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The Trinity & Other Symbolisms

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 01:37 PM
For the Dogs and the Cattle;
When you mix physcology and religeon together you will get no results, it's as if you were mixing water with water. That is to say when you try to use one against another, because they are the same.
The trinity does not represent some outward force, the trinity is within you.
The Father is Satan symbolically
The Son is Jesus symbolically
The Holy Spirit is God, The Epinoia, Sophia symbolically, but it's best to not give a name.
These are all working inside of you, yet also they are beings or forces which have existed since the beginning of time. I have renamed the ones inside of us to make it easier to understand symbolically.
The Doer
The Thinker of the Doer
The Thinker of the Thinker
Now most people are stuck on Doer.. they simply Do whatever they feel, they have no disicipline and have no control over physical happenings like blood pressure, body temperature, bodily cravings or emotions, feelings and such.
Remember all 3 DO exist within you, its just a matter of recognizing them and manipulating them, because you do use them without knowing it, therefore your potential is limited
The Thinker of the Doer on the otherhand is the one who manipulates the symbols to come up with new things to Do, it also defines the catagory the action is in, Right or Wrong; The Doer, (symbolically Satan) doesn't care whether the action is correct or not it simply carries out the orders for the benefits/reactions
Now The Thinker of the Thinker, symbolically God..... Is the one who breathes when your not paying attention to it, it is also the one who turns the photons into pictures and sound vibrations into noise that is decipherable, yet it is also responsible for the unexplainable, i.e. Monks melting the snow in the Himalayas and pouring melted steel onto their tongue and having no negative effects while the steel hardens on their tongue and is spit out physically hard. It is ineffable, immortal, and always correct, because it uses all your senses to formulate a response instead of fractions of your senses. In the same way, once you recognize this aspect of your being you can manipulate it.
Every situation or event that has EVER happened in your life is a manipulation of sorts, You are constantly manipulating variables recieved by your senses daily second by second, microsecond by microsecond, which is where time is first based symbolically which is similar to the way we govern time on earth; through the manipulation of symbols that are visible, being the sun and the stationary objects on the earth. Much like that there must be and is stationary objects within you.
Those unchanging objects are your senses.
The purpose of the bible is definate proof of the reality of the word of God. It shows you how we incorrectly interperate the trinity allowing one to become more dominant than the other when Jesus symbolically shewed us that a proper balance is all that is necessary.
If there is anything anyone wishes to discuss I would love to answer questions and hear others opinions...

posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 12:02 PM
Is there anyone else out there who is doing similar research into religeon and human behavior/physcology... ? Serious comments would be appreciated.


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