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WW3 Expands, Russia Deploys Special Forces In Western Egypt Towards Libya

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posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 11:41 AM
Well it looks official to me, the Libya front of WW3 has opened up shortly after Russian assets deployed to Egypt.

It took day, but CNN has provided another analysis.

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posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

Thanks for the information. I hadn't been paying much attention to this since say November-ish. I see that the Kurds have been very successful in the map. This must annoy the hell out of Turkey.

I keep thinking that the Kurds will declare themselves sovereign eventually - but is it better for them to say they are part of Iraq since Turkey has a very ugly history with them?

As far as ISIS goes, I am happy to see that Dabiq was taken. It makes me smile.

posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: Fools

The Kurds are very determined and successful fighters for their people. I believe they will get their state, and it will likely start with autonomy as thanks for helping to keep Syria together.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 08:56 AM
There's no Russian special forces in Libya, although maybe some are in Egypt!
But ... There's plenty of italian informers in Libyatrying to attempt some sort of coup in the country in favor of Italy and the EU. This is not going to happen in any way shape or form that might be helpful for the EU or Italy.

Italy is bankrupt and the EU is doomed, they stand no chance.
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posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 09:02 AM
I know this is late but after some reading I just see this as Egypt and Russia helping clean up the ungodly mess that Obama and Hillary left there after they murdered Colonel Gaddafi.

General Hatfar is the only man who can really bring peace to Libya.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: Flanker86
well the title does say, they are in Egypt ...
Thats messed up that CNN video got pulled. It actually had footage clearly taken by an "asset" on the ground of the soldiers at the base and some other stuff. I doubt I will ever find it again, but who knows.
a reply to: Ohanka
oh no doubt! But it is still part of a front of the Third World War, and we won't have to fight the next one with sticks and stones either! Albert was wrong man, WRONG!

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