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CNN Feed Goes Dead As Obamacare Victims Begin Speaking

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posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 10:39 AM
My health care went from about $550 per year (retired military, for a family of three), to about $350 every three months (for me only), to over $1100 every three months (for me only) in the space of 4 years under Obama. And I am never sick, do not even take flu shots.
It really makes me mad I am paying for the lazy and illegals here in the US!!!

Can one of you liberal pukes tell me why I am paying for the lazy and illegal?

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 05:04 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

Could you expect any less from "Castro's News Network"? i still call it castro's because the idea for CNN going internationally came from a conversation between Ted Turner and fidel castro. Castro, having been a famous globalist propagandist, who hoodwinked many people around the world with lies, taught another far left wing elitist to go internationally with the far left wing lies that CNN is famous for. As for Obamacare? It seems the majority of people who gained from it were illegals. But the majority of Americans got canned thanks to this far left-wing health care.


This is a matter of simple arithmetic. Forty-nine states have balanced budget requirements. Thus, at the margin, every $1 dollar reduction in taxpayer-financed uncompensated care costs for the uninsured frees up a dollar that can be spent on health care for illegal immigrants. In that sense, the legal prohibition against using Obamacare funds to explicitly bankroll health care for illegal immigrants is largely irrelevant. The federal Obamacare subsidies undeniably permit states and localities to make expenditures on health care for illegal immigrants that they otherwise would be unable to afford.

In 2013, state and local governments provided $19.8 billion in funds to help offset the costs of uncompensated care borne by hospitals and other providers. Such payments constituted 26% of all uncompensated care costs that year. The average individual who is uninsured incurs about $1257 in uncompensated care costs [Table 1]. States and localities there save about $325 for each uninsured person who gains coverage as a result of the ACA.

Because Of Obamacare, Illegal Immigrants Get Taxpayer-Financed Care

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posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 05:24 PM

originally posted by: zzmojoezz
Sigh....Im neither dem, nor republican. Long time lurker of ATS, very very long time. WTF happend to this place? Every post is about Trump! This place used to have paranormal/alien/climate/conspiracies on the front page. Now this place is all Trump, all the time. I honestly don't get how people really believe TPTB are just letting this ish happen? If they didn't want Trump to be president....He wouldn't be president. He will be there puppet just like every president is. He has already proven that. All of this bull# is happening so your distracted from the real issues. Its working like a god dam charm I guess.... *shrugs*

I can tell you this as a fact. Trump supporters are not here posting pro-Trump threads for the Hell of it. The vast majority of pro-Trump threads are posted in response to anti-Trump liberal threads. If the left hadn't lost their minds and begun an all out war on the right and the right's win of the election by Trump...ATS would still be the good ole ATS.

So...lets cure the illness not treat the symptom. Ban all anti-Trump threads and you will see all the pro-Trump threads disappear. Do the opposite...and ATS will become nothing but an anti-Trump website.

No one with any logic or truth can argue those facts.

posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 04:40 AM
a reply to: Apollumi

I agree 100% with what your saying !

This is exactly what I've been telling my family... if this is happening to me... I can't even fathom what others are going through and from what I've read just here on ATS in the various threads I have been following on the health care ponzi appears no one is scraping by on this one... whether your healthy,been paying into an insurance policy your entire life with no breaks in service, sick, didn't ever carry an insurance plan prior, have pre-existing conditions, don't make enough to qualify, make too much to qualify...they have put loop holes in place for every scenario to screw the people. The dirty rich insurance companies will come out on top and the doctors and staff wanna keep their paychecks too during this fiasco.

What I see is people are kinda being forced to opt out of insurance because they can't afford to have it, with high premiums, high deductibles, high coinsurance, and then when they go to see a doctor the game being played there where they code it to not be covered. In the end it is UN-affordable. So people like me who have always carried and payed into the insurance plans... suddenly are faced with having to make a decision on if they can afford insurance at all anymore.

Little Break... I feel like SCREAMING...What the "F" happened to all that money I paid into all those years...that was for me and my families Health Coverage you Bastards ! You said I'd be covered if I paid into the plan...You LIARS ! You take my monthly premium and say I'm covered but when I goto the Doctor you laugh at me and say... NOT REALLY... hehehe gotcha. I wanna SLAP them SILLY over this !

& how convenient that a new clause is being written into the revision that if they go look back and you didn't have coverage you get a 30% increase in premium. Its a no win situation. Lets see... do i pay for the high health premium and then every time I goto the doctor also get a high bill... or do I feed my kids ? Flipping a coin here...

Here is a new fear of mine... Remember how earlier in the thread I mentioned that the Govt Marketplace is still showing me as Canceled ? Why can't they fix it ? Is this a new scheme to make it look like I didn't have coverage so that when the new law goes into effect they can try to charge me the higher rate !?

Only thinking of myself... I say if the Health Care Industry is crashing... I don't wanna take the hit this time. I don't have a job or work in that industry. When the dotcoms crashed, I worked in that industry and I took a hit then. I got layed off of work. Guess what peoples response was then... it happens to the best of us... you just gota get back up and rebuild yourself...blah blah blah... So now when the health industry is crashing... let the insurance companies and those with jobs in the industry take the hit. Not me this time !

One of my family members thinks this is the new "fake" issue for our country to recoup/recover their massive debt. That the health care crisis is just a cover so they can get as much money from the common folks as possible. That all the industry crashes were and are propagated simply to get more money out of the consumers nationwide / our nations debt recovery plan.

I've always just been your basic average worker/earner. Barely making it in this world paying my bills and never really having enough to sock away savings after the bills were paid. I try to not carry debt b/c I learned of the slavery/binds it puts you into.


posted on Mar, 20 2017 @ 01:20 PM
You have to look at the whole picture. For every "disaster" story there is multiple stories of how AHA was helpful or life saving. Here's the issue, healthcare is not another business. Single Payer was what democrats wanted, not a compromised Obamacare, so there is truth in that there is a better option.

I actually like individual states to decide their fate over a federal mandate. Then you can have an individual healthcare plan within each state, red states no plans just private, blue states single payer, and swing states something in between where the healthcare companies get a bj (Bill Maher talk) but not the entire service.

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