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Omega Point Redux

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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 07:46 PM
I've once had the thought, but now, it seems sort of plausible - if utterly incredible.

What are black holes? Well, for one, the black hole at the center of our milky way galaxy is super powerful - about a million times greater in mass than our own sun.

In a recent book, the physicist Carlo Rovelli describes the heat emanating from black holes being matter that is being 'repelled' outwards from a tiny particle at the plank scale at the core of a black hole. This matter is thus transforming at hyper-rates - extending or existing as all possibilities, at a fundamentally "pluri-potent" level.

Indeed, in going into this black hole, Rovelli says, that a moment later, in coming out, you would be millions of years into the future. You cannot go into the past (a nice dream, but likely impossible - now mostly a topic for historians than physicists) but you can go deep into the future.

How incredible is that?

Omega Point

For those who haven't heard of this term, it was coined and developed by the Jesuit theologian, anthropologist and paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard De Chardin.

This idea is genuinely intuitive - and genuinely consistent with dynamical systems theory.

The question or whacky idea I have - and I genuine am broaching this not as something I believe, but as something which occurred to me, and to which I am unsure (and can never be sure) if its just a misdirected romantic thought, or perhaps something deeper.

Chardin was very sparse one 'what' the omega point is, or would be like phenomenologically. He described it as a dynamically intuitive process - creative, but historical - pulled back in time (or earlier organizations) all the way back to the formation of the planet.

Todays theory of black holes relates them to stars exploding, and that may be the ultimate reality.

But what if Human consciousness - or where we are, and may one day go, somehow causes matter to change at such a stupendous rate, that a black hole is produced? Since feeling good speeds up 'time' - and 'transformation of matter' - its a plausible idea, I think.
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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 08:17 PM
Best to imagine these things shaped like an hourglass, the super condensed structure in the middle of the above and below... constantly shedding energy and matter out of it's conglomerate forms to their most basic reductions... the jets above and below the energy forms the credations form the galaxies, solar systems etc. as they are churned in and spewed out o various holes of various sizes...

This process not only causes all matter bound in such as a galaxy or solar system around a smaller black hole to be pulled along to be reduced churned back out to reform and renew rinse repeat causing all of the cosmic background radiation as the dust and energy settles in a swirls into nebulas and other bodies collide to form astroid belts etc. becoming trapped to slowly revolve and churn and conglmorate the systems vary depending on the tubidity of the local space and the solar body... such as Saturn being relatively free from cosmic and solar winds to collect the dust and form moons as small bodies such as comets and astroids to form moons and on other scales planets and planetoids where each comptete in pull and affinities from the atomic bonds of charge on up through weak and strong forces... and example is the rotation of neptune a water body rotating towards the sun as the weight or bulge is always facing the sun drving it as a gear towards the greatest pull or tide of neptune.

The earth was likely a neptune body at one time and then collision with a large mass formed the contential mass and the extra the moon from the left over dust mud and debris from the impact... the result was pangea that not only caused the tilt and wobble but started to churn the ocean with silt and simple sugars as rna/dna precusors as the core of the planet cracked from impact allowing the molten inner core to seep out and flow as it left a steady rain in a pre-atmospshere the moon much closer at that time slowly forming and pulling and churning the tides as opposing the sun's pull and churn on the tides.

As the mass conglmorate pangea and core formed together and settled in from the churning the continents slowly split and settled into a balance or equilibrium stable enough to allow complex life forms to develop, be impacted by other extinction events and then evolve(adapt to adversity) out of that environment that was even less turbulent than previous such as mammals than the more hardy and durable reptiles that preceeded us in the more turbulent environment... some species of reptiles are still found and even evolved types such as birds where feathers evolved from scales, to take advantage of the cooler winds and currents yet their lower legs/feet are still the roughly the same being higher evolved from the rough terrain and environment previous there is really nothing to adapt to to change it for the better to fit the species.

Not really that complex a thing as it is made out to be.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Cool topic... I kind of let meditation install my concepts of Black Holes, but I seldom share the thoughts with others. I wish I could say I sourced a book or video, but I am not able to, sorry. They actually relate to the link you put forth... kind of cool, thanks.

I think Black holes are star food. We see, in all the matter around us, all of the excrement of what enters a Black Hole. The singularity can be mapped by funneling back through the poles of stars... as they spin everything that enters Black Holes from both poles by way of centrifugal force. The intense forces create the recipe and landscape for an establishment of planets, asteroids, comets, and all of the galactic entities.

Yes, the distance traveled if theoretically being able to travel through a Black Hole is just too large too imagine... its safe to say that time and speed are no longer relevant once every atom of your reality is combined into one atom. Magnetism and time alter our entire realities... in relation to what happens in zero gravity... space. For instance, I recently learned that if you push a person with 1 G-force through space... one would be traveling at close to the speed of light! That's how limited humans are... life as humans will only thrive physically if the cocoon is kept in good condition.

My thoughts wander to where entry into a Black Hole begins and travels nowadays. If we live in such a strong output of a Black Hole(s), then the law of averages predicts that at some point there is an intense vacuum that will feed the Black Holes. Its likely again sizes and distances that are unimaginable. I feel the trillions of galaxies known to exist might be functional cell networks in size comparison... countless galaxies, nothing but a mere speck of a speck in relation to what really may exist.

posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 08:38 AM
If you want the visual interpretation, I believe Neil DeGrasse Tyson has you covered.

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