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Ralph Epperson

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 11:09 AM
Sunday night I listened to a most fascinating program on For those of you to may not know, Spyman X and Agent Ladybug (Nancy Drew) do a briefing nightly Sunday-Wednesday where they discuss the world geo-political situation.

This past Sunday, they had a guest, Ralph Epperson, who got online and spoke for almost 2 hours straight. He spoke all about freemasonry and if there is a connection between skull 'n bones. He spoke about events going back decades and decades and how they connect with current events. He spoke about American money and the symbols contained within the notes. He dissected the events of 9/11.

The two hours passed like it was 10 minutes!! It was fascinating and informative and left a lot of questions behind!

For anyone that's interested, Spyman has made the program available online - if you have the time, its extremely interesting Scroll down to Jan 30th with Ralph Epperson.


Ralph Epperson is an historian, author, and lecturer who has been researching the CONSPIRATORIAL VIEW OF HISTORY (the view that the major events of the past have been planned years in advance by a central conspiracy) for some 30 years. He has written or produced three "best selling" books entitled THE UNSEEN HAND, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and MASONRY: CONSPIRACY AGAINST CHRISTIANITY. In addition, Mr. Epperson has written six booklets, and filmed eleven videos. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona, but freely admits that what he has learned since graduation has taught him that most of what he learned in college in History and Political Science simply is not true. He proudly states that his research has proven to him that there has been an active conspiracy in the world planning major wars, depressions, and inflations years in advance.

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