platforms and whose pockets they are in?

And the winners are __________________________?

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