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The Freedom Experiment

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 10:22 AM
It would appear the President Bush believes that spreading freedom and democracy even through war is the way to cure the worlds evils.

He wants us to buy into a war to spread freedom in order to create lasting piece.

My question is this. When american soldiers swear in to support and defend the United States and the constitution. Was this new agenda part of the deal.

Soldiers must obey the orders given to them but is this what our for fathers had in mine for supporting and defending the Constitution?

Is this experiment that Bush has set us out on worth the 1400 lives and the billions of dollars it will cost? I tell you know this is nothing more than an experiment. It may work but is it worth the lives of our soldiers to Test it out? DId they swear in for this experiment and is this war really going to support and defend the United States or could we have just used the billions to fortify Aircraft Cockpits to prevent terrorist entry? Could we have used the billions to fortify our borders and improve US customs and FBI/CIA survelance of possible threatening peoples entering our country.

I am just not yet sold on the fact that our soldiers should be ordered to conduct this experiment in freedom. I am not sure thats what they swore in to do... even if it works. Are there any Bush family members over there on the front lines conducting this experiment?

It is obvious that Iraq was not a clear and present danger to us.

Things to dicuss and ponder. I am at an impasse as I am not sure either way.

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 10:29 AM
Well that's a point I have made on other discussions before now.

All very well signing up to defend your country and serve, but are the actions you are made to participate in ethical or anything to do with "defence". What makes the decisions of the "Commander in Chief" so right all the time that they must be obeyed blindly and unquestioningly?

I served in the armed forces at one time but will not do so again (I'm maybe too old at 40 anyway) and fight in a war for profit for the rich and corporate run government.
Let's see the children and relatives of the rich elite who call for war on the front lines with the rest of us, rifle in hand, ready to serve.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by Britguy
What makes the decisions of the "Commander in Chief" so right all the time that they must be obeyed blindly and unquestioningly?

This must be absolute. Soldiers must follow orders. In the United States it is the congress's job to question the presidents motives not the individual soldier. I am currently serving and I will obey the orders I am given without question. I dont however have to agree with the motives behind the orders and for that I have voting and my voice to try and change things.

America voted for him so he has the mandate to take us down the road he wishes with checks and balances. I dont feel our congress is doing its job in checking and balancing things though.

I can change that with my vote, and voice and not by disobeying orders. That is not in question for me.


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