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Holy Tabernacle Ministries

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 08:56 AM
I moved to England in 1997 to do organic horticulture at college, this guy there had some conspiracy books published by HTM,

cause I also went there to have a look at the crop cirlces in the area and go to places like Avebury, I was of course interested in anyone that also knew about the more important things in life......

so anyway, to cut a long story as short as poss. here and get to the point, I went over to London while I was down there and one of the places I went to see was an HTM bookstore (still have one of the books I bought there), I bought some stuff including a magazine.

There was stuff in the magazine that I didn't get the point of, they were symbols and badges looking, and had various numbers or slogans style on them,

so anyway, last I saw the person that intorduced those HTM books, he stole that magazine off me!

I can't prove any of this part of course, but one of the badges or whatever the symbol was for in that magazine was a cloud with a rainbow coming off it, and it said - " 9-11. "

In 1998.

No joke.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 08:59 AM
The college where I attended that course, Lackham, is apparently where General George Patton stayed sometime during or after WW2.

I don't know if this is true, it was something one of the staff there said, and is alleged to be connected to him being sent to look for that Nazi gold bullion ( which could have been the Rennes les Chateau gold, or the one at Perillos, or neither - as I say, I am not sure if he was ever really there ).

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 09:29 AM
first search page that comes up on HTM -

"Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
| Profile | Beliefs | Controversies | Links | Bibliography |

I. Group Profile

1. Name: Nuwaubian Nation of Moors (also known as the Yamassee Native American Tribe, Ansaru Allah Community, and the Ancient and Mystic Order of Malchizedek)1.

2. Founder: Born Dwight York. Currently he goes by the name Dr. Michael Z. York, but has also be know by several other names including Malachi York, Chief Black Eagle, [complete list]1.

3. Date of Birth: June 26, 19452. [Time is better than freedomofmind, but is this information not available on one of the Nauwaubian page?]

4. Birth Place: Sullivan County, N.Y.2

5. Year Founded: 1993, Eatonton (Putnam County), Georgia.2

6. History:

In 1967, using the name Amunnnubi Rooakhptah, York started his first mission in Brooklyn, New York. It was called Ansaar Pure Sufi. The group wore black tunics as their official garb. In 1969, the group began wearing African robes and renamed themselves the Nubian Islamic Hebrews. York went to Sudan until 1972, when he returned to teach the Nubians, however now they were renamed the Ansaru Allah Community. This group followed Orthodox Islam beliefs and dressed in traditional Islamic garb3.

In 1993, York purchased a 476 acre game ranch in Eatonton, Georgia. Approximately 400 followers moved to Georgia with York. The group was once again renamed, The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. This group claimed to be part of a Native-American tribe from Georgia called the Yamassee. The Nuwaubians claim that they are ancestors of Egyptians who migrated from the Nile Valley to the Georgia countryside prior to the continental drift that separated the continents. These Egyptian migrants came known to be the Yamassee Native Americans. The Nuwaubians have attempted to use their ancestoral lineage to the Yamassee as a basis for obtaining sovereignty from the United States government2.

The name of the Nuwaubians home is Tama-re, or the "Egypt of the West." At the entrance of Tama-re there is a large sign that recognizes the Nuwaubians as a fraternity, Lodge 19 of the Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek. Armed guards stand at the entrance to Tama-re. Approximately 100 Nuwaubians live within 15 double-wide trailers within this complex. There are approximately another 400 more Nuwaubians within Putnam County (population 14,000)4. At this current complex the Nuwaubians have constructed an Egytian-style village with two pyramids, obelisks, and statues of Egyptian leaders. The two pyramids are distinct in appearance and in usage. There is a gold pyramid that serves as a trade center. Within this pyramid one can find a bookstore and a clothing store. The other pyramid is painted black with colorful Egyptian symbols painted on the outside. This structure serves as a church. Within the church, loudspeakers play Egyptian chants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week5.

7. Sacred or Revered Texts: Holy Tabernacle Ministries. In addition, Dr. Malachi Z. York is said to the the author of over 460 books, called scrolls, but we have be unable to locate a bibliography of his writings. 6.

8. Cult or Sect:

The goals of the Religious Movements Homepage are to (1) provide resources for objective understanding, (2) encourage appreciation of religious diversity, and (3) promote religious tolerance. The opportunity to pursue these goals is diminished when the language employed in public discourse silently carries highly negative presuppositions.

The concepts "cult" and "sect" have rather precise and technical meanings when used by social scientists who study religion, and they are employed free of normative or evaluative presuppositions. In popular discourse, the concepts usually imply highly negative connotations that cloud objective understanding while promoting prejudice (i.e. pre-judgment). The misunderstandings resulting from confusion of social science and popular meaning of these concepts has led us to the conclusion that the goals of this page are not well served by using the concepts "cult" and "sect" to identify specific groups profiled on these pages.

We do discuss the meaning of these concepts elsewhere on this site. Indeed, a major segment of the Religious Movements Homepage is devoted to the examination of cult controversies. Topics include popular culture and technical uses of the concepts cult and sect, the explosive issue of brainwashing or mind control, and an in depth examination of anti-cult and counter cult movements. We encourage readers to explore these resources.

Toward the end of promoting religious tolerance and appreciation of diversity, we encourage the use of concepts that are free of implicitly negative stereotyping. In place of "cult" and "sect," we recommend concepts like "new religious movements," "religious movements," or, simply "religious group."

9. Size of Group: It is estimated between 100 Nuwaubians live within their compound. Another 400 reside elsewhere in Putnam County7.

| Profile | Beliefs | Controversies | Links | Bibliography |

II. Beliefs of the Group

The Nuwaubians believe in living harmoniously with Mother Nature. They do not practice a specific religion, they practice a way of life called Nuwaubu and follow the teachings of their Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi York7. The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors originally started with traditional Islamic beliefs, however, over time Dr. Malachi Z. York has changed the beliefs of the group. The group is said to not have one religion. They are most interested in learning facts and truths of the way of the world. The Nuwaubians consider themselves a fraternal organization consisting of people from all races and faiths, including individuals with Christian, Muslim, Judaism, as well as all other religious affiliations7.

There is a shared belief among most Nuwaubians in unidentified flying objects (UFOs), however this belief is not shared by all the members of the group. It is believed that Dr. Malachi York is an extraterrestrial being from the 19th galaxy, called Illyuwn. York arrived to the planet Earth on March 16, 1970. On this date, Bennett's Comet was visible. However, it is said that this was not actually a comet, it was York's spacecraft. York has prophesized that a spacecraft from the planet Illyuwn will visit Earth on May 5, 2003. The spacecraft will then take a chosen 144,000 Nuwaubians to the planet Rizq for rebirth8.

| Profile | Beliefs | Controversies | Links | Bibliography |

III. Controversies with the Nuwaubians

Nuwaubian leader Dwight York has been in touble with the police in the past. In New York in the 1960s, York served three years in jail for resisting arrest, possession of a deadly weapon, and assualt9.

Since they have moved to Georgia, the Nuwaubians have had several encounters with Putnam County authorities. Most of the encounters involve various zoning violations. The Nuwaubians have attempted to build on their own land and operate as a sovereign state. In 1997 they began to issue their own passports, license plates, and currency8.

As of February 3, 2000, a hand-painted For Sale sign has appeared in front of the Nuwaubian compound. No details have been released by the Nuwaubians or their leader, Dr. York. The property was originally bought in 1993 for $975,000. It consists of 476 acres, including a 3000 square foot home (decorated in Itallian marble), a pool and tennis courts, a guest house, and also the Nuwaubian village10. The Nuwaubians have not yet disclosed how much they are asking for their property.

| Profile | Beliefs | Controversies | Links | Bibliography |

IV. Links to Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Web Sites

The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
This unofficial website of the group provides valuable information regarding the groups history, their leader and founder and their way of life. In addition it presents information on Dr. York which has not been found elsewhere. It is written and maintained by students of Dr. York.

The Ancient Ones
This is an unofficial website of the Nuwaubians. It contains informantion regarding the Holy Tabernacle Ministries. In addition this page contains links to other valuable sources of information. The page also offers insight into the Nuwaubians views on extraterrestrials.

United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
This page highlights some of the beliefs and goals of the Nuwaubians. It also provides an insight into identifying who the Moors are and the ancestoral roots of the Nuwaubians.

Nuwaubian Commune Awaits Spaceship
This site contains an article that has been found throughout the web, written by Patricia Mays, of the Associated Press. It addresses the Nuwaubian commune in Eatonton, Georgia and the group's reason for relocating from Brooklyn, NY.

Resource Center for Freedom of Mind
This page contains information on the various names that the Nuwaubians have used. It also provides a list aliases used by the founder and links to articles related to this group.

| Profile | Beliefs | Controversies | Links | Bibliography |

V. Bibliography

Associated Press. 2000.
"Nuwaubian Nation puts its land up for sale." The Associated Press State and Local Wire 3 February: State and Regional.

Branson, Louise. 1999.
"Fears of Waco II after cult sets up compound." The Straits Times(Singapore) 16 September: 11.

Copeland, Larry. 1999.
"Race, religion, rhetoric simmer in Georgia town." The Salt Lake Tribune 18 September.

Glanton, Dahleen. 1999.
"Georgia group's cultlike ways reason enough to fear, local authorities say." Chicago Tribune 1 August: P7B.

Mays, Patricia. 1999.
"Georgia Cult's Pyramids, Space Prophecy Alarms Neighbors." Chattanooga Times 1 August: A5.

Monroe, Sylvester. 1999.
"Strangers from the North send a Southern town into a tizzy." Time 12 July: 1.

Osinski, Bill. 1999.
"Nuwaubians get their day in court; Putnam County group makes peace." The Atlanta Journal and Constitution 30 June: 4B.

Osinski, Bill & Kathy Pruitt. 1999.
"Rangers jump in Nuwaubian zoning dispute in Putnam." The Atlanta Journal and Constitution 25 June: 11D.

Osinski, Bill. 1999.
"Hearing is delayed for leader of Moors." The Atlanta Journal and Constitution 23 June: 6F.

Osinski, Bill. 1999.
"Judge wants explanation of why Moors won't obey his orders to cooperate with county officials." The Atlanta Journal and Constitution 22 June: 10C.

Osinski, Bill. 1998.
"Racial, legal issues cloud Egypt." The Atlanta Journal and Constitution 20 September: 01C.

Peecher, Rob. 2000.
"Nuwaubian land sale sparks little controversy." Macon Telegraph 4 February.

| Profile | Beliefs | Controversies | Links | Bibliography

VI. References

2. Resource Center for Freedom of Mind:
3. Monroe, Sylvester. "Strangers from the North send a Southern town into a tizzy." Time, July 12 1999: 1.
4. The Our Story of the Holy Tabernacle Ministries:
5. Osinski, Bill. "Racial, legal issues cloud Egypt." The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, September 20, 1998: 01C.
6. Mays, Patricia. "Georgia Cult's Pyramids, Space Prophecy Alarms Neighbors." Chattanooga Times, August 1, 1999: A5.
7. The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York:
8. Copeland, Larry. "Race, religion, rhetoric simmer in Georgia town." The Salt Lake Tribune, September 18, 1999.
9. Glanton, Dahleen. "Georgia group's cultlike ways reason enough to fear, local authorities say." , August 1, 1999: P7B.
10. Branson, Louise. "Fears of Waco II after cult sets up compound." The Strait Times (Singapore), September 16, 1999: 11.
Associated Press. "Nuwaubian Nation puts its land up for sale." The Associated Press State and Local Wire, February 3, 2000: State and Regional.

VII. Contacting the Nuwaubians
For more information on the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors try contacting them. Write to: The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors P.O. Box 4490 Eatonton, GA 31024 or call: (706)485-2036

Created by Robert Rafalski
For Sociology 257: New Religious Movements
Spring Term, 2000
University of Virginia
Last updated: 10/07/00"

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:09 PM
I am interested in this for one reason. They claim to be Africans that were already in the New World when the White People came!

Most people (white supremists, which funnily enough people will try to use against anyone blonde, blue eyed that says the swastika didn't originate with the Nazis, like myself) will be shocked at the idea that there could have been Black people in North America already.

Plus, how would a detail like this get lost in the history books!

It is not by accident, and we already know the colonizing powers had some very effective techniques for destroying culture, and 'good' reasons for doing so, as well. So any way, in my research of all that was unconventional in the history of early South American colonizations, the most interesting thing was:

Slave run aways. No sooner had they brought slaves, but it seemed large groups escaped right off the bat! I couldn't understand this, because I knew how important these slaves were to the colonizers. Why hadn't they stopped the slaves from escaping, been able to bring them back, killed them, and more curiously, how were the Black people able to survive on an entirely new continent, and establish colonies that grew to thousands of people.

The answer: There were no runaways, but there were tribes of Black people in the area. Thus, to confuse reports of these black tribes, it was reported that slaves had run away, and started a village, as opposed to the truth. Of course, there was no way these Native Blacks could be co-erced into slavery, much like the Native Indians they were too proud and could live off the land (unlike slaves brought over from Africa, who knew they could not run home, as it were).

Really sad to think that history would be altered like that, but there is more than ample proof once people believe it.

People who ask how its possible need to examine the scope of what they are asking themselves.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:29 PM

The Nuwaubians huh?

They have some decent Esoteric Knowledge going on there.

Albeit mixed with falsehood, IMO.

One of my favorite Hip Hop groups are Nuwaubians though.

You can hear them here.

All tracks but the first one are theirs:

Lost Children of Babylon


[edit on 14-2-2005 by Tamahu]

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 11:44 AM
Yeah, I was certainly interested enough and knew there was a lot of truth to that, hence why I went to their bookshops and read up about it!

The York rite in Freemasonry is associated with the York family, and they were in York, in England, and there were black people there too. So, I think that the way in which we are taught about black history today isn't very true. There were way more well-off black peoples in the past, with standings equal to or more than whites, as in it wasn't really an issue back then.

I would also highly suspect that the voyages to what is now Americas are also written up falsley, as the securing of the USA and the Americas is now and always has been an ongoing thing, by securing I mean there are factions vying for control of it.

One thing that was on archaeology show on TV over here, was about research that showed the mass extent of arable farmed land in the Peruvian and Brazilian areas - basicly, there were a lot more civilisations there that were still there, when the voyages from some places in Europe 'began'.
The implication is that 'Atlantis' was there when this current lot of 1500s era voyages went over, and that was when 'Atlantis' was wiped out.

Other points of interest are that the Romans seem to have been in the Americas also, before of course the 1500s era voyages.

Which brings me back to the real reason I put this thread up - the 9-11 thing.

There were two other 9-11s that I know of, and maybe more also -

one is recent, and is the date of the 'coup' in Chile that put General Pinochet in,

the other one is given as the date the Spanish Armada was defeated by the Brits or by the weather, or a bit of both.

There is a legend in the Mayan lore about there being a real Quetzacoatal, and a false one. The false one is said to arrive first, and begin to conquer as if he is the real one.

Now, I am and have been just about always, aware that weird time stuff can happen, but - because I was able to buy that magazine with the 9-11 stuff mentioned in it back in 1998, I know that something is very wrong there,

apart from that I think it is probably very much connected to a 1943 cent I had going missing precisely when it suddenly had a huge monetary value to it -

so that is personal! Not only have I been robbed of a huge amount of hard cash, I also have been robbed in terms of the true reasons that I had that coin for such a long time and knew nothing of it's worth - and yes, I sure looked it up in coin books many times in all those years.

Now, there are some other things of connection here -

1. I knew about the PX my whole life, without being told about it ever, and I knew that the coin I had was in some way connected with that ( PX = Philadelphia Experiment )

2. I didn't know anything about 'the Montauk Project' - one day I picked up a Skybook on it, the Pyramids of Montauk one in Borders bookstore Glasgow - this was where my cent was stolen from me too. The last time I had the cent it was in my back pocket, in that bookstore. I drove home and realised that something terrible had happened, and that it was gone. After that I found out it was worth loads of money.

3. Abraham Lincoln faces the opposite way on the cent, to the way that everyone on all other US coinage faces. He is also most associated with freeing the slaves in the usual historics.

For me, it is as if I was given the coin as a kind of payment, for having to do this terrible life for example. But it was sabotaged early on to the extent that I was kept from being able to use my money. Then, to make it even worse again, my money was taken away from me and the reasons that I am even here in this life at this time, seem irrelevent, as it is like I shouldn't have bothered being here at all ever.

So, someone used me to get 9-11 ( the WTC / Pentagon one ) to happen, by inserting that magazine into my timeline so to speak, and then stealing it off me - if it hadn't been stolen I think 9-11 could not have happened, as I would have had proof in my possesion of people who knew about it and celebrated it years before it took place. I could have photocopied it and sent it over to some US Intl, and the after-9-11 events would have been most different.

And they stole my money, which I need, and could have used to attend a course that I really wanted to do someplace that I actually wanted to go. Which I have never been able to afford. Or I could have bought a house, I don't have that either. So it is very personal, what those peoples forced me to be involved in.

[edit on 15-2-2005 by duff beer dragon]

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:24 PM
Holy #, are you saying you were subjected to parts of the experiment?

Or just that you knew about it, and time travel stuff has happened around you?

Also, about the magazine you had in 1998, what do you mean it celebrated 9-11? Do you mean it listed other events that had happened on 9-11, earlier in history, and mentioned them as being good for the British (or Elite)?

I had no frickin clue there were Blacks in the UK more than 1000 years ago, but it makes sense, as the White people claim to have come from Egypt just prior to that..

Also makes sense why SO MANY people had their names changed by the government to Cole, or Brown, or all those last names that give Blacks their 'place' in society.

I totally agree with you that remnants of Atlantis's knowledge and culture remained on the other side of the ocean, and that is what the Conquistadores were destroying.

I don't think the Aztec public knew anything about a fake Quetzlcoatl, but I do see what you are saying.

It is so funny, I spent so much time looking for evidence of the lost White Race from Atlantis, and their knowledge, it is such an obvious Race card that has been played on humanity's mind!

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:40 PM

Originally posted by akilles
I had no frickin clue there were Blacks in the UK more than 1000 years ago, but it makes sense, as the White people claim to have come from Egypt just prior to that..

It's common knowledge that black people were in the UK and Europe 2000 years ago in small numbers. They didn't arrive as innocent slaves though, but as invading soldiers.
Britain was part of the Roman Empire and so were some parts of Africa. England itself was administered by a black Roman - Severus 193-211 AD.

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 05:52 PM
Looks at what 19th century Esotericist and Scholar(and FreeMason I believe) Godfrey Higgins has to say:


Page 59

… In my Essay on The Celtic Druids, I have shewn, that a great nation called Celtæ, of whom the Druids were the priests, spread themselves almost over the whole earth, and are to be traced in their rude gigantic monuments from India to the extremities of Britain. Who these can have been but the early individuals of the black nation of whom we have been treating I know not, and in this opinion I am not singular. The learned Maurice says, "Cuthites, i. e. Celts, built the great temples in India and Britain, and excavated the caves of the former."* And the learned Mathematician, Reuben Burrow, has no hesitation in pronouncing Stonehenge to be a temple of the black, curly-headed Buddha.

Another interesting excerpt:



Page 51

… but I shall, in the course of this work, produce a number of extraordinary facts, which will be quite sufficient to prove, that a black race, in very early times, had more influence over the affairs of the world than has been lately suspected; and I think I shall shew, by some striking circumstances yet existing, that the effects of this influence have not entirely passed away.

It was the opinion of Sir William Jones, that a great nation of Blacks* formely possessed the dominion of Asia, and held the seat of empire at Sidon. These must have been the people called by Mr. Maurice Cu#es or Cuthites, described in Genesis; and the opinion that they were Blacks is corroborated by the translators of the Pentateuch, called the Seventy, constantly rendering the word Cush by Ethiopia. …

Of this nation we have no account; but it must have flourished after the deluge. … If I succeed in collecting a sufficient number to carry conviction to an impartial mind, the empire must be allowed to have existed.

The religion of Buddha, of India, is well known to have been very ancient. In the most ancient temples scattered throughout Asia, where his worship is yet continued, he is found black as jet, with the flat face, thick lips, and curly hair of the Negro. Several statues of him may be met with the East-India Company. There are two exemplars of him brooding on the face of the deep, upon a coiled serpent. To what time are we to allot this Negro ? He will be proved to have been prior to Cristna. He must have been prior to or contemporaneous with the black empire, supposed by Sir William Jones to have flourished at Sidon. The religion of this Negro God is found, by the ruins of his temples and other circumstances, to have been spread over an immense extent of country, even to the remotest parts of Britain, and to have been professed by devotees inconceivably numerous. …

Page 53

The circumstance of the translators of the Septuagint version of the Pentateuch having rendered the word Cush by the word Ethiopia, is a very decisive proof that the theory of two Ethiopias is well founded. Let the translators have been who they may, it is totally impossible to believe that they could be so ignorant as to suppose that the African Ethiopia could border on the Euphrates, or that the Cu#es could be African Ethiopia.

Page 54

Eusebius* states the Ethiopians to have come and settled in Egypt, in the time of Amenophis. According to this account, as well as to the account given by Philostratus,** there was no such country as Ethiopia beyond Egypt until this invasion. According to Eusebius these people came from the river Indus, and planted themselves to the south of Egypt, in the country called from them Ethiopia. The circumstances named by Eusebius that they came from the Indus, at all events, implies that they came from the East, and not from the South, and would induce a person to suspect them as having crossed the Red Sea from Arabia; …

* In Chron. ad Num. 402.

** In vita Apollon. Tyanei.

Herodotus says, that there were two Ethiopian nations, one in India, the other in Egypt. He derived his information from the Egyptoian priests, a race of people who must have known the truth; …

Philostratus* says, that the Gymnosophists of Ethiopia, who settle near the sources of the Nile, descended from the Bramins of India, having been driven thence for the murder of their king.** This, Philostratus says, he learnt from an ancient Brahmin, called Jarchas.

* Vita Apoll. C. vi.

** Crawford, Res. Vol. II p.193.

Another ancient writer, Eustathius, also states, that the Ethiopians came from India. These concurring accounts can scarcely be doubted; and here may be discovered the mode and time also when great numbers of ancient rites and ceremonies might be imported from India into Egypt; …

Page 57

Mr. Wilsford, in his treatise on Egypt and the Nile, in the Asiatic Researches, informs us, that many very ancient statues of the God Buddha in India have crisp, curly hair, with flat noses and thick lips; and adds, "nor can it be reasonably doubted, that a race of Negroes formerly had power and pre-eminence in India."

This is confirmed by Mr. Maurice, who says, "The figures in the Hindoo caverns are of a very different character from the present race of Hindoos : their countenances are broad and full, the nose flat, and the lips, particularly the under lip, remarkably thick." …

Justin states, that the Phœnecians being obliged to leave their native country in the East, they settled first near the Assyrian Lake, which is the Persian Gulf; and Maurice says, "We find an extensive district, named Palestine, to the east of the Euphrates and Tigris. The word Palestine seems derived from Pallisthan, the seat of the Pallis or Shepherds." Palli, in India, means Shepherd.

… It is a well-known fact that our Hindoo soldiers when they arrived in Egypt, in the late war, recognized the Gods of their country in the ancient temples, particularly their God Cristna.

The striking similarity, indeed identity, of the style of architecture and the ornaments of the ancient Egyptian and Hindoo temples, Mr. Maurice has proven beyond all doubt. …

It's said that Godfrey Higgins was also a member of an actual Druid Order.


[edit on 15-2-2005 by Tamahu]

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 10:06 AM

Holy , are you saying you were subjected to parts of the experiment?

Sort of - I was 'involved' and what it was originally about, was hijacked, and the reasons for it were altered. It is more that while in this life I realised that it wouldn't be possible to do what I was here for, because someones or somethings got in the way and basicly messed up the whole thing.

See, there wasn't any 'Montauk Project' or anything associated with that, it started out as part of personnel transport - very much to do with WW2. It's effects are still ongoing - there was a doublecross of sorts, which actually does go way back to the Elizabethan times Americas stuff, and before that, and a lot of people were stolen and had their minds wiped and placed in lives and places that just shouldn't have been able to happen. Prior to WW2 for example, there were plenty of Nazis working to find a suitable state of Israel, working with Zionist Elders. Part of all the lies about that are directly connected to that hijack or whatever it was in 1943. It changed things, as in all over reality, lots of lies about history and people being inserted into lives that weren't theirs.

Or just that you knew about it, and time travel stuff has happened around you?

Also, about the magazine you had in 1998, what do you mean it celebrated 9-11? Do you mean it listed other events that had happened on 9-11, earlier in history, and mentioned them as being good for the British (or Elite)?

I mean it celebrated it! ( the WTC one ) As in, like it was the greatest event to ever happen, or at least - a really great thing to happen.

There were badges of it - which seemed to be able to be bought!

I think it could have been that they are 'ahrimanic' and are going backwards in time, otherwise I don't see how they can be even aware of something that hasn't happened yet in that kind of way.

The race thing - I think also that the racism we know of today comes from that 1943 hijacking. It just doesn't figure as much even in historical documents we still have - it is like what happened with that PX 1943 thing forced reality - in the minds of some - to conform to this specific way of seeing the world and cataloging it. As in, what we know today as faked history and the-usual bull---- you are expected to believe about the world, is part of a mass-brainwashing that the PX-hijack made happen.

So the real world would just be people, the mind-control-experiements one has this ingrained bunch of beleifs that came from nowhere as to 'blacks' and 'whites' and whatever. It's not connected to the real way anything was, because of the nature of messing with the universe and altering time - there's no telling how much is still lost, and unremembered.

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 10:32 AM
Posted this link about that, here -'

exerpts -

"The KOALA operates on two main levels. The first is human health and ecology to benefit current time, the second is to devise a code germ' to be entered into the matrix which the Extra-Terrestrials and One World League (OWL) have created to manipulate our time grid via such projects as Montauk. This germ if successful, would disrupt the gridlock and allow the Metatron to be restored in our reality. The ILN would be looking to have this germ' in place around the year 2000. The real-time black box' controlling the KOALA time lock is near Golden, Colorado. KOALA is the counter-balance of Montauk, keeping it in check for now, and eventually rendering such dark time manipulations powerless on Earth. There are other balancing nodes for Montauk, such as the Atlantis time implosion, Cydonia (the pyramid / face complex on Mars) etc., one of which is under the Pentagon called the Ram-Set, and the other at Easter Island. KOALA sits energetically on the other side of the Kali Rift', or tear in time created by the incidents at Cydonia, Atlantis and Montauk."

"The square box was a devise to manipulate time and reality matrices, and it was being used with very little caution...and the Greys' and other Extra-Terrestrials were behind it, and what he calls the OWL' (One World Legion) comprised of those who are in all governments to control the world were also. Thoth / Tehuti said that OWL was working with this to create controls and power for their system, but that the Extra-Terrestrials had their own agenda - an even darker one. He said that they were vampirizing' this reality spectrum; moving energy around so that they could take it from us to build their own reality. Since I am not really into Conspiracy Theories I was shocked. Although I acknowledge their truth, the truth is hard to find sometimes. You could become paranoid sifting through the reams of misinformation. I also wondered why my Ultra- Terrestrial benefactors' were lending me to this cause, when generally they keep me away from such things."

"ø The most advanced of these three research' centers is the ILN's KOALA. In second place is
OZ, an evolutionary by-product of REDHAWK. However, REDHAWK at Montauk is the primal node for the initial time link established for the OWL's work through both centers.
øIn 1634 at the location of the town / base / area of Montauk, Long Island, a major standing' time glitch developed. This was caused by a series of inner-planes happenings not discussed here, but what it created was a fill' of confluent incomplete time streams. Many people then in the area witnessed this. It was thought to be a product of the Devil. There is quite a story surrounding this whole scenario that Thoth has only intimated at this point, but the bottom line is that the ground was set, or rather loosened', for the sinister events that would follow at Montauk. Understand that when you are looking at time waves, meta-time fields etc., you must also include retroactive soul balancing or karma in the picture. The 1634 Montauk is karmically linked as well as inter-dimensionally linked to Montauk up to and inclusive of current time"

"Thoth / Tehuti: This is so, but neither of you were originally from the 1980's side of the time
tunnel. Lillie was taken from Germany in 1941, and you from New England 1916, the past life you remember (having died in an auto accident in 1948). You were retrieved along with other children, by the ILN. Lillie was not. She was finally placed by REDHAWK in the body she is in now, but it was not accomplished without a great deal of trauma. Understand that there are those with REDHAWK that are trying to aid displaced subjects' (they do not understand enough about what they are doing to accomplish this safely however).
Four other Templars were all subjects' as well. They were all girls, but coming from the other
side' of the time tunnel also. You Maia, were the only one of this group that was brought back to
finish your life in the original body and time frame. You have been concerned for awhile that you
have had such an abundance of past lives. Many of these subjects' have also. When riding the time tracks, there is often a radial influence along the meta-grid of time, creating a shower' of spirit overlays with the traveler's soul forming different experiences' within the grid. In addition to the abduction, you are also a Capricornian time traveler, so you are continuously creating these realities from your Capricornian future. This is a complex weave. One we are not prepared to discuss in detail with you at this time.
The other Templars have all had time travel experience in some form, although they were not
directly involved with REDHAWK or OZ. They have been working with KOALA, as all of you have, but this is done with your consent, and it is Light years' away from the dangerous and traumatizing mode of operation carried out by OWL through its Extra-Terrestrial connection via REDHAWK and OZ. There are many forms of time travel, some far more advanced than REDHAWK / OZ, but they require spiritual grounding, Something unattainable within the OWL agenda."

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 11:49 AM
i live in colorado so i was wondering does anyone know where in golden or near golden said KOALA base is supposed to be located?

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